Grow Tent Setup: A Basic Guide For The Beginner Grower

If you’re reading this article, then that means you’ve either decided that a grow tent setup is the way to go, or that you require a bit more info before taking that next step. If that’s the case then carry on reading and we’ll try to answer some of the questions you may have.

A grow tent setup is no easy task, from the beginner to the experienced grower all will encounter problems at some point along the way, but don’t let that deter you, it’s a learning curve and the more you know, the more you’ll grow. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the equipment that may be needed and what a full grow room or grow tent setup could potentially look like.


Grow Tent SetUp: Basics

The six main elements of a basic setup:


Grow Room Options & Descriptions

(A grow room is a room of any size where plants are grown under controlled conditions. The reasons for utilizing a grow room are many)

Multiple options are available:


Full Grow Room SETuP

A full grow room utilizes the entire room, it requires hard work, patience and is a bit more time-consuming but the yields will be much larger. The cost is fairly reasonable as there’s no grow tent or box to be factored in, but the savings from not purchasing a grow tent or box may be outweighed by the cost of lighting and air conditioning that the grow room will need, both will consume a lot of electricity, so think carefully before opting for a full grow room.


Grow Tent SetUP

A more viable alternative is to opt for a grow tent. Self-assembly is required but reasonable cost, high yields, and space saving are the main qualities when going with this option.


Grow Box SetUP

A grow box is very similar to the grow tent option but with higher costs and smaller yields it’s probably just behind a grow tent and DIY setup. Although there is the added bonus of having most of the equipment already integrated with no assembly required.



The simplest and least costly option would be to create your own smaller DIY setup, especially if you’re really struggling for space and funds. Many first time growers opt for this choice as they can be built in very confined areas, i.e wardrobes, under stair cupboards, etc…



The last three options are all a beginner, to intermediate really need. They’re all great value for money and they can produce high yields all year round while saving on valuable space.


What is a Grow TENT?

Grow tents are pieces of equipment, generally used when starting a grow set-up indoors. Prices vary but the majority are very reasonable. They can fall under many different names or search terms:

But most commonly used is grow tent, most are self-assembly and fairly easy to build. Usually, one person is all that is required to complete the process.


Grow Tent Design And Materials

Grow tents are often of a rectangular or square design and are generally made out of thick durable canvas material. This then sits on a metal frame, the metal tubes that make up the frame will need to be erected and are normally connected with a three-way metal/plastic connector.

Whenever possible always opt for the metal frame design and stay well clear of any tents with plastic frames. Although they’re often cheaper, plastic frames used within grow tents can crack or break due to the heat.

For easy access, most grow tents normally have a canvas door that incorporates a high quality, lined zipper.

More often than not, grow tents also have observation windows to monitor the growth of your crop. These windows are generally covered by a flap of canvas, which is again secured either with an integrated zipper or Velcro.

The inside compartment of the grow tent will be made of a Mylar reflective film, this is to mimic certain conditions and help achieve optimal growth.

Using the best grow tent ventilation setup is another very important factor in any grow setup. So single or multiple ventilation socks are normally built into the grow tent walls. 

Most grow tents on the market come with internal fixtures, that often consist of hanging bars, belts /straps, and pockets/netting sewn into the sides for tools and grow tent accessories.


What Is a Grow Box?

A grow box is a piece of equipment sometimes used as an alternative to a grow tent for indoor growing. They can fall under different names and search terms:

But most commonly used is grow box, the prices can vary significantly and are generally more expensive then grow tents. The plus side of using a grow box is that most come fully equipped and set up. They’re also of smaller width and take up less room. 

Normally attached to the grow box category are grow walls, aero gardens and small grow pots & cases. These have mixed reviews and are more commonly used for small crops of vegetables etc..


Grow box design

Grow boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but most are of a rectangular or square design. They’re generally of solid build quality. With access into the grow box by means of either a single or double door. Inside you’ll find the interior walls covered in highly reflective mylar material, quite often LED full spectrum lights are incorporated as well as fans for ventilation. Some grow boxes will also come with extra fixtures inside including trays, racks, etc. 

The price varies, but in general, they’re a lot more expensive compared to grow tents. But on the plus side as the majority of equipment is already integrated they rarely need to be assembled.


Grow Tent Sizes:

Grow tents and grow boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one to fit your needs should be a fairly pain-free process, sizes generally start anywhere from Small to Extra Large.


Location Of Grow Tent SetuP

When deciding on the right spot for your grow tent setup, consider first how many plants you want to grow. First-time growers normally start with two to four plants and move up from there, this allows them to get a feel for the whole growing process and what’s involved. This can be a good idea, as it’s a learning process and you will inevitably make mistakes along the way. The more confident and competent grower you become, the more cannabis plants you’ll be able to eventually care for and grow.

After you’ve decided on the number of plants, you now need to research how big the strain will eventually grow too. This is important as it will roughly give you what size grow tent or grow box you need to buy. Too many plants and too smaller grow tent or grow box will eventually lead to damaging the plant as it reaches its full growth, and nobody wants that! 

Next, you need to decide on the room your grow tent setup will occupy…

Again we need enough space to accommodate the plants when they’re fully grown, plus equipment. If any household objects like furniture also occupy the room, then try to keep it well clear of your grow area. You’ll need room to work, the less clutter the better.

It’s also important to make sure the room you’ve chosen is free from mold, and there’s also somewhere you can vent to the outside, without adequate ventilation, the plants may consume resources faster than they can be replenished, remember adequate air circulation is necessary for optimal plant growth.


Grow Room Lighting

The most common varieties and search terms for grow lights are:

As important as grow tents are, just as important are the artificial grow lights you choose to mimic the plants natural growing conditions. As the plant grows larger, it requires an increasing amount of light, if the amount of light received is insufficient, the plant will stretch or growth will slow to a halt.

If opting for compact fluorescent lights or HID lighting system, then a reliable ballast will need to be purchased. The job of a ballast is to regulate the current and provide sufficient voltage to start the lamp/s. They can be widely purchased, and the prices are very reasonable.

Some plants require both light and dark photoperiods, and as you’re growing indoors, a timer might be needed to tell the lighting system when to turn off and on.


Grow Room Lighting Summary

As you can see, there are many different options, so do your research thoroughly.


Grow Tent Ventilation Setup

We’ve discussed briefly the importance of having your grow tent or grow box in a room with options to vent outside. The most commonly used pieces of equipment for a grow tent ventilation setup are grow tent fans, inline fans, extractor fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, carbon filters and the fixtures they may come with. These would be attached via the integrated fastenings, ventilation socks & ports in the grow tent walls. You would then need to have either a ready-made place you can vent to the outside or make one yourself.

Inline fans, extractor fans, carbon filters and it’s accompanying fixtures vary in price but are generally very reasonable. They can be purchased alone or as part of a kit. 

In terms of a grow box, the fans, filters, and fixtures would already be built into the box itself. This is one of the bonuses of having a grow box instead of a grow tent, they’re essentially a full grow box kit and ready to go.

Other items that fall under air filtration/grow tent ventilation setup/temperature control, are your standard grow tent fans, grow tent heaters and grow room dehumidifiers. Having a grow setup means you’ll have to mimic the plants’ natural environment, providing them with continuous airflow as well as continually monitoring and adjusting temperature and humidity. Grow room fans, grow room heaters, and grow room dehumidifiers are used in conjunction with a grow tent to achieve the required results. 


Grow Tent Accessories

A grow tent setup is never complete until you have all the grow tent accessories needed. Below is a list of the most commonly used and searched for:



GROW Tent SETuP Summary


We’ve outlined some of the differences between a grow tent setup, grow box and grow room and also the important role the equipment you might use in them plays. 

There’s no doubt that grow tent setups are on par with growing outside, and sometimes even surpass the growers’ expectations, especially if you’re wanting a consistent, healthy yield throughout the whole year.   

When it comes to equipment there are many options available, all vary in price, but as this is more of a guide to what’s included in a basic grow setup, we’ll cover a range of individual products in other articles.

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