Gantessa Stone Pumice

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Gantessa Stone pumice has recently been garnering some incredible reviews.

Coming in an 8 quarts-sized bag, this half-inch, pre-screened, soil amendment provides exceptional moisture retention which allows your plants to stay sufficiently hydrated to better induce strong growth.

Safe to use with all types of gardening beds, plants, and growing media, the Gantessa Stone Pumice Soil Amendment is ideal for ultra organic growing and gardening.

Lightweight but still permeable, this product will not wash away or compact with time, meaning that it continues to provide an excellent growing environment for an extended period of time.

Perfectly capable of being used by itself or even in your own personal porting mix, this Pumice Stone is surprisingly versatile and can promote beneficial effects in almost any environment.

Exceptionally affordable, we highly advise purchasing this great product whilst stocks last.

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