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As a cannabis cultivation enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new tools that will make my cultivation experience more efficient and enjoyable. Recently, I came across these FELCO Harvesting Shears, and I have to say, I’m impressed. These shears are designed with the professional grower in mind, but they are just as suitable for the beginner. In this review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about FELCO Harvesting Shears, and why they should be at the top of your bud trimming scissor wish list.

Let’s start with the basics: FELCO Harvesting Shears have carbon steel blades with a chromium coating to prevent corrosion and make blade crossing smoother. The blades are straight with rounded ends for precise cuts without damaging the buds, and they also have a sap groove. This crucial feature helps prevent the blades from sticking and ensures a clean cut every time.

The handles of the shears are made from pressed blackened steel, which provides optimum durability. FELCO shears have polyurethane shock absorbers to reduce muscle tension when using the shears for extended periods. This is a key feature for me, as I often find that some pruning shears can cause considerable strain on my fingers and wrists, especially when I’m working for extended periods during harvest. Reducing muscle tension means that you can work for longer without experiencing discomfort.

Another standout feature of FELCO Harvesting Shears is the stainless steel pin spring. The spring ensures a smooth movement of the blades, which, in turn, reduces muscle tension further. This is particularly important when you consider that harvesting can often involve repetitive movements. The polyurethane shock absorbers and stainless steel pin spring work together, making these shears comfortable and easy to use.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the FELCO Shears is the fact that they are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. Left-handed growers often struggle to find tools that cater to their needs. So, you’ll be excited to discover that the FELCO shears are ambidextrous. It’s a small but significant feature that undoubtedly improves the usability of the shears.

It’s worth noting that the FELCO Harvesting Shears come equipped with a polymer clasp that is easy to use, even with gloves. Small details like this can make all the difference in the world when you’re out working in the garden. The clasp is a simple yet effective addition that makes it easy to store your shears safely when you’re not using them.

So, why should you consider buying FELCO Harvesting Shears?

There are plenty of reasons. First and foremost, these shears are incredibly well-made. The carbon steel blades and pressed blackened steel handles ensure that they are built to last. Secondly, the shock absorbers and stainless steel pin spring make them incredibly comfortable to use, which is particularly important if you’re planning on using them for extended periods. The rounded blades with a sap groove also ensure that you can make precise cuts without damaging your plants. And finally, the fact that they are suitable for left and right-handed users demonstrates that FELCO has put a lot of thought into the design of these shears.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a new pair of pruning shears, I would highly recommend giving FELCO Harvesting Shears a try. They are a well-regarded brand with a reputation for producing high-quality tools, and these shears are no exception. With their comfortable design, precision blades, and durable construction, they are well worth the investment. Whether you’re a professional grower or an avid gardener, these well priced shears will undoubtedly serve you well.

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