Harvest More Trim Bin

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Written By Roy Stevens


The Harvest More Trim Bin is another excellent Trim Bin from a company with a phenomenal reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality products.

With an innovative high walled design that allows you to keep the trimming contained and reduces both wastage and mess, the Harvest More Trim Bin is perfect for quickly and easily separating buds from leaves and stems and giving you the space to really concentrate on optimizing your yields

A comfortable and ergonomic laptop design means you can trim all day in any environment without undue stress or strain and the rounded arm grooves increase productivity whilst also protecting you from repetitive strain injuries.

Coming with an ultra-fine 150 micron stainless steel mesh screen that catches an incredible amount of kief that would otherwise be lost, the Harvest More Trim Bin is a high quality, premium range Trim Bin that is perfect for experienced growers.

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