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Grape Ape Strain

Review Last Updated: November 3, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Strain Type – Indica
  • Parent Strains – Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and Skunk


Today we'll be reviewing the Grape Ape Strain.

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  • Great for Pain or Stress
  • Gives a Happy Uplifted High
  • Superb Genetics
  • High Yields
  • High THC


  • None

Grape Ape Strain Product Review

Grape Ape strain is an Indica strain of cannabis that was originally created by the teams over at Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm. With three hugely powerful parents, Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and Skunk, this strong Indica strain was always going to be a powerhouse when it came to the dominance of Indica cannabis strains.

Grape Ape gets its name not because it’s named after a gorilla, but because of the sweet and delicious grape smell that this strain of cannabis has. When you look at Grape Ape buds, you’re going to notice the dense and compact buds that are wrapped in deliciously deep purple leaves that get darker as the flower reaches full maturity.

If you have been searching for a strain of cannabis that provides you with a relaxing and carefree high, then Grape Ape strain is the strain for you. This strain boasts some truly famous cannabis genetics and has earned its place in our list of cannabis strains.

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