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Gaia Green Living Soil

Review Last Updated: January 30, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Glacial Rock Dust
  • Greensand
  • Oyster Shell Flour
  • Kelp Meal
  • Gypsum
  • Humic Acid
  • Basalt Rock Dust
  • Mined Potassium Sulphate
  • Insect Frass
  • Mineralized Phosphate
  • Fishbone Meal
  • Blood Meal
  • Rock Phosphate
  • Bone Meal
  • Alfalfa Meal
  • Feather Meal
  • Dolomite


Today we'll be reviewing the Gaia Green Living Soil.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Peat Moss
  • Perlite
  • Coconut Coir
  • Fir Bark
  • Composted Porcine Litter
  • African Nightcrawler
  • Worm Castings


  • Expensive Shipping Costs If Outside Of Canada

Gaia Green Living Soil Product Review

Gaia Green Living Soil is a premium potting mix that provides plants with the optimal root environment. Gaia Green soil is enriched with glacial rock dust, dolomite, feather meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, rock phosphate, blood meal, fishbone meal, mineralized phosphate, insect frass, and mined potassium sulphate to ensure that your plants get the nutrients they need.

The high porosity and moisture retention of Gaia Green Living Soil creates an ideal rooting environment for potted plants.

Made in Canada, and available in 30L bags and with an NPK of 01 – 0 – 0, this top-rated Gaia Green soil is packed with peat moss, perlite, coconut coir, fir bark, composted porcine litter, African nightcrawlers, and worm castings – all of which work together to support and promote healthy beneficial microbial activity.

Additionally, Gaia Green Living Soil is pre-charged with Gaia Greens very own proprietary slow-release organic fertilizers to provide your plants with everything they need to grow big and strong throughout every stage of growth.

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