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Why struggle with poorly designed trim trays that complicate your work? At Greensadi, they’ve invested in research to bring you a Trimming Tray set that streamlines your process for ultimate efficiency. Greensadi trimming tray with its 150-micron fine mesh, and stainless steel pollen screen collects even the finest trichomes, ensuring nothing goes to waste. The two-tier, high-walled keif collector tray stores your dry sift securely, safeguarding your precious herbs and ensuring zero waste.

Unlike average trim trays that tend to be flimsy and cheaply made, this herb sifter boasts a body that’s 30% thicker than competitors. This makes it stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting. Extra rivets on the screen provide a smoother, tighter mesh for easier collection. Plus, the lightweight, low-profile design sits comfortably on your lap, with an anti-slip rubber bottom that stays put on any surface. Trimming has never felt this comfortable or secure.

With Greensadi, you get an all-in-one, portable trim tray set that includes everything you need for fast, effective, and efficient trimming. The set comes with straight blade trimming shears, curved blade trim scissors, a magnifying glass card, and a small brush. This makes it perfect for collecting dry sift and crystals to make essential oils. Keep all your tools together and organized in one streamlined sifter box kit, so you can get your trimming done anywhere, anytime.

Transform any space into a trim station with our versatile tray. Measuring 17.3 x 12 x 3 inches, it’s designed to sit on your lap or a table, making it perfect for both residential and commercial settings. High walls allow your arms to rest comfortably, improving your performance during processing and manicuring stages of harvest. Whether you’re working in a small home garden or a large-scale operation, the Greensadi Trimming Tray adapts to your needs.

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