PLANT!T Vermiculite

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For growers desiring high-quality vermiculite that improves both propagation and water retention, then PLANT!T Vermiculite has become a recent but firm favorite among growers looking to boost growing conditions.

Made from a natural and sterile, soft mica mineral that displays excellent insulation properties and additionally helps rid the soil of harmful microbes and toxins.

Providing aeration and putting a stop to soil compaction, this pH-neutral vermiculite creates an optimal and balanced oxygenated and hydrated environment perfect for growing plants.

Perfect for growing potting plants as well as non-contained plants, PLANT!T Vermiculite is also ideal for the sustainable growth of seedlings due to its amazing water retention abilities.

Additionally, PLANT!T Vermiculite is also able to absorb essential nutrients during the water absorption process and due to its high cation exchange capacity, slowly feed back these nutrients to the plant in a timely, consistent manner.

Easy to use, odorless and safe to handle, PLANT!T Vermiculite is available in both 10L and 100L bags so it is perfect for your specific growing needs.

One of the best-reviewed vermiculites on the market and exceptionally well priced, PLANT!T Vermiculite is an excellent addition to any growers arsenal and is a brilliant growing media to help optimize almost any growing environment imaginable.

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