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Advanced Platinum Series P450 Grow Light

Review Last Updated: February 5, 2021
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Superior 12-band full spectrum
  • Optional switch for veg & flowering
  • Whisper quiet fans


Today we'll be reviewing the Advanced Platinum Series P450 Grow Light.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Highly rated
  • Ideal for smaller grow rooms
  • Warehouse based in the US


  • Blown bulbs
  • Runs quite hot
  • Noticeable difference in brightness reported after sustained use

Advanced Platinum Series P450 Grow Light Product Review

Platinum Grow Lights, are a well known established company that has been in the LED market for a few years now. They offer a wider selection of lights than most of their competitors and are consistently rated four and above stars on their products.

Based in the USA and sold through most well-known retailers, Platinum grow lights have been producing reasonably good products for a very long time and know their business very well. They’re not the best quality you can find or the best brand, but they offer another option in the mid-range LED market.

Offering 5-year warranties on most products and models, Platinum LED lights offer some of the highest PAR/LUMEN per watt compared to their competitors, with a good quality 12-band full spectrum from UV to IR.

Incorporated into most models is a user-friendly switch enabling the grower to go from veg to flower with relative ease, two high speed whisper quiet fans, and an aluminum heat sink as standard. To further penetrate the crops canopy, Platinum has included 90-degree secondary focusing lenses.

Platinum Grow Lights are generally more expensive than most others in their range bracket, which isn’t ideal and some common complaints of the brand are of panels not fully working, blown bulbs, and a shortened lifespan of the panels in general. Flowering is often described as less dense, but this could be put down to the individual growers’ technique, and set-up

Platinum Grow Lights have some good overall features with the added bonus of being based in the USA, but as with most brands in this range, offer nothing that is really individual or innovative to tell them apart from the rest. They offer a good beginner standard, with higher prices.

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