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Bubble Gum Strain

Review Last Updated: November 3, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • 17% THC


Today we'll be reviewing the Bubble Gum Strain.

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  • Great Tasting
  • Well Balanced High
  • Indoor & Outdoor Cultivation


  • None

Bubble Gum Strain Product Review

Bubble Gum strain is an Indica-Sativa hybrid that was first bred in the United States during the 1970s. Since this time, Bubble Gum has gained popularity in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. Historically, Bubble Gum has received acclaim from cannabis connoisseurs, leading to success in High Times’ Cannabis Cup in the 1990s.

Users of Bubble Gum strain point to its ability to generate pleasant, happy feelings as one of its benefits. These benefits make Bubble Gum a prime choice for those wishing to use marijuana as a means of reducing chronic stress. Also, as a powerful muscle relaxant, Bubble Gum strain alleviates muscular aches and pains, and it does not promote the ‘munchies’ as much as other strains might.

In terms of its THC content, Bubble Gum possesses moderate concentrations of cannabis’ psychoactive ingredient with ranges from 13% to 19 %. These moderate levels of THC make Bubble Gum a good choice for first-time cannabis consumers who often enjoy its sweet and fruity taste and fragrance.

Growing Bubble Gum is relatively easy for experienced cultivators, but newbies to growing weed may wish to look to alternatives as Bubble Gum’s sensitivity to mold and rot presents significant challenges to the inexperienced.

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