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Growing cannabis can be a tricky task. From maintaining the right temperature to managing humidity levels, creating a perfect environment for growing cannabis can be a difficult and often daunting task. However, with the rise of grow tents, growing cannabis has become much more accessible and manageable for enthusiasts.

A grow tent is essentially an indoor growing space that is specifically designed for cannabis cultivation. These tents recreate the ideal growing conditions by providing adjustable ventilation, lighting, and temperature control. Grow tents are also portable and efficient, making them a popular choice for those growing cannabis in limited spaces.

Grow Tent
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Why opt for a Grow Tent?

The primary reason for opting to use a grow tent rather than doing an outdoor grow or constructing a room for the sole purpose of cultivation is for convenience. Nothing trumps the comfort found in quickly deploying the grow tent materials and building it out within an hour.

There’s no drilling required or tasks that require knowledge in carpentry, so it’s ideal for those that don’t have the know-how in construction-related subjects. Growing cannabis is already tricky in its own right, so streamlining the process by purchasing a grow tent that’s easy to set up is ideal.

Why opt for a Grow Tent?

Benefits of a Grow Tent

There’s a wide host of advantages in growing cannabis in a grow tent.

Here are the most important benefits –


There’s something about keeping your environment contained that facilitates a streamlined operation.

When you use a grow tent, you effectively keep in compromising odors, increase the light intensity, as well as manage the temperature with ease.

Even though you may live in a state with legal medicinal or recreational cannabis, there are still dangers associated with letting everyone know that you’re growing.

Many crimes that are committed in the cannabis community are related to plant-theft. So although you’re legally entitled to grow marijuana plants, it’s still best to contain the pungent smell associated with cannabis.

Containment works in two ways: on one end, the grow tent keeps the plants in their own micro-climate. On the other end, the grow tent acts as a barrier to everything outside of the tent.

The external environment carries bacteria, fungi, and pests; and its these issues that are notorious for destroying your grow operation.

Of course, this barrier is only effective if you practice good habits; such as wearing clean clothes that are only used when entering the grow tent.

Marijuana plants require a significant amount of light, and this intense lighting looks like a beacon if visible from the outside. Once again, for security’s sake, the light is contained within the sturdy walls of the grow tent.

In regards to light, the interior of grow tents are lined with reflective Mylar. The roof and floor are generally covered in Mylar as well, so there’s an additional boost of lumens throughout the entire room when fully contained.

Ease of Construction

This benefit goes in both directions. Grow tents are easy to set up, as well as break down. Sometimes life events occur that require us to suddenly break down our grow tents rapidly.

This may be because a landlord suddenly decides that he or she doesn’t want their tenant to grow cannabis. Another reason could be because you’re moving away on short notice.

The ease of setting up a grow tent is notable, considering you can set up a 10’x10’ grow tent by yourself within an hour.

These contained environments can be ready for plants within the span of 24-hours, so they’re ideal when you’re on a tight schedule.

Additionally, you don’t need to be a carpenter or savvy with tools. Setting up grow tents rarely require tools other than a screwdriver, so you’re less likely to be required to purchase additional tools at a local hardware store.


Unless you’re a commercial grower, there’s little incentive to convert a room into a full-blown grow space.

Building a dedicated grow room takes a considerable amount of time and money, whereas a grow tent is quick to assemble and affordable.

It’s for these reasons that grow tents are cost-effective, and this allows you to spend your saved money on the incoming electricity bill.

Grow tents are by no means cheap, but they are worth the cost in the long run. The average price for a 4’x8’ grow tent will range between $300-400.

The cost of a grow tent will ultimately depend on its overall size or if they include bonus features.

Cannabis cultivation is all about turnaround time, and grow tents get you up and running almost immediately. Each day spent on building a dedicated grow space is a day lost when you consider a strain’s flowering time.

The sooner is always better, but this doesn’t mean that you should cut corners in construction, set up, sanitation, and growth.


Most grow tents are incredibly accessible, which makes them an excellent choice for beginners.

Cramped spaces add an extra element of danger to your plants, so it’s essential that your grow tent offers multiple access points to streamline your day-to-day responsibilities.

Instead, grow tents have multiple entrance points, usually one on each side. Some have even integrated window-like viewing areas that allow you to watch your garden without having to unzip the tent.

Besides entrance points and viewing zones, most grow tents have multiple ports that allow you to position your tent in several ways so that you’re always oriented in an ideal position for cables running from your hoods and other connection points.

Advantages of Small Grow Tents

When it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation, it’s hard to beat the convenience, quality, and simplicity that some of the best small grow tents have to offer.

Not all of us have full bedrooms to sacrifice to a grow tent, but luckily, many grow tent manufacturers produce small grow tents that allow those with reduced space and different needs with the ability to cultivate marijuana.


Many small grow tents are incredibly affordable. If you plan on growing your cannabis plants from seed to harvest within a small grow tent, then it’ll be very cost-efficient.

These grow tents generally range from $40-150, which makes them reasonably priced compared to their larger alternatives.

Contained Environment

Small grow tents benefit from being a contained environment. Therefore, having a more manageable grow space enables you to keep your grow room clean and free of any issues.


Small grow tents are far more stealthy compared to larger varieties. A large grow tent sticks out like a sore thumb because it’ll take up a large part of a room. Small grow tents are ideal for growers short on space that require discreetness.

Disadvantages of Grow Tents

Limited Plant Growth

Grow tents are designed for growing cannabis on a small scale. While they are efficient and effective, they may not be suitable for larger cultivation setups. In addition, some growers may find the size of the tent limiting when it comes to plant growth as they might be limited on how many plants they can have in a single tent.

Potential Setup Costs

While grow tents themselves are relatively affordable, growers need additional equipment to maintain the ideal growing conditions. The cost of equipment such as grow lights, ventilation systems, and temperature meters can add up, making it an initial expensive setup.

Unfamiliarity with Growing

While a grow tent provides an optimal environment, some growers who are new to cannabis cultivation may still struggle with the plant’s care. It’s essential to have a basic understanding of cannabis’ life cycle and growth stages before setting up a tent, as it can make a significant difference in yield and quality.

Grow Tent Kits

There are vital elements that you’ll need to look for when buying a new grow tent kit. The first one that comes to mind is the overall dimensions.

Grow tents come in all shapes and sizes and when just starting out most growers commonly search for either beginner grow tents or small grow tents.

Remember, whatever size grow tent kit you choose to buy the dimensions will directly impact your available growing space, which means the number of plants you’ll have.

The size of the grow tent should accommodate a wide range of characteristics of your cannabis plants. If you’re growing plants that have Cannabis sativa genetics, then you’ll need a tent that has enough overhead space.

Growing Cannabis Indica genetics? Then you’ll need to have a broader space to allow the plants to bush out.

It all boils down to the methods you’ll utilize during your grow. The number of plants, Sea of Green (SOG) style, or the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method will directly impact your decision on which grow tent works best for you.

Another significant aspect to consider is that size of the room that the grow tent will be placed in. You’ll need to accurately measure the available, and, more importantly, the useable space.

It’ll be a waste of time and money if you buy a grow tent that’s too big for a room you’ve designated.

Separate Rooms

Some growers like to have separate rooms within their grow tent kits. These additional rooms generally act as a propagation room for clones and seedlings.

These can also be used to house a mother plant to take cuttings from. These added rooms within the tent allow you to have a continuous system, which is beneficial and saves time.


The next issue you’ll need to decide is what type of light will work best in your garden. A 100-watt LED will produce highly different results compared to a 600-watt HPS.

At the same time, a 600-watt HPS will be overkill in a small grow tent (2 x 2). It’s important to know your ideally sized tent, amount of plants, and lastly the necessary power.

Build Quality

After you’ve decided upon the size of your grow tent, you’ll need to now compare the materials used for various indoor grow tents.

Flimsy tent material could lead to a catastrophe if it can’t support the weight of your grow lights. Imagine: months of hard work and money spent, only to wake up one morning to a collapsed tent.

Buying the cheapest indoor grow tent with the lowest quality materials is precisely how the above scenario happens.

Some of the burliest tent material is made from a material that’s infused with ballistic nylon. This heavy-duty denier is capable of holding up multiple lights and other accessories such as carbon filters with ease.


What could be one of the most significant things to consider regarding your grow tent is how lightproof it is. A light leak could trigger a metabolic change within the cannabis plant and lead your plants to turn hermaphrodite.

This unique response creates male flowers to be produced within the female calyx. These male flowers can then pollinate your entire crop, and you’ll be left with seeded buds.

Cannabis is photo-responsive. This trait means that it changes with increased daylight hours or with decreased daylight hours. We manipulate female cannabis plants to flower indoors by following the 12/12 schedule.

This means that the lights are on for 12 consecutive hours and off for 12 hours. When an interruption occurs, the plant may become stressed and signal enzymes to create emergency male flowers to speed the process of pollination.

There are many indoor grow tents that have small pinpoint holes in the stitching, and these can be hard to detect. It’s because of this reason that you need to make sure that the tent is sufficiently built and free of minor light leaks.

Mylar Quality

Mylar is the material within the grow tent that reflects that light produced from the grow lamp to increase the overall brightness. This is a helpful addition that will add extra lumens without additional heat and power costs.

Cheap Mylar has been known to degrade with high heat and releases toxic chemicals into the plant’s environment. This phenomenon has destroyed many crops and can be avoided if you check which type of Mylar is used.


Adjustability is another crucial aspect when shopping for the best grow tent kit. Modern grow tents feature various adjustability points, such as the roof poles, height poles, vent zones, and removable splash floors.

Moveable roof poles allow you to set your grow lamps in any way. These provide not only support but can be moved to pinpoint your hoods in the best possible position.

Adjusting the height is helpful, especially when your plants begin the infamous pre-flower stretch. Vent zones are placed throughout the tent to allow for optimized venting and air intake.

A removable splash floor is perfect for those that use too much water and expedites the process of cleaning.

Advantages of Kits

Simply put, convenience is the overall benefit of producing cannabis in a grow tent. These contained spaces simplify our vision and enable growers to maintain their gardens more efficiently.

Indoor grow tents are incredibly advantageous when living in an apartment complex. Typically, you wouldn’t use an entire room to grow in an apartment.

To simplify the situation, grow tents are the best option because they can be built in a matter of minutes. They can also be broken down in the same amount of time.

They also help with containing the pungent smell of cannabis. If you’re growing in a dedicated room, it’ll be necessary to filter the smell from the entire space.

Grow tents are ideal because they are spaces that are specifically for growing marijuana. Instead of having to account for filtering all the added space between the roof and corners of a room, grow tents are confined and don’t require large filters.

Probably the most significant advantage of using an indoor grow tent kit is their stealth. If you need to be discreet, then a grow tent is a necessity.

When your 1,000-watt high-pressure sodium lamp is making your bedroom look like a rocket launch is in progress, you’ll appreciate the light being kept in check by your grow tent.

Why Grow Tent Kits Are Perfect for Beginners

Indoor grow tents are ideal for beginners because of their simplicity. We all aspire to grow like the professionals: massive warehouses with the endless horizon of cannabis plants gently flowing from the ventilation.

These operations take vast experience and investment capital, so it’s best to start small in a contained environment.

By growing in an indoor grow tent kit, you’ll be better able to hone your green-thumb skills, make mistakes, and learn by experience. The investment necessary is relatively low, and the added convenience is a bonus.

Grow tent kits are especially perfect for beginners because they come with everything needed to start growing. All that’s needed from you is cannabis seeds or clones to begin.


Grow tents are an efficient and effective way for enthusiasts to grow cannabis in a controlled indoor environment. They offer growers a range of benefits, from maintaining optimal temperatures to preventing pests and diseases. While there are some disadvantages to consider, when set up correctly, grow tents can provide growers with a fantastic cannabis growing experience.

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