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Nectar for the Gods soil is a premium potting soil designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The company produces small batches that are mixed on-site in Oregon, USA, using all-natural premium ingredients.

This product has been highly rated by plant growers who have found it to be beneficial in their plants’ growth and health. It is produced by growers for growers and offers a good cannabis specific soil. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable potting soil to help take your garden or indoor plants to the next level of growth and success, Nectar for the Gods may be just what you need!

Nectar for the Gods Soil is made with a range of natural ingredients including sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir fiber, pumice, amongst other ingredients. These are all mixed together on-site using rainwater along with limestone which helps to reduce salts. After blending and bagging the soil sits unwrapped (but covered) for up to 30 days which allows it to activate compost and go dormant so as not to become too hot when used in gardening or planting projects.

The potting mix from Nectar for the Gods is designed with multiple feedings per week in mind so can be used without worrying about overfertilizing your plants or gardens.

There are no added fillers or bark meaning only natural materials are used in its production process making it safe to use in organic gardens. As the company produces small batches at a time you can rest assured that each bag of soil contains only fresh materials which have gone through stringent quality control processes before being shipped out.

In terms of effectiveness Nectar for the God’s potting soil has proven itself as a popular choice among plant growers who have found it beneficial in helping their plants reach their full potential in terms of growth and healthiness. Due to its production methods there are no extra added chemicals which could harm delicate ecosystems thus making this product even more attractive if you wish to fully nurture your plants.

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