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Crescendo Strain

Review Last Updated: March 26, 2022
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Lineage - ChemDawg Strain, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies
  • 40% Sativa - 60% Indica
  • Height - 4-6′
  • Cultivation Difficulty - Moderate


Today we'll be reviewing the Crescendo Strain.

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  • Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
  • 500-Grams Indoors & 1,000-Grams Outdoors


  • Not Widely Available

Crescendo Strain Product Review

Crescendo Strain is meant for those that have hit their limit. If you’re overstressed or depressed, the Crescendo strain is here to bring you back to baseline. Once you grow the Crescendo strain, you’ll be blessed with green, pink, and light purple colors mingling in the flowers.

Expect long branches and compact buds when growing the Crescendo strain. Additionally, the Crescendo strain doubles in size once 12/12 begins.

This unique hybrid was bred specifically for its potent THC content and therapeutic effects. Featuring ChemDawg, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies genetics, this strain is perfect for experienced cannabis users who need a powerful high.

With up to 30% THC, Crescendo Strain is one of the most potent strains available today. But don’t worry: despite its potency, this strain has a mellow and cerebral effect that won’t leave you couch-locked. Thanks to its rich terpene profile, Crescendo Strain also tastes delicious.

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