iPower Digital Hygrometer

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The iPower Digital Hygrometer Thermometer is a two in one hygrometer that measures temperature and humidity every ten seconds to ensure up-to-date, accurate, and clear confirmation of a room’s atmosphere.

With a wide measuring range of between -10 Degrees Celsius and 50 Degrees Celsius, this hygrometer shows temperature figures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for your convenience.

The humidity sensor in the device is also incredibly accurate and can measure humidity from ten percent all the way to 99%.

Featuring a magnet-mountable design, the iPower Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer can be folded out and used on a table or can hang from any wall where you can check the growing environment at your leisure.

Able to show the current comfort level with three distinct categories, this hygrometer has been created with a slick, clean, touchscreen interface that is perfect for providing clear, accurate measurements instantaneously.

The iPower Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer also stores all of your minimum and maximum temperatures, and you can either check the last 24 hours or if you want to perform a more in-depth study then you can also get data from “all-time”, thus allowing you to measure the consistent temperature across a longer period for greater accuracy.

A fantastic and easy-to-use hygrometer, this product makes changing your growing environment incredibly easy at an affordable price.

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