Orange Bud Strain

Strain Description

Orange Bud Strain is a world-renowned Indica-dominant strain that excels in all areas, from taste and aroma to its recreational and medicinal effects.

A mixture of Indica and Sativa, Orange Bud strain contains THC levels ranging from 16% to 23 % on average while its CBD average 0.35%. These levels mean that Orange Bud delivers a euphoric and relaxed high with only a few, mild side effects.

These side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, and they are common with most cannabis strains. Orange Bud is as popular with medicinal users as it is with high-chasing recreational users. Conditions that can be alleviated by Orange Bud strain include stress and depression.

Orange Bud cultivators can expect their plants to flower around the eight-week mark, and they are usually ready for harvesting not long afterward.

It is an easy strain to grow so novice growers would be wise to start with Orange Bud while experienced growers would easily be able to maximize yields with this breed.

Most Orange Bud growers elect to grow their plants indoors, using a hydroponic system or a ‘screen of green’. It is not uncommon for growers to report yields of 14 ounces.


Average Height

5 – 6ft

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