LED Bulbs

Esbaybulbs LED Full Spectrum

Sansi LED Bulbs Full Spectrum

Miya LED Bulbs Full Spectrum

Bluex Bulbs Full Spectrum

Morsen LED Bulbs Full Spectrum

Roleadro LED Lamp Full Spectrum

iLEDLIGHT Bulb Full Spectrum

Mrhua UFO LED Grow Lamp

Higrow LED Bulb For Indoor Growing 

Growneer LED Bulb Full Spectrum

Outcrop Innovations LED Bulb

Glime LED Bulb Full Spectrum

Derlights LED Bulb Full Spectrum

Yeuloum LED Bulb Full Spectrum

AeroGarden LED Bulbs 4 pack

Ipower LED Bulb Full Spectrum

Derlights LED Bulb Full Spectrum

Kingbo LED Bulb Full Spectrum

Esbaybulbs LED Bulbs 4 pack

CFGrow LED Bulb Five Bands

LED Full Spectrum

Nextlight Mega LED Grow Light

G8LED Mega LED Grow Light

Blackdog LED phytoMAX Grow Light

Marshydro LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Viparspectra LED Full Spectrum Lights

PlatinumLED Grow Lights

Bestva LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

KingLED Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

KindLed Full Spectrum Grow Lights

California Light Works Solar System Light

Horticulture Lighting Group LED Grow Light

Electric Sky LED Grow Light

Viparspectra Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Marshydro Full Spectrum Grow Light

Hipargero LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Toplanet Full Spectrum LED Light


Hydrofarm Compact Fluorescent Lamp

ThinkCrucial Fluorescent Light

Sunblaster Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Southbaycamera Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Giant Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Envirogro Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Omega Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Omega Blue Compact Fluorescent Lamp


Ushio Double Ended HPS Bulb

ThinkCrucial HPS Grow Bulb

Sunmaster Duel HPS Bulb

Hortilux HPS Grow Light Bulb

LUMii Sunblaster HPS Lamp

Powerplant HPS Grow Lamp

Omega 600w Duel Spectrum HPS Lamp

Sunmaster 600w HPS Duel Lamp

Metal Halide

ViaVolt HID Grow Light Bulb

PlantMax HID Grow Light Bulb

Hydrofarm HID Grow Light Bulb

Eye Hortilux HID Grow Light Bulbs

Ipower Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Omega Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Powerplant Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Sunmaster Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Ballast & Light Control


Prism Lighting Science Ballast

Hydrocrunch Grow Light Ballast 

Quantum Grow Light Ballast

LUMii Grow Light Ballast

Swiftair Hydroponic Ballast

Maxibright Pro Grow Light Ballast 

Lumatel Grow Light Ballast

Titan Controls 4 Light Controller

Hongruilite 4 light Controller

SPL 4 Plug Light Controller 

Hydrocrunch 8 outlet Light controller

Lighting Kits, Ballast Kits & T5 Lights

Ipower 400 Watt System Kit

Apollo Horticulture  System Kit

Hydroplanet Grow Light System Kit

Hydrofarm Agrobrite T5 Grow Light

Omega Ballast Light Kit

Gardeners Corner Ballast Kit

Swiftair Ballast Light Kit

LUMii 600w Ballast Light Kit

RootFarm All Purpose LED Grow Light

Yield Lab T5 Grow Light System

Vivosun T5 Grow Light System

HydroFarm 8 Tube T5 Grow Light

Horticulture Lighting Group Grow Light

OppoLite 4 Tube T5 Grow Light 

Durolux 4 Tube T5 Grow Light

Ipower T5 Grow Light System

VivaGrow 4 Tube T5 Grow Light

Active Grow 4 Tube T5 Grow Light

Hydroplanet 8 Tube T5 Grow Light

Hydrocrunch 1 Lamp T5 Grow Light

Envirogro T5 Grow Light

Maxibright T5 Grow Light

Durolux T5 Grow Light

Senua 8 Tube T5 Grow Light

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