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Mother Earth LiquiCraft Grow 4-3-3 Liquid Fertilizer is yet another impressive premium fertilizer product from the incredible guys at Mother Earth.

Scientifically developed to provide the best nutrition possible at the times when you most need it, this fertilizer works best on plants in their vegetive state.

Amazingly easy to use, Mother Earth LiquiCraft Fertilizer just requires two teaspoons to be added into a gallon of watering, and just like that, you have a versatile, nutritious, and powerful fertilizer ready to use.

The specifically designed mixture helps encourage fast growth in both leaf and branch and is doubly effective during the crucial vegetive stage when plants need a targeted, nutritional boost.

Focussing on both the primary and secondary nutrients that your plants need, Mother Earths Liquicraft gives you the security to know that your plants aren’t missing out on critical nutrients when they need them most.

This mixture is perfect for shrubs, herbs, vegetables, and annual flower crops and is available in multiple sizes to suit your fertilizing needs.

Perfect for growers who have just started a new grow and are looking to add a fertilizer with substantial nutritional value and coming with a very competitive price tag, Mother Earth’s LiquiCraft Grow 4-3-3 Liquid Fertilizer ‘is an excellent investment.

A natural linear successor to LiquiCraft Grow and best used in conjunction with it, Mother Earth’s LiquiCraft Bloom 2-4-4 Liquid Fertilizer picks up the fertilizing baton and takes supplementing your plant’s nutrients to the next level.

When your plants begin fruiting or blooming, it is important to give them the nutrients that they require for optimal growth during this phase; these nutrients are inevitably different from the ones needed during the previous phase as the plant’s needs continue to change.

Mother Earth’s LiquiCraft Bloom 2-4-4 Liquid Fertilizer builds upon the nutritional platform created by the LiquiCraft Grow, and goes one step further, and provides specific nutrients designed to increase and optimize blooming.

Syncing perfectly with not just LiquiCraft Grow but also the whole Mother Earth product range, it is important to remember that LiquiCraft Bloom is the second part of a two-part system and that you will achieve the best results by using the whole range as this then caters for all your plant’s needs.

With an excellent price and some phenomenal results (especially when used with LiquiCraft Grow), this is a fertilizer that will help you get your buds big.

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