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BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe

Review Last Updated: January 26, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Constructed from light weight aluminum
  • Revolutionary interior cooling helix
  • Detachable parts


Today we'll be reviewing the BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe.

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  • Small and pocket sized
  • Budget friendly
  • Highly rated
  • Classic brand


  • Can mark easily

BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe Product Review

What can we say about the BudBomb that hasn’t already been said? This classic, popular, pipe is one of the most compact, sleek, and solidly built weed pipes there is. Highly rated and pretty much a favorite amongst smokers, you just can’t beat the quality and functionality for the price. It does exactly what is it says on the tin and is very unlikely to ever let you down.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, and featuring a built-in cooling system. The BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe smokes like a roll yet delivers a cool, clean, smoother hit, similar to what you would experience from your standard bomb bong.

The precision-made helix runs through the center of the pipe, and this bit of innovative design allows the smoke to be cooled incredibly well. As you inhale deeply experiencing those awesome flavors of your favorite strain, the smoke first travels around the precision-made air-tight helix, then continuing through the pipes circular corridor until it exits the mouthpiece.

Easily taken apart and put together again, the solid construction of the BudBomb really shines through. Cleaning is unbelievably easy, you just unscrew the four pieces and rinse under warm water.

What more can you ask for in a simple, yet highly effective weed pipe? The BudBomb really is a worthwhile investment.

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