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Durolux T5 Grow Light

Review Last Updated: November 3, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens


Today we'll be reviewing the Durolux T5 Grow Light.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • One of the most affordable T5 grow-light system on the market
  • A high output of light that’s perfect for every stage of growth
  • Comes with two dimming switches
  • Discrete shipping option for those that require it
  • Extended reflectors are built-in for additional light coverage


  • 240V industrial input only. All homes in the United States are 120V
  • The short lifespan of bulbs is due to the high power output

Durolux T5 Grow Light Product Review

The Durolux T5 grow light has a high light output, meaning it would work well at any stage of growth. It emits 20,000 lumens and claims to give 30% more light output against other grow light systems.

For extra light coverage, this grow light from Durolux also comes with a 95% built-in reflectivity German Hammer-tone reflector, so your plants are guaranteed to absorb more light than if no reflector were included.

You can also easily adjust the light settings on this grow light, as it features two dimming switches – one for the 2 bulbs inside, and one for the 2 outside bulbs.

Despite its high-power output, this grow light is one of the more budget-friendly options available on the market. If you need to hide your order for whatever reason, then this grow light also has the option to be delivered in discreet packaging for your peace of mind.

A significant issue, however, with this product is that the bulbs do not last particularly long. This can be a time-consuming inconvenience and will require you to change your bulbs more often.

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