Grow Tent Fan: Keeping Your Plants Cool & Your Stems Strong

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A grow tent setup without a grow tent fan or multiple grow tent fans is a grow tent setup destined to fail. The grower will experience poor yields, weakened stems and can suffer from burnt canopies. Air circulation is vital in any grow tent setup and if you don’t do your research, or fail to incorporate the right equipment, you may as well be throwing your time and money away.

The Solution?

It can be as easy as incorporating a cheap everyday clip-on or tabletop fan, It really is that simple, this is one area price should be no obstacle.

When thinking about incorporating a grow tent fan into your grow room or grow tent, all it really comes down to is personal choice, the type of grow tent setup, size of the grow tent fan needed and price, that’s about it.

Quite often people will use search terms such as best fans for grow tents, hydroponic fans, best grow tent fans, etc…Thinking they’ll find one specific fan to beat all others.

But let’s be honest, there’s a multitude of fan options out there that could be used for your grow room. So below we’ve highlighted some of the best reviewed to speed up your growing journey, but first…



What is a Grow Tent fan?

A Grow tent fan is a piece of equipment that is used to produce and increase airflow to a specific area, the most popular design is of a circular shape, but they can also come in square, rectangle, and oblong designs as well. Normally they’ll be made of a metal or plastic cage construction, with three or more blades inside. Most are powered through an electrical mains supply producing recycled air at various power levels. There are many variations of grow tent fans, they range from small to industrial size, and can be free standing or fixed. As well as this, they can be oscillating or non-oscillating, floor, table, adjustable and even clip on. 


Why Are Grow Tent Fans NECESSARY?

Grow tent fans are necessary for a grow tent setup and are generally used in conjunction with grow tent heaters and dehumidifiers to provide the plants with optimal growing conditions. They help moderate the temperature and humidity in your grow room and provide constant airflow, which is of high importance if you want the healthiest and highest yielding crop. A consistent light breeze from your grow tent fan will mimic the natural wind, which in turn will help strengthen the plants’ stems and improve air circulation.



THE HIGHEST CROPS Grow Tent FAN: Round-Up Review




Air innovations 12″ swirl adjustable cool fan is a top quality piece of equipment, using on average 50w and rated 5 stars, this fan would be a superb addition to any mid to large size grow set-up. It’s of a six blade design and can be set-up as a floor or tabletop fan, one of its major pluses is its ability to adjust. With a sturdy level base and two pole support system either side, it can adjust smoothly to your desired height, ranging from 36″ to 42″. Another plus of the Air innovations fan is the three different power modes for varied air circulation and an integrated timer. The only downside we can see with the Air innovation 12″ swirl adjustable fan is that it doesn’t come with an oscillating feature.







The Ozeri tower fan takes air flow to a whole other level, bringing your everyday tower fan into the twenty-first century. Height wise it comes in at 44″ tall, not the smallest but not the tallest either. The Ozeri tower fan features three separate fans to the front of the tower, with upgraded canted fan blades that utilize their own curvature to reduce blade noise significantly, which is a bonus for the more secretive cultivator.

One feature that puts the Ozeri above other tower fans is the ability to control the fans separately, this really is an awesome feature as it allows the grower to target different parts of the plant with different power levels. As well as this the option between three fan speeds, nine levels of airflow, 90-degree oscillation, three programmed airflow patterns, and inbuilt timer, what more can you ask for? How about the Ozeri app…which can be used to control the fan remotely with your mobile device, IOS and Android are both supported, and with the ability to connect through Bluetooth as well, it truly is an unbelievable piece of equipment.

One of the downsides of the Ozeri tower fan is the price, if you only have a basic set-up this could be seen as an unnecessary expensive addition, especially with cheaper more basic tower fans out there.






Although it’s recommended by most growers to opt for an oscillating fan, another commonly used fan is the clip on or monkey fan, these are handy little fans and are relatively easy to source and cheap to boot. These type of fans can be used in conjunction with floor fans and are attached inside the grow room, they can be positioned either in the top corners or from the hanging bars/rack.

The Genesis clip-on fan has been consistently rated 4 stars by hundreds of reviewers, it comes in at 6″ in height and can be converted from table top to clip on fairly easily, it comes with a fully adjustable head and two speeds are available. It’s also very reasonably priced and can generally be found for under the $10, the only drawbacks of the Genisis clip-on fan are that it’s not rechargeable and doesn’t come with an oscillating feature.







Another possible addition to your set-up could be a 12″ tabletop oscillating fan, and in the Rowenta turbofan model, we’ve got one of the highest rated.

The Rowenta turbofan comes in your five-blade design and moves air up to 1,695 cubic feet per minute. Four speeds are available and can be selected by the well-placed dial to the front of the base. The fan head can pivot up to 90 degrees and has a removable front grid for easy cleaning. Noise from the fan registers from 33 to 55 decibels. It also has a built-in handle for easy portability.

Some common complaints of the Rowenta turbo fan come from build quality and price, it’s not the cheapest by any stretch, starting off around the $60 range.







The Pelonis oscillating pedestal fan is a good piece of equipment for anyone wanting mid-range build quality at a good price, starting around the $100 range, while also offering the buyer a multitude of adjustments and air flow options.

The fan comes in a five-bladed design with a stable base, adjustable height, and changeable inclination angle of the head. The fan operates at 25w and the inside has a specially designed DC motor which provides more powerful and quieter air flow. An auto-dimming LED display is also incorporated to allow for easy programming and reading. With twelve speed settings, three wind modes, a twelve hour on/off timer and multi-function remote control, this really does offer the cultivator a viable alternative to what’s already out there.

The Pelonis brands most common complaints come from fan failure, faulty/defective parts, and air flow not as advertised, of course, all the above could be down to faulty products as the majority of buyers experience no problems.







The Honeywell double bladed oscillating fan offers cultivators a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Pelonis brand, although it has fewer options in terms of speed and power settings. It’s of a three-bladed design and offers easy to use controls from the front main body section. With three power options plus three breeze options available, it lacks the range of settings that some other fans can provide, but it does the basics well enough. It also comes with an easy to use remote and is very competitive in terms of pricing starting in the $40 range. The Honeywell could provide a cheap fan option to any grower on a budget.

Common complaints about the Honeywell oscillating fan come from the high levels of noise produced when the higher setting is selected, the assembly being difficult and differing parts to the description.









When starting a grow tent setup, you’ll need a grow tent fan or multiple grow tent fans at some stage, there are hundreds of options out there from clip-on grow tent fans, all the way up to industrial grow tent fans. They can range in price from the very affordable to your ridiculously expensive. Remember, it’s all personal preference and depends on what type of grow room you have, and what you hope to achieve in terms of the end product.

In terms of inline fans for grow tents, carbon filters, and extractor systems, we’ll be covering them in later articles so be sure to check back.

Above we’ve highlighted some of the more positively reviewed grow tent fans, but the product range is extensive, so shop about and be sure to do your research. Why not click on the tiles at the top of our homepage and see some of the grow tent fans the highest crop have listed.

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