GROW!T Loose Coco Coir

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One of the most premium coirs on the market today remains the GROW!T Loose Coco Coir, and with its long list of positive features, it’s easy to see why many growers consider it the best.

Scientifically developed using a unique blend of coir that is then buffered, treated, and further enriched with additional micronutrients, this Premium Coir is perfect for growers wanting to provide optimal nutrients to their plants.

GROW!T adds further improvements by including specific amounts of magnesium and calcium that allow for the displacement of sodium and potassium.

By engineering this coir to exact specifications, GROW!T has created a safe, fertile, incredibly effective substrate, and its stable pH and low EC makes the Loose Premium Coco Fiber Coir one of the most impressive hydroponic soilless mix’s on the market.

Additionally, this premium coir is even more desirable given the massive quantity it is sold by when compared to its competitors.

Available in a huge 21-pound bag, this versatile and easy to use soil replacement is excellent value for money and will ensure your plants receive optimum nutritional value when they most need it.

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