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G-Spot Glass Johnny Dabb Beaker Base Dab Rig

Review Last Updated: January 26, 2022
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Beaker design
  • Fixed diffuser
  • Borosilicate glass


Today we'll be reviewing the G-Spot Glass Johnny Dabb Beaker Base Dab Rig.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Quality construction
  • Highly rated
  • Powerful hit


  • None

G-Spot Glass Johnny Dabb Beaker Base Dab Rig Product Review

The G-Spot Glass Johnny Dabb Beaker Base Dab Rig is a collaboration between the two industry leaders. It features an elegant beaker base and fixed diffuser downstem, perfect for your concentrates or waxes of choice. This rig comes delivered with a roomy quartz banger so you can enjoy all that it has to offer.

Built with German craftsmanship and high-grade borosilicate glass, this dab rig will last you for years to come. The G-Spot logo on the back is real gold leaf that won’t wear off due to careful care from its owner. When it comes down to what really matters in a piece of equipment like this – reliability, durability, practicality – 3mm thick borosilicate wins hands down over other alternatives.

With a mouthpiece that’s slightly bent, you can dab in the comfort in any position. Enjoy your next sesh while leaning back and heating up your banger!

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