Grow Bags

for Cannabis

There are few growers that have not yet heard about grow bags and how they can assist in creating the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Grow bags are extremely popular with growers and it’s easy to see why.

Grow bags allow you to plant directly into the bag, doing away with the need for pots and what with being able to be purchased for less than the price of bags of multipurpose compost, the saving you can get from this affordable, efficient and versatile product is twofold.

Grow bags come in various sizes, models, and price ranges, so it is easy to become bamboozled when trying to find the right grow bag for you.

Whilst some would say all grow bags are the same and one is as good as any other, we believe that finding the right grow bag for you will make all the difference to your growing experience but most importantly to your wallet.

Grow Bags
Chapter 1

How do Grow Bags Work?

Grow bags work by providing a more aerated environment for plants to grow in. Unlike traditional garden pots, grow bags have breathable material on the sides, which allows air to pass through and keeps the soil aerated. This helps to promote healthy root growth and prevents plants from becoming root-bound.

Additionally, grow bags allow for excess water to drain out of the bottom, preventing water-logged soil, which can lead to root rot and other plant diseases. This is particularly beneficial for cannabis plants as they require well-draining soil to grow properly.

How do Grow Bags Work?

Why Are Grow Bags Beneficial for Cannabis Growers?

There are several benefits to using grow bags for cannabis cultivation, some of which are listed below:

1. Better drainage: As mentioned earlier, grow bags allow for proper drainage of excess water, which is critical for growing cannabis. Cannabis plants require a consistent, but not excessive, supply of water in order to grow. Grow bags help to prevent over-watering and ensure that plants receive just the right amount of moisture.

2. Prevents root-bind: Cannabis plants tend to grow quickly and require plenty of room for their roots to spread out. Traditional garden pots can restrict root growth and cause the plant to become root-bound. Conversely, grow bags provide ample space for roots to grow and expand, ensuring that plants reach their full potential.

3. Aeration: Good aeration is important for the overall health and development of cannabis plants. Excess moisture around roots can lead to diseases and pests. With grow bags, air can easily circulate the roots of cannabis plants preventing stagnant moisture and root rot. The breathable material of grow bags makes them ideal for providing this option.

4. More flexible: Grow bags are more flexible than traditional garden pots. They can be moved around more easily, which is important for plants that need to be repositioned for maximum light exposure. Also, they can be stacked onto the balcony, yard, or even outdoor gardens, making them a great option for smaller spaces.

5. Reusable for multiple seasons: Grow bags can be reused season after season, unlike traditional garden pots, which often become too brittle or cracked after several seasons. Once a plant’s growing cycle has ended, the grow bag can be emptied, washed and stored until the next growing season.

What Kind of Grow Bags Are Best for Cannabis Plants?

While there are many different types of grow bags available, not all are ideal for growing cannabis. When selecting grow bags for cannabis cultivation, it’s important to consider the following features:

1. Size: Choose a size that matches your growing needs for cannabis plants. If you are growing indoor, small to mediume sizes might work best, whereas outdoor cultivation would need larger grow bags.

2. Material: The material of your grow bags will influence how well your cannabis plant grow. Purchase bags that are made from sturdy, breathable material such as thick felt fabric, which will foster healthy rooting in the long-term while providing consistent circulation of air.

3. Drainage and Aeration: Ensure that your grow bags promote good drainage and aeration that will benefit your plants during the growing seasons.


Grow bags are essentially a more sophisticated version of traditional garden pots. They’re made out of durable, puncture-resistant material, and are designed to hold soil in place while allowing for proper drainage and aeration. Grow bags can be filled with any type of soil or growing medium, and are ideal for growing a variety of plants, including cannabis.

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