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The type of weed lighter you decide to blaze up with, directly correlates with the method that your choosing to get high.

Smoking a joint on a windy day is most probably going to require a completely different lighter, to say, if you were relaxing while hitting your favourite bong with friends.

Not just that, picking a lighter that’s safe to use is another concern very few smokers rarely think of.

For instance, depending on your method of smoking, a plasma lighter may not be the best choice for every method of smoking in terms of your health.

Ingesting Ozone can have some pretty bad health effects, so please tread carefully if a plasma lighter is your goto weed lighter of choice.

Of course, with most forms of smoking weed, you’ll be entirely fine just using your everyday Bic lighter in many circumstances, so by all means, blaze away.

Chapter 1

Types of Lighter

Lighters come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different technologies, and price ranges. From your inexpensive throwaway, to your more expensive torch lighter. There’s a lighter for every kind of smoker.

Types of Lighter

Some of the most popular and commonly used weed lighters are listed below.

  • BIC lighter
  • Zippo lighter
  • Torch lighter
  • Plasma lighter
  • Tesla coil lighter

As alternatives to your weed lighter, and for a butane/ozone free smoking experience you can also use.

What Weed Lighter is Right for You

The weed lighter that’s right for you, will ultimately come down to how you consume your bud and its extracts. Smoking a joint is obviously different to hitting a bong, although a standard lighter can still be used. Whereas dabbing is completely different to both smoking a joint or hitting a bong.

A hot, consistent flame is needed for dabbing. Which is why a dab torch is always recommended above your standard lighter, as your standard weed lighter just won’t cut it.

You could also be a more health conscious marijuana user, and prefer to use hemp wick for a butane and ozone free hit.

The Elements

You may not always have the luxury of lighting up indoors, and with this being the case, you’ll need a lighter that can withstand most elements.

Zippo lighter is a great choice is this respect, as they will always produce a strong flame as well as being windproof overall.

Obviously a torch lighter would be even better in this regard, but isn’t the best portability wise, unless of course it was something like the Vertigo Cyclone.

Which has the advantage of being both a torch lighter, whilst also being a similar size to your everyday lighter.

Refillable vs Throwaway

As cheap and as good a deal a throwaway lighter might seem like, the waste and cost to the environment isn’t something that sits well with us, and the same can be said for many others out there.

So with that in mind, always try and go for a refillable lighter or hemp wick to make your lighters last that much longer.

The obvious reason for choosing a refillable lighter over other types of lighters is the product life, and also the extended use for the user. A good refillable lighter will last you for years.

As above, recycling of these cheap plastic lighters isn’t the easiest of tasks. Most will end up in the bin or left discarded outside, which is far from an ideal situation. Don’t just smoke green, think green as well!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Weed Lighter

Choosing the right weed lighter can be overwhelming, given the numerous options available in the market. Below are some essential factors to consider when picking a weed lighter:

1. Flame Adjustment: The ability to adjust the flame intensity is crucial when choosing a weed lighter. A lighter with a too-strong flame will combust the weed too quickly, leading to a harsh inhale, while a lighter with a weak flame will require several attempts to light the weed. A lighter with an adjustable flame is a perfect balance between these two extremes.

2. Fuel Type: The fuel type determines the flame intensity and the taste of the weed. Butane and Hemp wick lighters are the most preferred for smoking weed as they provide a natural flavor while eliminating the taste of lighter fluid. Zippo lighters are not recommended due to their intense flavor.

3. Design: Weed lighters are not only functional tools; they are also fashionable accessories. There are various designs, styles, and sizes of weed lighters available in the market. Choose a design that is appealing to your eyes and adds to your overall smoking experience.

4. Convenience: Portability and ease of use are critical factors when choosing a weed lighter. A lighter that fits easily in your pocket or bag and one that lights effortlessly are excellent for smoking weed on-the-go.

Benefits of Using a Weed Lighter

Using a weed lighter has numerous advantages that enhance the entire smoking experience. Below are some benefits of using a weed lighter:

1. Consistent Flame: A weed lighter provides a consistent flame that helps ignite the weed evenly, providing a smooth inhale.

2. Easy to Use: Using a weed lighter is easy and doesn’t require any special skill or technique. It is a straightforward process that involves lighting the flame and holding it over the weed.

3. Portable: Weed lighters are often pocket-sized and easy to carry around, making them convenient for on-the-go smoking.


Although most weed lighters are very budget friendly, easily accessible, and probably one of the last things the average marijuana user thinks about until they need one. It’s still needs some consideration when it comes to purchasing one.

As you no doubt know, weed and it’s extracts can be consumed in many different ways, because of this, a whole market of accessories (weed lighters included) are now available for every situation.

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