FoxFarm Water Soluble Plant Foods

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FoxFarm Water Soluble Plant Foods is without doubt one of the best plant food packages available today.

Boasting three specifically designed and scientifically developed plant fertilizers; beastie blooms, cha-ching, and open sesame, this package will help you achieve optimal crop harvests.

From first bud development all the way through the plants’ lifecycle, these three individual fertilizers will work to develop and help promote specific growth needs (dependant on the plant’s growing stage at any given time).

So, for instance, users should begin using open sesame to promote early flowering, then move over to beastie blooms when the plant is mid-flowering and then change to cha-ching to produce essential oils and help develop heavy resins.

This clever sequential feeding scheme takes the worry and complexity out of growing and allows growers of all varieties and experiences to achieve optimal growing conditions with a minimum of fuss.

Easy to use and exceptionally well priced, this fertilizer delivery schedule has been created by experienced growers and will enable all users to achieve optimal plant growth.

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