Durban Poison Strain

Strain Description

A descendent of South African Sativa, and hailing from the South African port-town of Durban, Durban Poison strain is a sought-after Sativa strain that has gained adoration from potheads all over the world.

Durban Poison is a very potent strain of marijuana, and it probably best avoided by first-time users; however, experienced cannabis connoisseurs will delight in the cerebral high it delivers. Creative types, in particular, praise Durban Poison which is said to inspire and invigorate those who smoke, vape, or eat Durban Poison.

Medicinal users of Durban Poison strain may expect significant relief from mood disorders, such as anxiety, low mood, and depression.

The ability of Durban Poison to relieve feelings of nausea also means this strain is favored by those recovering from treatments such as chemotherapy.

Those interested in growing Durban Poison strain should expect a relatively easy experience. Durban Poison is robust and stands up well to molds and pests, and it tends to root itself deeply into the soil.

Indoor growers should see the best results with a hydroponic set-up. Indoor yields are usually around 13 ounces per square meter while outdoor yields are around 16 ounces per plant.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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