Grow Tent Fans, Heaters & More

Carbon Filters, Inline Fans & Fixtures

CoolGrows 6″ Carbon Filter

Vivosun 4″ Carbon Filter

Growneer 4″ Carbon Filter

TerraBloom 6″ Carbon Filter

Phresh 6″ Activated Carbon Filter

Ipower 6″ Carbon Filter Reversible

A1Kingdom 6″ Carbon Filter

TopoGrow 4″ Carbon Filter

Terrabloom Activated Carbon Filter

Ipower Air Filtration 6″ Kit

Prime Garden Air Filtration Kit

Yield Lab Air Filtration Kit

AC Infinity Cloudline T6 Inline Duct Fan

AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Inline Duct Fan

AC Infinity Cloudline S6 Inline Duct Fan

A1Kingdom 4″ Carbon Filter

TopoLite 4″ 6″ 8″ Inline Duct Fan

Ipower 6″ Booster Inline Duct Fan

Hydrocrunch Inline Duct Speed Controller

Apollo Horticulture Inline Controller

Hydrofarm Inline Fan & Speed Controller

Maverick Sun Wind God Inline Fan

Hurricane 12″ 1060 CFM Inline Fan

AC Infinity Cloudline S8 Inline Duct Fan

Vtronic Inline Duct Fan

HG Power Inline Duct Fan

Vortex S Line  Inline Fan

TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan

Black Orchid Extractor Fan

Black Orchid Mix Flow Fan

Sunstream Inline Fan

Neverest ExtractorFan

Ipower 4″ Inline Duct Fan

Yield Lab 6″ Duct Inline Fan

Tjernlund M6 Inline Fan

Can-Fan 6″ GL56736 Inline Fan

Ipower 6″ Inline Duct Fan

Can RS6HO High Output Inline Fan

Terrabloom 6″ Inline Fan

Hydrofarm Inline Duct Fan

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Ideal-Air Industrial Grade humidifier

Ideal-Air Pro Series Humidifier

Diverso Devices Humidifier

TTLife Portable humidifier

Vremi 30 Pint Dehumidifier

Ivation 11 Pint Dehumidifier

hOmelabs 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Costway 50 Pint Dehumidifier

Dri – Eaz Commercial Dehumidifier

Quest OverHead Dehumidifier

AprilAire 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Quest Hi-E Dry 120 Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze 20L Dehumidifier

Eco Air 7L Dehumidifier

Amcor 90L Dehumidifier

Klarstein Dehumidifier

Vivosun Mini Dehumidifier

Delonghi 45 Pint Dehumidifier

Hydrofarm Dehumidifier

Inofia 29 Gallon Dehumidifier


Air Innovations Stand & Table Top Fan

Vornado 386DC Pedastal Fan

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan

Pelonis Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Costway Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Honeywell Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Amazonbasics Oscillating Fan

Insignia Oscillating Table Fan

Rowenta Oscillating Table Fan

Genesis 6″ Table Top & Clip-On Fan 

Lifeholder Clip-on & Table Top Fan

Opolar Mini Fan

Hurricane Super 8 Fan

Simple Deluxe Oscillating Fan 

Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

Oypla Floor Fan

Swiftair Hydroponic Fan 

Pro Breeze Clip-on Fan

Tristar Tower Fan

Dimplex Tower Fan

Ansio Tower Fan 

Intsun Clip-on Fan


Honeywell Ceramic Bud Heater

Pelonis 2-1 Vortex Fan Heater

Trustech 2-1 Space Heater

Bio Green Greenhouse Heater

Lasko Oscillating Tower Heater

Trustech Oscillating Tower Heater

Honeywell Slim Oscillating Heater

Delonghi Oscillating Tower Heater

Sarki Oscillating Space Heater

Ansio Oscillating Space Heater

Pavlit Oscillating Space Heater

Homasy Oscillating Space Heater

Oscillating Space Heater

Costway Infrared Space Heater 

Dr Infrared Space Heater

Duraflame Portable Infrared Heater

Homeleader Portable Infrared Heater

Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Costway Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Delonghi Mica Panel Heater

Bionaire Silent Mica Heater

Trustech Mica Panel Heater

Lasko Oscillating Heater

Growneer Thermostat Heater Control

Inkbird Thermostat Heater Control

Prowarm Portable  Heater

Opolar Portable Space Heater

Lighthouse Greenhouse Heater 

Sunhouse Tubular Heater

Lighthouse Tubular Heater

Bio Green Palma Heater

Ph Readers & Testing Kits

Jenco pH Temperature Meter Tester 

Bluelab Monitor For Plant Germination

Rottay pH Soil Tester 3 in 1

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Morthan 4 in 1 Soil Tester 

Mooncity 3 in 1 Soil Tester

Sonkir Soil PH Tester 3 in 1

Home & Garden Soil Tester

Digital Thermometers & Hygrometers

Hydroplus Hygrometer

Baldr Hygrometer Thermometer

Thermo Pro Hygrometer

Habor Hygrometer Thermometer

Thermo Pro Hygrometer

Habor Hygrometer Thermometer

Brinonac Hygrometer Thermometer

Newlight66 5 Pack Hygrometer

Homidy Hygrometer Thermometer

Inkbird Hygrometer Thermometer

Green Wash Hygrometer

Esynic Hygrometer Thermometer

Soil, Nutrients & Accessories

Vivosun Seedling Heat Mat

Yield Lab Propagation Vented Domes  

Vivosun 4ft 54W 6500k T5 Grow Lights

Clonex Clone Solution 2.5 Gallons

100 Plant Growing Trays

Greenway Biotech Calcium Nitrate 

Monoammonium Phosphate

FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Kit

Bootstrap Farmer Seedling Tray

Bootstrap Farmer Plug Tray

Vivosun White Panda Film

Earth Start Reflective Mylar

Vivosun Precision Hand Pruners

Apollo Horticulture Drying Rack Net

Infi-Touch Nitrile Gloves

Coast Of Maine Growers Mix

Vivosun Heavy Duty Scrog Netting

Vivosun 5 Pack Grow Bags

Scrog-Pro Deluxe Trellis

Canna 50 Liter Professional Soil Mix

PVP Industries Vermiculite

Blue Planet Nutrients Kit

PVP Industries Coarse Perlite

Fat Plant San Diego Soil Mix

Black Orchid Drying Rack

Swiftair 8 tier Drying Rack

Senua 8 Tier Drying Rack

Femor 8 Tier Drying Rack

Hyindoor Hydroponic Pruners

Happy Hydro Hydroponic Pruners

Hydro Crunch Precision Pruners

Draper Precision Pruners

Darmai Heat Mat

Hyindoor Heat Mat

Deyard Heat Mat

Gardeners Corner Heat Mat

Garland Cell Propagator

Elixir Seedling Tray

Gardeners Corner Mylar

Gardeners Corner Diamond Mylar

1.5 Rockwool Starter Plugs

BioBizz All Mix Potting Soil

Canna Professional Soil Mix

Black Magic Potting Mix

Advanced Nutrients 3 Pack

BioBizz 3 Pack Nutrients

Senua 3 Pack Nutrients

BodyGuard Nitrile Gloves

Tierra Garden Haxnicks Slim Soft Tie

Hydrofarm Garden Soft Tie

Hydrofarm Plant Yoyo Stoppers

ZIEIS 70Lb Weighing Scale

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