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AgroMax Grow Tent

Review Last Updated: November 3, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • EZ-View window
  • Zippered doors with Velcro overlap
  • 600D ballistic nylon shell


Today we'll be reviewing the AgroMax Grow Tent.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Established well-known brand
  • Above average materials
  • Good build quality


  • Price could be better
  • Availability from online retailers isn't great

AgroMax Grow Tent Product Review

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced, highly rated, well made grow tent from an established brand, then look no further than the Agromax Large Professional Grow Tent made by HTG Supply.

The AgroMax Grow Tent provides quick assembly, with no tools required! Plus, this tent is shipped in discreet packaging!

The available space is usually the biggest limiting factor to growers, therefore it’s important that you choose a tent with plenty of vertical height to allow your plants to grow and fit extra equipment if necessary.

This particular AgroMax Large Grow Tent measures exactly 55” wide, 55” deep, and 79” high, providing plenty of growing room for your cannabis plants!

The AgroMax Large Professional Grow Tent has an all-steel interlocking frame that has a heavy-duty 600d ballistic nylon shell with double-stitch reinforced seams, lightproof velcro-flap zipper cover, and an ultra-reflective silver Mylar interior liner.

This grow tent is perfect for full-term, seed to bud plant growth.

The intelligent design, heavy-duty construction from premium materials, and unbeatable value provides the AgroMax Large Professional Grow Tent with the ability to nurture and maintain the perfect indoor garden environment.

AgroMax grow tents were designed by growers for growers and come packed with features that some premium tents don’t offer!

The zippered doors with Velcro overlap keep the inside microenvironment lightproof and the removable waterproof floor insert prevents spills from leaking out.

Multiple ventilation ports regulate air exhaust and configuration requirements and the EZ window allows regular observations of the garden without disturbing interior growing conditions.

The three vent ports are roughly four, six, and eight inches in width, these ports provide maximum air ventilation for improved plant health and ventilation.

Ventilation is important because plants need air exchange in order to grow big, strong, and healthy.

Good ventilation will allow your crops to breathe and keep the temperature and humidity within the ideal range.

Generally, the air in your tent should be refreshed twenty times over an hour to avoid excess heat, mold, and high humidity.

Additionally, you should invest in a carbon filter, an inline fan, and duct tape to filter the air that’s coming out of your tent, eliminating your cannabis grows pungent odor.

The full metal interlocking frame, reinforced roof supports, and super-tough ballistic nylon skin mean this tent is built to last!

The AgroMax Grow Tent is ideal for six large plants and the assembly is quick and easy!

AgroMax has a fantastic reputation for top quality customer service and they’ve been working to develop cutting edge indoor gardening products over the last decade.

Their products are shipped all over the US and Canada, including lights, grow lamps, fixtures, cloning supplies, and ballasts.

The AgroMax Large Professional Grow Tent is amongst their line of high quality grow tents that feature durable components and versatile growing space.

The AgroMax stands out for its excellent durability. This grow tent has a solid stance thanks to its strong metal poles.

The design of the frame allows for a smooth and easy installation that’s safe for the gardener and the plant.

The Highest Crop team really enjoyed the attention to detail that’s gone into the design of this grow tent and the components work perfectly to help grow strong and healthy plants.

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