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Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler

Review Last Updated: August 2, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • High-quality clear borosilicate glass
  • Multi-tubed recycler system
  • Showerhead percolator
  • Honeycomb disc percolator
  • Reinforced fixed downstem


Today we'll be reviewing the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler.

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  • Beautiful Design
  • Good Price
  • Highly Rated


  • None

Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler Product Review

When it comes to smoking cannabis, there are many different ways to consume it. One popular method is using a vapor bubbler, and if you’re in the market for a new one, the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler is definitely worth considering. This high-quality piece has a lot of features that make it stand out, from the multi-tubed recycler system to the honeycomb disc percolator.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler is its construction. Made from high-quality clear borosilicate glass, this piece is both durable and attractive. It’s also designed with a multi-tubed recycler system, which helps to filter and cool down the smoke as you inhale. This makes for a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience, and it also helps to reduce the harshness of the smoke on your lungs.

In addition to the recycler system, the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler also features a showerhead percolator. This percolator is designed to diffuse the smoke into smaller bubbles, which makes it even smoother and easier to inhale. The result is a cool, refreshing hit that won’t leave you feeling cough-y or irritated.

But that’s not all – the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler also has a honeycomb disc percolator. This percolator features many small holes that provide even more filtration and diffusion, resulting in an even smoother, tastier hit. The combination of these different percolators makes for a truly exceptional smoking experience that you won’t soon forget.

Of course, all of these features wouldn’t be worth much if the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler wasn’t easy to use. Fortunately, this piece is designed with a reinforced fixed downstem that makes it simple to take apart and clean. It also has a 14.5mm male ground joint and a 14.5mm female glass banger, which are standard sizes that are easy to find and replace if necessary.

The Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler also has a flared mouthpiece, which is comfortable to use and provides a good seal for inhaling. The circular foot is stable and helps prevent the piece from tipping over, which is important since this is a smaller bubbler that could easily be knocked over by accident. And the black glass accents and Glasscity decal give this piece a cool, sophisticated look that’s sure to impress your friends.

All in all, the Glasscity Recycler Vapor Bubbler is an exceptional piece that’s well worth the investment. Its multi-tubed recycler system, showerhead percolator, honeycomb disc percolator, and other features make for a superior smoking experience that’s smooth, cool, and refreshing. And with its durable construction, easy-to-use design, and attractive appearance, this piece will be a welcome addition to any smoker’s collection.

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