Green Crack Strain

Strain Description

Despite its name, Green Crack strain has nothing at all in common with the manufactured street drug known as ‘crack’. Green Crack is a pure and beautiful marijuana strain.

It is believed that rapper Snoop Dogg coined the term ‘green crack’ for this cannabis breed, but it is important to note that some sellers prefer to call it ‘Green Kush’.

Green Crack strain is a Sativa dominant strain, and its effects reflect this aspect of its nature. For instance, a sensation of invigoration and inspiration are amongst this strains most prominent effects. Creative types working on a project would enjoy the effects of Green Crack strain due to its ability to stimulate a ‘mind high’.

Medicinally, Green Crack strain is very useful. It is not a cure for critical conditions, but it offers significant relief to those suffering from fatigue, depressive moods, and anxiety.

Growers of all levels of experience will enjoy growing Green Crack strain because it forgives enough for beginners while more advanced growers may find that it is very receptive to their attentiveness and refined botanical skills.

While it can be grown indoors or outdoors, it is important to ensure that Green Crack cannabis plants are not subjected to too much humidity, this can cause pesky mildews to occur. Outdoor growth is only recommended in warm, sunny Mediterranean climates.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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