How To Roll A Blunt

A Simple Step By Step Blunt Rolling Guide

Just like the many thousands of cannabis strains providing the user with a unique experience, so it is true of the many ways in which we can consume cannabis.

Everything from edibles, tinctures, vaping, concentrates, bongs, joints, and blunts.

If you’re new to cannabis or just used to rolling a joint and not really experimenting in other ways to get high, then one or more of the above may be tricky to master at first go. This can be especially true when learning how to roll a blunt.

Which is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to write this simplified step by step guide.

So carry on reading to find out how to roll a blunt, what accessories you’ll need like rolling trays and grinders. As well as some tips on the best blunt wraps, how to roll a Backwood blunt, how to roll a rose blunt, and how to roll a swisher blunt.

How To Roll A Blunt
Chapter 1

What Is A Blunt?

A blunt is somewhat different to a joint although the two terms are sometimes interchangeable depending on location and the experience of the group. Another term also commonly used is “spliff”.

New users of cannabis may use the term blunt for example not realizing that it’s an entirely different thing altogether.

What Is A Blunt?

Whereas rolling a joint or spliff requires papers, for example, RAW XL or King Size or if you’re in the UK normally Rizla King Size. A blunt would normally be rolled using a cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap.

The original blunt was normally a cigar that would be cut straight down the full length and the tobacco contents emptied from within the cigar. You would then be left with your blunt wrap or tobacco leaf.

Blunts vs Joints

You may ask yourself, what’s best? A blunt, or a joint?

To be honest there isn’t a best. It’s all personal preference and to a degree, tolerance.

Where many joints differ from blunts is mainly the tobacco content.

Some users love a joint or spliff with a sprinkling of tobacco throughout. Others not so much.

If you fall under the latter category then a blunt may not be the best option. As a cigar wrap, cigarillo, blunt wrap, etc, will be all tobacco.

The hit you receive from a full inhale will be altogether different from the experience of a pull on a joint or spliff. The intensity level is certainly not for the beginner or inexperienced.

Pair the above with the fact that many users prefer to stay away from tobacco as it’s highly addictive and bad for overall health.

Obviously, some users absolutely love blunts over joints. The strong aromas, alongside a heightened tobacco buzz as well enjoying a slow burn and being just as portable as a joint makes them the ideal high.

Chapter 2

Weed Accessories For Rolling A Blunt

Common weed accessories you would normally need for rolling a blunt are fairly similar if not identical to the toker accessories you would need to roll a joint.

One of the only differences would be the cutting implement you would use if you chose the cigar or cigarillo blunt rolling technique as opposed to buying blunt wraps. And the inclusion of a small bowl of water or damp cloth if you don’t want to use your own saliva.

Weed Accessories For Rolling A Blunt

Weed Accessories

  • Favorite Weed Strain 1 – 2 Grams
  • Weed Grinder
  • Rolling Tray
  • Razor Blade or Scalpel (*Please be careful using this method)
  • Weed Lighter
  • Small Bowl Of Water/Damp Cloth

Best Blunt Wraps

If you choose to buy blunt wraps rather than cut open a pre-rolled cigar or cigarillo then you can easily purchase blunt wraps in store or online. Some of the best blunt wraps or most popular blunt wraps are listed below –

  • Zig Zag Blunt Wraps
  • Higher Standards Blunt Wraps
  • High Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps
  • Endo Pre-rolled Hemp Wraps
  • Kush Hemp Wraps
  • Futurola Blunt Wraps

Best Blunts

  • Backwood Blunt – Aged, all natural tobacco leaf
  • King Palm Blunt – 100% organic world renowned blunts
  • Phillies Blunts – A classic blunt in a variety of flavors
  • Swisher Blunt – Available in original alongside a plethora of other flavors
  • Dutch Masters Blunt – 100% natural tobacco leaf with multiple flavors available
  • White Owl Blunt – Mixed flavor affordable wrappers
Chapter 3

How To Roll A Blunt

Prepare your surface area and place your rolling tray and accessories on top, something like the RAW rolling kit is both affordable and user friendly for the job.

Then choose a weed strain, Wedding Cake Strain, Gelatti Strain, or whatever you purchased from the dispensary or have grown yourself.

How To Roll A Blunt

Step One – Start to Break down your nug. Some users prefer to do this by hand as it will produce larger chunks creating an overall slower burn that many experienced blunt smokers are after.

If you prefer to use a weed grinder rather than your hands, then that’s also fine but expect your blunt to burn faster if you grind your herb finely.

A very short grind action of a turn or two is best to get your herb broken up only slightly, leaving bigger nugs that are coarser and burn more slowly.

Step Two – Now that you’ve ground your weed it’s time to prepare your blunt.

If you decide on using the cigar or cigarillo method, then this is when you’ll need your cutting implement (razor blade/scalpel).

Take your cigar and either place it on your rolling tray or hold the cigar in one hand and then with your other hand take your razor blade or scalpel and carefully slice down the cigar from one end to the other (length wise).

When you think the cut is complete gently prise open the cigar leaf from top to bottom.

Now, either scoop out the tobacco or tip the cigar leaf upside down and empty the contents onto your rolling tray. Alternatively, have a paper towel to hand to collect the discarded tobacco. (this can be saved for later or be discarded completely)

Step Three – Pre-rolled cigar leaves are normally tougher than your purpose made blunt wraps so may need moistening slightly. This also helps to recover the leaf if any tears or holes appear when removing the tobacco or when rolling the blunt.

Slightly is the key word here. A finger tip dipped in water a few times should do the trick or even your own saliva.

If the leaf is overly dry there’s always a danger of cracking, whereas if the leaf becomes overly wet there’s an equal danger of it becoming useless.

Once the required level is reached you can gently flatten the leaf out using your rolling tray and your fingers if you prefer your blunt to lay flat, or you can keep that natural U shape. It’s an entirely personal choice.

Step Four – After following the above steps you should now have your prepared herb and blunt ready to be rolled.

With both hands pick up the blunt wrap and gently but firmly hold and press the blunt wrap between your fingers and thumbs and make an upward V/U shape.

Once the desired shape is achieved place the blunt wrap on your rolling tray ready to be filled with weed, or hold the blunt wrap in one hand. Whatever feels more comfortable to you whilst building is the key here.

Between your first two fingers and thumb of your other hand, pick up your ground weed and begin to fill the blunt wrap carefully moving up and down its length until your wrap is evenly filled from end to end, and your 1 – 2 Grams is completely gone or the blunt is filled to the desired amount.

Step Five – Blunt rolling time!

Pick up the blunt wrap with both hands and whilst holding it between your index fingers and thumbs with your middle fingers just below, start rolling your blunt wrap slightly in an up and down motion and moving along its length back and forth as you do to find its natural shape and to also even the blunt out. (This motion should be firm and controlled).

Once this has been achieved you can then start rolling your blunt into its final shape.

Push the side of the blunt wrap closest to your body over the top of the weed and then tuck it in. Then start rolling your blunt wrap upwards with your thumbs whilst your index fingers move downwards and simultaneously along its length.

If the blunt wrap still feels overly dry then by all means use your saliva to moisten it further and continue the process.

Once your blunt is near its completion and rolled most of the way up. All that’s left to do is lick the inside of the other end of the blunt wrap and bring it over and connect it to the body of the blunt to seal it.

Step Six – It’s nearly time to light it up!

There’s one more step that needs to be taken before we can get your blunt lit, and that’s to seal or bake the blunt.

If you’ve followed the steps correctly your blunt wrap will still be retaining some moisture but not overly so.

You of course don’t want this to be the case when you light it up to smoke. So you’ll need to seal/bake the blunt along its entire length. This also helps the blunt retain its shape.

Take your weed lighter and run the flame over the blunt wrap. Distance wise, you don’t want it so close that the blunt will burn but you also don’t want the flame so far away that the heat has no effect.

Keep in mind you’re not baking an edible here, seconds is all you need.

Finally it’s time to light your blunt, sit back, and enjoy

Chapter 4

How To Roll A Backwood & How To Roll A Swisher Blunt

If you’re thinking, sweet, now I know how to roll a blunt but is it the same for rolling a Backwood blunt or Swisher Blunt?

We’re happy to tell you it’s exactly the same. All that differs is the brand, in this case you’ll be rolling with Backwoods or Swisher blunts instead. Just follow the above 6 easy steps which we’ve also summarized below.

How To Roll A Backwood & How To Roll A Swisher Blunt
  1. Break/Grind your weed
  2. Prepare your blunt
  3. Moisten your Blunt
  4. Fill your Blunt
  5. Roll your Blunt
  6. Seal/bake your Blunt

What about a rose blunt you may be asking? How to roll a rose blunt?

Our answer is, DON’T.

Firstly, you don’t know what pesticides, etc, have been used to grow the roses. Secondly, do you really want the aggravation of having to find and pick rose petals, bake them multiple times, then have to roll them?

Honestly, we can’t think of anything worse when there’s so many more enjoyable, healthier, and easy ways to consume cannabis.

If you really must though…

  1. Find and pick a handful of rose petals
  2. Place 3 in an oven safe pan and line them up overlapping each one
  3. Broil for 10 seconds
  4. Lick the bottom of each petal and line them up once again on the pan overlapping each one
  5. Place them back in the oven for another 10 seconds
  6. Remove from the oven and allow them to sit for 1 – 2 minutes
  7. Grind your herb and then fill the rose petals just like with a blunt
  8. Roll your rose blunt then lick and seal the end as you normally would
  9. Let the rose blunt sit for another 2 minutes
  10. Light up your rose blunt and enjoy


Well there you have it, a simple step by step guide on how to roll a blunt.

We’ve tried to make it as readable and as clear as possible so you can hopefully go away with the knowledge of how to roll the perfect blunt.

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