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AC Infinity Carbon Filter

Review Last Updated: January 26, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel flanges
  • Aluminium meshing
  • Clothed pre-filter


Today we'll be reviewing the AC Infinity Carbon Filter.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Quality build
  • Australian RC412 at 1200+ IAV
  • Premium-grade charcoal
  • 6 inch air carbon filter
  • Competitively priced
  • Well-known brand
  • Highly rated


  • Short product life with some models
  • AC Infinity do not presently sell replacement pre-filters

AC Infinity Carbon Filter Product Review

Here we have affordable, yet premium carbon filter for grow rooms & tents by AC Infinity. Designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for grow tent setups and larger grow rooms.

The AC Infinity carbon filter features premium-grade Australian charcoal with a higher absorption and longer life rating.

Build quality wise the AC Infinity contains heavy-duty stainless steel flanges, aluminum meshing, and clothed pre-filter.

This really is an excellent carbon filter from AC Infinity and offers indoor cannabis cultivators an alternative to what’s already out there.

The 6-inch model enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations and has a duct Opening of 6”, is 16″ in length with a thickness of 60mm as well as featuring Australian RC412 at 1200+ IAV.

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