DWC Systems

for Cannabis

As many growers know, a DWC System (or Deep Water Culture System as it is otherwise known) is a hydroponic system of plant production that relies on the suspension of plant roots in a solution of oxygenated, nutrient-rich water.

Depending on your budget, space, and individual requirements these systems can vary widely in size, intricacy, and effectiveness, and whilst many home growers who are growing for personal use will not require a massively complex system, for anyone looking to produce crops on a mass scale there are systems out there for you if you are willing to pay more,

DWC Systems will require access to a water source and multiple refillings as and when required and will also need to be situated within range of an electrical supply, so it is important to remember that the set up of such systems do require additional financial output in the short term with an increase in your utility bills,

However, if a DWC System is used correctly and efficiently then users will undoubtedly be able to see a significant increase in not just yield size but also the quality of the yield as well.

DWC Systems
Chapter 1

Understanding DWC System

As the name suggests, the DWC system involves plants grown in a net pot placed on top of an aerated nutrient solution, allowing for the plant roots to grow in the water. The net pot used for DWC is suspended in the hydroponic reservoir, where the plant roots are exposed to the nutrient solution. The oxygen bubblers inside the hydroponic reservoir feed oxygen to the plant roots, which is essential for the plant’s growth.

Understanding DWC System

The DWC system has several components – hydroponic reservoir that holds the nutrient solution, air stones that provide oxygen, air pumps that power and control the air stones, growing pots and grow lights, which help the plant grow. The nutrient solution needs to be changed regularly, and the pH level should be maintained to ensure optimum plant growth. Typically, DWC systems can support 4-8 plants and have a custom size to fit a grower’s needs.

Advantages of DWC System

1. Improved Growth Rate – DWC allows growers to control the nutrient uptake of their cannabis plants better. The oxygenated nutrient solution provides plants with the necessary nutrients and oxygen, which results in faster growth rates. The growth rate can be improved up to 25% with the DWC system, resulting in a quicker harvest time.

2. Greater Yield – DWC systems provide plants with optimum nutrient and oxygen uptake, resulting in faster growth and an increased overall yield. Research shows that DWC systems, when managed correctly, can yield 20 – 25% more than traditional soil-based methods.

3. Water Conservation – The DWC system is perfect for growers who aim to conserve water. DWC uses much less water than traditional soil-based methods, as water is recirculated in the hydroponic reservoir.

4. Better Control – DWC systems offer users excellent control over the nutrient uptake and pH level, making it simple to adjust different growing variables, such as humidity, light, and nutrients, that affect plant growth. Controlling the nutrient uptake and the pH level is essential, as it directly affects the growth rate and yield of the cannabis plants.

5. Healthy Cannabis Plants – DWC systems help cannabis plants grow healthier and with fewer pesticides. In traditional soil-based methods, cannabis plants are susceptible to pests and diseases that commonly occur in soil and outdoor environments. In DWC, the water acts as a natural barrier that protects the plants from soil-borne pests and diseases, resulting in healthier plants and better yields.


A DWC system is a great hydroponic method for growing cannabis, providing faster growth, greater yield and water conservation. DWC is a fantastic method for those who want to grow cannabis indoors and with little maintenance. However, grower education is crucial to ensure optimal nutrient uptake and pH levels.

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