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If you’re one of the lucky few that live in a hot climate, you’ll probably only need a grow tent heater every now again for the odd cold night, but for many growers that live in places with changing seasons, temperature control, if not regulated properly, can cause serious problems such as mold (bud rot) or even crop failure. For these growers, they know winter is coming and they’ll need to think about keeping the plants’ roots at an optimal temperature, so depending on their grow room, plus if the plants are auto-flowering or not, then the solution may be to incorporate a grow tent heater or multiple grow tent heaters. 

So in this article, we’re going to try and answer some of your questions about grow tent heaters and save you from the many wasted hours online trawling through sites by highlighting some of the best-reviewed grow tent heaters out there.




A grow tent heater is a piece of equipment that can produce heat which is then directed to a specific area, be it a room, object or person so to increase the temperature of the intended target area. Most are quite expensive to run on a continuing basis, and will generally need an electrical mains supply, although there are other options available, propane etc.

The design is mostly of an upright rectangle or square design, but can sometimes be round or oblong, prices vary and can range from under $50 into the $1000s, and hundreds of options are available. They can also be static, fixed or oscillating, in terms of grow rooms always opt for oscillating when space will allow.




The choice of what grow tent heater to buy for your grow room, again just like grow tent fans will come down to the growers’ personal preference, the size needed, the price of the grow tent heater and what’s commonly recommended and used by other cultivators. But to be honest there’s not really a definitive right answer to the question, what heater should I buy for my grow tent?

We’ve previously mentioned the importance of your grow tent fans needing to be oscillating, the same can also be said for your grow tent heaters. Sometimes this is not always practical depending on your grow room and the amount of free space available, so you may opt for a static/fixed heating solution instead. But where possible, we’d always recommend going for grow tent heaters that incorporate the oscillating feature, as oscillating will always mimic the plants growing environment and circulate the heat much better.

As well as your traditional grow tent heaters, heating mats and even heat tubes are sometimes recommended and used in grow rooms. Basically, there’s a multitude of options out there, so do your research thoroughly.

Some of the most popular and recommended grow tent heaters are:






PELONIS Grow Tent Heater

One of the most recommend heaters among growers for any set-up, is the oil filled radiator. With that being said, you can do much worse than opt for the Pelonis space heater when looking at this category. Consistently rated five stars, the six fin Pelonis oil heater would be ideal for any small to medium grow set-up. It comes with multiple heat choices, with the highest running at 1500W and the lowest 600W, while the middle setting runs at about 900W. As well as the three heat settings, the Pelonis space heater features an impressive LED display with five large easy to use and read buttons as well as a 24hr timer. An added bonus to the above is the inclusion of a remote, so choosing the right settings is made even easier. 

Safety features of the Pelonis oil filled space heater, include an integrated overheat function and also a tip-over switch, so you know your grow set-up is in safe hands.

If your one of the unlucky ones to experience problems with the Pelonis oil filled space heater, then don’t worry too much, as the heater comes with a standard one year warranty.








TRUSTECH Grow Tent Heater

The Trustech mica panel heater is another option for anyone struggling to find adequate growing space. It’s just as safe while running at a similar wattage to the Pelonis oil filled space heater. As the name suggests it’s slightly different in design and comes as one rectangular thin panel rather than your fin radiator design. For anyone with a small to medium grow set-up this can be seen as a bonus, as it’s much thinner so can fit into a smaller area without causing to much trouble.

Mica heaters can be just as efficient as oil filled heaters and use their mica mineral to direct electromagnetic rays and heat up. It’s claimed mica heaters transfer a 100% of their electrical input when heating up, and are better for heating selected singular objects in the room, rather than just the room as a whole.

The Trustech mica panel heater chooses not to incorporate any LED displays or remotes but instead opts for the more simple design of easy to use dials, these are normally positioned to one of the panels support legs. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 700W to 1500W, which is sufficient enough for most peoples needs.

Safety features of the Trustech mica panel heater come in the form of an internal overheat sensor, which will switch of the heater if it ever becomes too hot, as well as an automatic cut off switch if the heater is ever tipped over.








ANSIO Grow Tent Heater

The Ansio oscillating electric fan space heater is mini in design but packs enough of a punch to be included in this list. Consistently rated five stars, the consumers that have bought this little powerhouse have not been disappointed. It doesn’t come with as many heating options as some heaters, only offering two settings, either 900W or 1500W, and is slightly noisier due to circulating air through it’s PTC unit. But where it falls short on its heat settings and noise, it more than makes up for, with its small compact design, efficient heat production and oscillating feature. It’s the ideal solution for those with grow set-ups in small spaces and does its job considerably well.

Safety features included are your overheat sensor and tip over sensor, as well as this Ansio offers a warranty of up to 2 years if you experience any problems with this model.








COSTWAY Grow Tent Heater

The Costway electric portable infrared quartz heater is another good quality product that includes enough settings to satisfy most indoor growers, it’s priced reasonably well, offering cultivators on a budget another fantastic heating option. 

The Costway space heater uses fan circulation while also rotating side to side to create heat and direct it to your chosen area. It’s compact in design and has three heat settings which are high, medium and low, with the highest heat setting running at 1500W. As well as the three heat settings, Costway has included a 12hr timer, LED display, and an easy to use remote which features sensitive response and ultra long sensing distance.

Three safety features are included in the Costway electric portable infrared quartz heater. The first being your standard overheat sensor, which is always top on most peoples safety list, a tip over sensor for any mishaps, and also a child locking feature. Although the last feature probably won’t be used by most growers, it’s always a handy feature to have.









HONEYWELL Grow Tent Heater

The name Honeywell may ring a bell with some of our readers, as we’ve previously talked about one of their tower fans. But just like their fans, Honeywell makes a pretty decent and affordable tower heater, the Honeywell slim ceramic tower heater to be exact, again ideal for anyone on a budget.

The Honeywell slim ceramic tower heater is one of the best-reviewed tower heaters out there at present, and cheap to boot, usually starting around your forty dollar range and quite often rated at four stars and above. Making it one of the more popular choices from the big online retailers, although some lower reviews have been known.

One downside of the Honeywell tower heater is that it only comes with two heat settings, which isn’t exactly great, with the highest usually runs at about 1500W and the lowest 750W.

It comes with an easy to use digital control panel, which is normally positioned to the top of the tower, no remote is included with this model which is a bit of a letdown, but by no means a deal breaker. As well as the above a programmable thermostat and a choice of four timer functions are included, 1hr, 2hr, 4hr or 8hrs. Not as many as some other heater models, but still acceptable for the price.

Safety features of the Honeywell tower heater are a 360 Degree tip over switch, one overheat sensor and a cutoff fuse which also helps to prevent Overheating.











Grow tent heaters play an important role in most grow rooms, this can be especially true when growing in the winter. More than likely you’ll be growing in a confined area as well, and will need a grow tent heater that fits the requirements of being small enough for your grow room, but also producing enough heat to keep your plant roots at an optimal temperature.

There’s a plethora of choice in the grow tent heater market at present, and we’ve written about some of the better-reviewed ones that are currently available, and by doing so hopefully made the decision of what grow tent heater to buy that little bit easier.

If you’re still unsure, why not click on the accessory product tile on our homepage and look through some of the grow tent heaters we have listed.


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  1. I just use a standard oil filled radiator with thermostat, but I know people that recommend tube heaters as well, each to their own.

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