PLANT!T Perlite

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For growers looking for a consistent, effective, easy-to-use growing media, PLANT!T Perlite is definitely worth a look.

PLANT!T Perlite is incredibly lightweight and with its porous and irregular surface, is perfect for water retention and promoting optimal plant growth.

The amazing thing about the PLANT!T Perlite is the fact it has been designed to work with and improve other growing media when it is used as an addition.

Able to be mixed with everything from coir, compost, peat moss, bark, or even native soil, PLANT!T Perlite versatility is only exceeded by its ability to produce optimal aeration and drainage environments.

Long-lasting and consistent, PLANT!T Perlite will not decompose or deplete nitrogen levels in the soil.

Perlite has a fantastic ability to create pore spaces when added to soil and other growing media, and this allows for more space to get rid of excess water and toxins.

Additionally, the space creating ability also means that roots maintain a balanced air environment and moisture level, ensuring optimal conditions for healthy biological and microbial activity, and minimizing the chances of rot.

This means that PLANT!T Perlite as well as being exceptionally well priced is also incredibly long-lasting and excellent value for money.

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