Crystal Strain

Strain Description

An award-winning cannabis strain, Crystal strain is the result of crossing White Widow and Northern Lights to form a 70-30 Indica-Sativa mix.

Crystal strain generally possesses high levels of THC. However, there is a significant variance in the upper and lower ranges of THC concentrations between plants that received optimal conditions and those that did not.

As a rule, though, Crystal strain is very potent and produces a cerebral high in consumers. It is a great relaxant, but recreational users should be patient as the full effects of the strain do not kick in immediately.

Medicinal users will rejoice at the pain-relieving properties of Crystal strain which also is a great appetite stimulant. Users have reported that it is great for alleviating back pain and muscle spasms while those users who are suffering from chronic illnesses, where the appetite for food is reduced, state that Crystal strain enables them to eat substantially.

Crystal has a flowering period of around nine weeks, and its plants can grow to around two meters in height. The bushy buds of these plants are covered with small red ‘hairs’, giving them a distinctive aesthetic. Outdoor growers can expect significantly higher yields than indoor growers, subject to conditions.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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