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Grow Organiks Coconut Coir Pith is one of the most talked-about coirs around today, and with its long list of benefits, premium features and excellent price, its easy to see why.

Coconut Coir Pith is one of the most versatile potting substrates around today, able to be used in a variety of different circumstances and has a natural resistance to disease.

When purchased, this product is shipped as a dehydrated brick for ease of transport and storage and, therefore, will need to be rehydrated to be able to be used in your garden.

Fortunately, this product is multiple-use so that once you have used it to grow plants in one pot, it can be strained and cleaned and is able to be used again.

Prior to being shipped, the Coir Pith is meticulously cleaned and washed, and every batch has an extensive quality check enforced prior to distribution to ensure low EC and a neutral pH range.

Scientifically developed to ensure that there are no nutrients within the media, it is necessary, therefore, for users seeking to boost nutrition to their plants to combine Coir Pith with other nutrient-rich products such as Canna Coco nutrient.

Canna Coco nutrient has high levels of calcium and a correspondingly low level of potassium; this means that Coir Pith is ideally placed to provide optimal nutrition once mixed with a nutrient-rich product such as this.

Easy to use and reuse and exceptionally well priced, Grow Organiks Coconut Coir Pith is excellent value for money and a premium product that growers should really enjoy.

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