Perfect Plants Perlite

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Perfect Plants Perlite is one of the most affordable, versatile, and durable perlites on the market today.

Coming in a heavy-duty, resealable bag that is perfect for storage, growers can get the most out of this perlite without having to worry about waste.

The lightweight, porous mineral rock can be used in conjunction with potting soil to create a perfect environment for aeration and drainage to suit any grower’s needs.

With its clever use of air pockets and absorbent nature, the perlite creates space for the roots to breathe and allows them to take in all necessary nutrients whilst avoiding suffocating from soil compaction.

Proper aeration of roots when growing is essential and allows for the proper drainage of not just excess water but also any harmful toxins that may be present.

Long-lasting and durable, Perfect Plants Perlite is pH neutral meaning growers can be confident of not tampering with the acidity levels of their growing media whilst also achieving perfect drainage and aeration conditions.

Well-liked amongst growers and easy to use, Perfect Plants Perlite is a boon for any grower looking to help boost plant growth with minimal fuss.

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