Plantonix Coco Coir Pith

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Plantonix Coco Coir Pith is the latest Coir Pith media to be created by market leaders Plantonix.

Sold in a ten-pound block, Coir Pith is a natural, effective, and relatively inexpensive soil replacement.

Also able to be used as a soil conditioner, this product allows for better breathing space or aeration for a plant’s roots.

These more oxygenated roots will then be able to collect more water and nutrients and therefore build a stronger, more resilient, and vigorous root system, which in turn helps boost the overall plants’ strength, longevity, and ability to bloom.

Able to be used by itself as a single product or capable of allowing gardeners and growers the ability to create their own mixes and blends of soil/soil replacements, Coir Pith is an incredibly versatile product.

Whilst many growers would use peat moss to achieve similar effects, Coir Pith is a relatively inexpensive, natural, organic, more efficient alternative for your average grower.

Hygroscopic and very easy to wet, Coir Pith is able to retain eight times its weight in water and has incredibly low sodium content.

An excellent product for growers looking to change their soil media or wanting to adapt their current blend, Plantonix Coco Coir Pith offers growers impressive benefits at a comparatively exceptional price.

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