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Octane Grow Tent

Review Last Updated: January 25, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • 22-25 mm steel locking poles
  • Military grade pure nylon hanger hooks
  • Easy glide zipper
  • Micro pre-filter intake mesh


Today we'll be reviewing the Octane Grow Tent.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Excellent build quality
  • Some of the best materials used throughout
  • Accessories included
  • Weight tested with up to 300lbs of weight
  • 1680D Oxford cloth
  • Top rated


  • Sizes could be better
  • Unknown brand to most growers
  • More expensive compared to similar sized tents

Octane Grow Tent Product Review

This startup brand has taken pride in its building process, and the online reviews show!

If you’re worried about setting up your first grow tent, you’ve come to the right place. Finding the right grow tent is of the utmost importance for most growers when it comes to indoor gardening.

Hydroponic tents allow you to recreate the plant’s natural environment in your own home and run various hydroponic systems. Grow tents can provide the perfect environment for your cannabis crop, especially if you prefer to use hydroponic methods.

With so many brands of grow tents available, it’s important to consider the amount of available space you have plus the number of plants you’d like to grow.

The Octane Grow Tent has been created by a community-focused start-up called Liquid Jade, who’s unique selling point is to sell high-quality grow tents that are engineered for growers by growers.

Liquid Jade sets themselves high standards that are being met, with 100% of reviewers rating them an impressive 5*.

The build material is made from the best Oxford Cloth and 22-25mm steel locking poles. These highly durable components make this tent one of the strongest on the market because they’re designed for long-lasting gardening, time and time again.

The canvas is 3x as thick as the average 600D, plus the frame is made up of a pole assembly that is not only easy to assemble but is also twice as strong as any other grow tent manufactured outside the USA.

We suggest that this is a two-person assembly due to the nature of the weight of the canvas alone.

The tubular steel metal poles have a tight interlocking system that will keep your frame secure and snug. Additionally, Octane conducts rigorous weight testing up to 300lbs.

The deadweight testing means that your Octane Grow Tent will safely hold all your growing equipment with ease! The easy glider zippers are made from heavy-duty quality material and are designed to prevent light leakage.

The lighting system functions really well, which is perfect for mother plants. This is a grow tent that keeps your growth process on the right path!

This grow tent has long-lasting accessories including connectors to connectors, clips to clips, micro-mesh, large steel poles, dual closing ventilation poles, liner, and the deep dish floor pan with bungee velcro which can also be used for drying.

The Octane Grow Tent 4×8 offers fantastic versatility and has been tested with multiple growing cultures, therefore the success of your grow is assured.

The multiple observation windows, four hanger poles, two velcro hanging straps, and an innovative roll-up easy door allow for easy access and regular maintenance that won’t negatively affect the growth process.

This tent was designed with urban gardeners in mind. Sense of style and functionality is important to Liquid Jade. Therefore, they’ve incorporated military-grade pure nylon hanger hooks, light-proof glide zippers, and a micro pre-filter intake mesh for easy environment control.

Overall, it’s clear that the Octane Grow Tent has been designed using the latest technology. The THC team agrees that this is a great choice for growers and professionals who want to utilize modern techniques.

Spending a little extra means that you’re investing in sturdy, efficient, and long-lasting growing equipment is better than buying a budget item that won’t survive the whole year.

If you’re looking for a modern grow tent that’s worth every buck, purchase the Octane Grow Tent.

The THC team was impressed by this Octane Grow Tent because it comes with amazing features that make growing easier and efficient! They’re easy to set up, durable, sturdy, and robust poles hold up to 300lbs.

In particular, this light-proof tent is made of micro pre-filter intake mesh for simple and effective temperature control.

The stand out feature is undoubtedly Oxford Cloth material with the durable and light-blocking Octane Zippers!

Overall, Liquid Jade has successfully manufactured a grow tent that has everything you need for the growth quality of your crops!

Do you agree? What grow tent do you use?

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