Inkbird ICC-500T CO2 Controller

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Stylistically, the Inkbird ICC-500T CO2 Controller is one of the more simplistic CO2 controllers in terms of both form and function.

Super simple to setup and use, although many customers have complained of hard-to-read instructions this shouldn’t matter too much as the rig is really so easy to set up it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Boasting double outlets and an impressive digital display this clever little CO2 Controller will automatically turn itself off when the device reaches the required CO2 (PPM) level.

Extremely reliable and durable this CO2 Controller is both CE and FCC certified and it’s highly effective BO1 Sensor is suitable for agriculture, home growing, and greenhouses.

An easy-to-use, industry-certified and versatile product the Inkbird ICC-500T CO2 Controller CO2 Meter Carbon Dioxide Controller is a simple, functional, and well-made product.

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