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Cannabis Seed Banks

Last Updated: March 23, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

Cannabis connoisseurs looking to find the best cannabis seed banks on the web need look no further than The Highest Crop.

The Highest Crop features some of the most trusted, well-known, and respected cannabis seed banks to help all weed lovers – from marijuana newbies to the savviest stoners – get the lowdown on where to buy the most potent seeds on the worldwide web.

Our Reviews


In the business of selling cannabis seeds since 2003, Seedsman is a reliable and trustworthy source of feminised, regular and auto-flower seeds. Their reputation for customer satisfaction is apparent as soon as one arrives at their website as the company boast over 12,000 Trust Pilot reviews.

Seedsman prices its products and services attractively. For instance, first-time buyers can expect to receive 20% off while returning customers can benefit from the company’s loyalty rewards scheme.

Shipping is convenient and affordable with options to receive products in the US and Europe. Seedsman takes care to ensure packages are tracked and delivered discretely and Worldwide shipping usually takes place from 5-25 days.

A particularly exciting aspect of dealing with Seedsman is their ability to search their large collection according to seed breeders. While this facility may be of little use to first-time buyers, cannabis connoisseurs can benefit from viewing Seedsman’s products in this way.

Overall, Seedsman is a reputable seed bank offering excellent products, including weed strains and growing accessories. The company’s track record of delivering a satisfying customer experience means they are worthy of their inclusion in any list of the best seed banks.


  • Highly Rated
  • Seed Deals
  • Rewards Programme
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Worldwide Shipping


  • Occasional Disruptions To Processing


Robert Bergman’s ILoveGrowingMarijuana was established in 2012, initially as a blog. Although the company is relatively new to the market, their founder claims to have decades of experience in growing cannabis. Indeed, the company has put this experience to use in delighting the circa 9000 customers who have reviewed the company’s services and products on Trust Pilot.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana ships to the United States, the United Kingdom, but no longer to Australia or New Zealand. Buyers from elsewhere will need to shop elsewhere as ilgm currently does not ship products elsewhere in the world.

Surprisingly, ILGM offers FREE shipping! The company is one of only a few to offer free shipping to the US and the UK. The free shipping offer makes I Love Growing Marijuana’s prices amongst the most competitive on the web.

Free shipping, combined with ilgm exquisite cannabis seeds range and a rich online library of information, makes ILoveGrowingMarijuana a favorite of marijuana growers. For first time buyers, in particular, ILoveGrowingMarijuana offers exceptional value for money with the $5 discount coupon which pops up when one visits their website.


  • 4.7 Star Rating On Trust Pilot
  • Established Since 2012
  • Discreet Shipping


  • No Longer Ships To Australia

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the most renowned cannabis seed banks in the industry and is located in Los Angeles, California.

We’ve known about Crop King Seeds for quite some time now through personal experience and from word-of-mouth. Ever since it began, Crop King Seeds has made waves in the cannabis seed industry for their attention to customer service, excellent seed catalog, and affordable prices.

It’s hard to find any kind of fault with Crop King Seeds, as they promptly deliver fresh cannabis seeds without failure. After payment clears, you will be instantly notified that your package is en route.

Aside from customer service and fast delivery, Crop King Seeds breeds its own genetics. The Crop King Seed lineup is filled with potent strains, such as White Cookies and Dark Angel.

If you’re after unique genetics that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for, then Crop King Seeds is a perfect choice.

Overall, Crop King Seeds delivers world-class cannabis genetics that is ready to germinate. Thanks to the impressive breeding technique, each seed is filled with a vigor that will push your grow room to the limit.


  • Ships To USA & Canada
  • Deliver 2 - 7 Business Days
  • Clear, Easy Navigation
  • Well-Established Respected Seed Bank
  • Highly Rated By Growers


  • None

Sensi Seeds

Promising ‘premium quality seeds’, Sensi Seeds has a long and rich history having begun as far back as 1985. Sensi Seeds claims to have pioneered the cannabis seed industry over decades ago but does their time in business equate to a better experience for cannabis seed buyers?

Experience tells me, “yes”. Buying cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds is a simple, straightforward process via the company’s reliable, intuitive website which is awash with options to impress discerning buyers of weed strains.

For instance, the homepage’s ‘Popular’ section features a range of superb auto-flower seeds at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, there is a section devoted to seeds aimed at the novice end of the market. Sensi Seeds caters for all tastes and levels of experience.

Sensi Seeds is committed to providing customers with excellent support throughout the buying process and the after-care stage. It’s easy to contact Sensi Seeds via telephone, email or social media but their comprehensive FAQs almost always eliminates the need to get in touch with them.

What is lacking at Sensi Seeds, however, is the special deals offered by their competitors. Sensi Seeds do not currently offer free seeds or special shipping packages where the buyer receives free shipping when spending a certain amount. The absence of special offers means that price-sensitive buyers may be better off looking elsewhere.

Despite the lack of special offers, Sensi Seeds provides an excellent service and a quality product range. Also, the company’s ethos of normalizing cannabis culture is one that resonates with cannabis lovers.


  • Well-Established Seed Bank
  • Ability To Visit In-Store


  • Does Not Currently Ship To The USA

Tiger One Distribution

Tiger One Distribution is a leading cannabis seed bank in Europe.

Tiger One Distribution isn’t a widely popular source for cannabis strains, but this well-kept secret is filled with exclusive cannabis breeders at affordable prices.

You must first become a member with Tiger One Distribution to see the prices and availability of each cannabis seed. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to thousands of cannabis seeds.

We spent hours sifting through Tiger One Distribution’s seed categories, from cup winners to autoflowering masterpieces.

Furthermore, Tiger One Distribution offers bulk seeds for resellers or large-scale growers. Bulk seeds are unbranded and generic seeds that Tiger One Distribution offers at a 20% discount.

However, you must understand that Tiger One Distribution is specifically a wholesale retailer. Tiger One Distribution ships worldwide, and their stealth shipping is second-to-none.

Lastly, the customer service found at Tiger One Distribution is exceptional. Affordable prices, rapid delivery, and an attentive group of customer service specialists are what you will find with Tiger One Distribution.

If you’re searching for a bulk cannabis seed supplier, Tiger One Distribution is an excellent choice.

*Due To On-going Disruptions In The Spanish Cannabis Seed Market Tiger-One and other Spanish located and supplied seed banks are also experiencing processing issues or offline.


  • Great Prices
  • Good List Of Breeders
  • Ships To EU Countries


  • Tiger One Is More A Wholesale Supplier
  • Experiencing Processing Issues

Royal Queen Seeds

Visitors to Royal Queen Seeds’ website can expect to be greeted by a bright, user-friendly home page boasting a plethora of cannabis seed types as well as other accessories, including organic CBD oil and other paraphernalia.

Based in Europe, ships across the continent and offers buyers various currency options, including Polish zloty and British Pounds. Buyers from outside of the continent need not feel excluded as Royal Queen Seeds delivers product worldwide.

A pleasing feature of Royal Queen Seeds’ service is their ‘free seeds’ promotion where buyers get a certain number of randomly selected seeds free of charge. The number of free seeds received is proportional to the amount spent by the buyer – the more you spend, the more freebies you receive. It’s great to see buyers rewarded in this way.

Prices at Royal Queen Seeds are incredibly competitive with some ranges of auto-flowering seeds starting at just $15 for three seeds. The company also offers handy starter kits which are ideal for those new to growing cannabis. Also, Royal Queen Seeds is a treasure trove of information regarding subjects such as the medicinal properties of cannabis and building a grow tent setup.

Royal Queen Seeds’ inclusion amongst the top online seed banks is justified. They deliver an exceptional customer experience, and their product range is top-notch.


  • Free Seed Promotions
  • Respected, Well Established Seed Bank
  • High Ratings


  • USA Shipping Not Available

Cannabis Seeds Store

Cannabis Seeds Store Aka The Vault is a cannabis seed bank based in both the UK and Spain.

The first thing that you’ll read from The Vault is their utmost dedication to security, compliance, and discretion with every order. In our eyes, consumer safety is key when operating a cannabis seed bank due to varying regulations regarding cannabis seeds.

So far, The Vault does exactly what it claims, which is that it gets your valuable seeds to your door. Furthermore, we were surprised by the massive amount of cannabis breeders locked away in The Vault’s catalog. The Vault seed bank carries every cannabis breeder from A to Z, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices.

The Vault carries feminized, regular, autoflowering, and high CBD strains. From our experience, it’s surprising if we can’t find a particular strain at The Vault.

Furthermore, The Vault accepts a wide variety of payments, from major credit cards to Bitcoin. Whatever method you choose, you’ll quickly receive your seed shipment in a discrete package.

The Vault also claims to be “fanatical” about their customer service. We found this to be an understatement, and any issue is quickly resolved by The Vault’s diligent customer service team.

Overall, The Vault is another shining example of what a cannabis seed bank should look like.


  • Highly Rated By Users
  • Discreet Shipping


  • None

Cannabis Seeds Bank

British based Cannabis Seeds Bank (also known as Attitude Seed Bank) offers a very vibrant website which is distinctly different in appearance to competing websites mentioned in this list.

Cannabis Seeds Bank not only differentiates itself visually, but it also makes the bold claim that is the largest cannabis seed store in the world. Indeed, the product range on offer is extensive with everything from CBD seeds to highly potent Afghan strains available.

The quality of products is exceptional too. Buyers can expect to receive high-quality seeds delivered on time and discretely. Cannabis Seed Banks ships worldwide to dozens of countries, including Eurozone nations and the USA.

Prices are as reasonable as you will find on the internet and purchases over £45 deals are sweetened with freebies from the Attitude Smoking Lounge. If you’re inclined to wear t-shirts promoting cannabis culture, this deal is quite attractive.

Attitude Seed Bank provides a good standard of customer service, and their representatives are contactable by telephone, email and social media six days of the week during office hours.


  • Wide Selection Of Seeds Available
  • 4 Star Trust Pilot Rating


  • Currently Experiencing Delays In Delivery Times

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Discount Cannabis Seeds is a seed bank located in the UK.

As the name implies, Discount Cannabis Seeds specializes in cheap cannabis seeds. We decided to dive into Discount Cannabis Seeds to see just how cheap their cannabis offerings really are.

The first thing that caught our eye was the sheer amount of cannabis seeds on offer. Discount Cannabis Seeds claims to have over 3,000 unique cannabis seeds in their catalog. We found it easy to search for specific seeds, such as regular, feminized, medicinal, and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Next, we couldn’t help but notice the vast amount of promotional deals. There are countless ways to score free seeds with each purchase, along with steep discounts for select breeders.

As for the price, Discount Cannabis Seeds lives up to its name. We found many high-end cannabis strains at a fraction of the price of other well-regarded seed banks. Overall, Discount Cannabis Seeds does not disappoint with their pricing.

Overall, Discount Cannabis Seeds has fast shipping, ultra-low prices, great customer service, and a wide selection of cannabis genetics. If you’re looking for an affordable seed bank, then look no further than Discount Cannabis Seeds.


  • CBD, Autos, Feminized & Regular Seeds
  • Free Seed Promotions
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • Ships To USA


  • None

Gorilla Cannabis Seeds

The Gorilla Seed Bank Aka Gorilla Cannabis Seeds is a world-renowned company that’s based in the UK and the United States.

When we heard about the rave reviews of Gorilla Seed bank — we had to give them a try. From the moment we stepped into their website, we knew we were onto something special. Everything on the Gorilla Seed Bank’s website is organized, clean, and easy to understand.

Gorilla Seed Bank offers regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis strains. Furthermore, they break down each section further, such as heavy yielders, CBD strains, high THC, and even purple strains.

As we shopped around, we noticed massive discounts that made it impossible to decide which strains to purchase. We came to realize that “flash sales” are a normal occurrence at Gorilla Seed Bank, which is a major plus in our eyes.

Additionally, Gorilla Seed Bank carries a wide array of tried-and-true cannabis breeders. Overall, you will likely find what you’re looking for at Gorilla Seed Bank.

Lastly, payment options are streamlined, and the customer service excels in making your purchase an enjoyable experience. The shipping is incredibly fast, and the stealth option gave us a strong degree of confidence for future purchases.

If you are looking for a cannabis seed bank that values their customers, then look no further than Gorilla Seed Bank.


  • Rated Highly
  • Easy Navigation
  • Plenty Of Info
  • Discreet
  • Regular Sales


  • None

Grizzly Cannabis Seeds

Grizzly Cannabis Seeds is a UK-based cannabis company that specializes in feminized and autoflowering strains.

From the moment we began to browse the Grizzly Seed Bank, we knew we would find excellent deals. According to reviews, the Grizzly Seed Bank offers unbeatable prices, which is why we had to see for ourselves.

Although we didn’t find the “unbeatable prices,” we did notice that the Grizzly Seed Bank offers genuine cannabis seeds at an affordable price.

The Grizzly Cannabis Seeds offers high-end cannabis seeds from the likes of Crockett Family Farms and Exotic Seeds. Overall, the selection is well worth a look, and it’s best to use the category selection to find the best cannabis seeds for your needs.

Next, we found that the Grizzly Seed Bank is fast and reliable. As an added bonus, each order comes with free seeds. The best part about Grizzly Seed Bank’s free cannabis seed promotion is that the seeds are high-quality.

Grizzly Seed Bank ships worldwide and prides itself on fast delivery and exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for new cannabis seeds, then look no further than the Grizzly Cannabis Seeds.


  • Free UK Delivery Over £100
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Delivers Worldwide


  • None

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

A team of Dutch growers are behind Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds which offers all manner of marijuana products, from seeds to hemp cheese.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ website is pleasing in its simplicity, and its clean appearance, which is free from clutter makes shopping a breeze.

The company accepts a range of payment options, including BitCoin. It was good to see a cannabis seed bank making it clear to customers which payment options offer anonymity and which ones do not. Indeed, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ customer care is evident in all stages of the buying process.

Prices at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are reasonable with premium weed strains starting at around $60 for five seeds. However, the company does not currently sweeten deals with free seeds thrown, but they do stage regular promotional events such as the 25% discount that was offered at the time of writing, and they guarantee free worldwide shipping.

Competitively priced with free shipping and discounts, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offers exceptional service and value for money.


  • Ships To USA
  • Delivery Times Up To 21 Days
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Free Seed Promotions


  • 4 Star Rating On Trust Pilot

Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds is a seed bank located in Colorado, USA.

If you’re looking for a seed bank that produces their own high-end cannabis seeds — Greenpoint is it.

The breeders at Greenpoint Seeds have traveled the world in search of the best cannabis genetics, and their proprietary seeds put their hard work on full display.

Greenpoint Seeds offers regular or feminized cannabis strains. The selection is broad and contains something for each and every palate. As you browse Greenpoint Seeds, you’ll come across bone-crushing indicas, mind-blowing sativas, and all-around hybrids.

The prices at Greenpoint are on point. The prices at Greenpoint Seeds rival those of large seed banks that do not produce their own genetics. Furthermore, each pack of seeds comes with 10 fresh cannabis seeds.

If you are located in the USA, prepare for rapid delivery time. Furthermore, the shipping rate when purchasing cannabis seeds under $100 is $3. Don’t worry if you’re not in the USA because Greenpoint offers worldwide shipping.

Although Greenpoint Seeds does not offer freebie seeds with each order, they do offer significant discounts throughout the year. Currently, the Summer Solstice deal offers 20% off your next purchase.

Overall, Greenpoint Seeds is a professional seed bank that comes with the added benefit of offering unique cannabis genetics at a reasonable price.


  • 2 -10 Days Delivery
  • Rated 4.7 Stars
  • Discreet Shipping


  • None

Marijuana Seeds NL

Although the name would make you think otherwise, Marijuana Seeds NL hails from the United Kingdom.

If you’ve been searching for a cannabis seed bank that offers genuine cannabis seeds at a fantastic price, then you just found it. MSNL is a leading cannabis seed bank that’s trusted by thousands of cannabis growers worldwide.

Let’s dive into everything that makes MSNL a trusted cannabis seed bank that’s worth your time.

First, MSNL wants your experience to be as-good-as-it-gets. You can expect rapid delivery time, but what really takes the cake is the fact that MSNL will not sell cannabis seeds that are more than 2-months old. The reason behind this uncommon practice is to ensure your seeds are as fresh as possible.

Fresh cannabis seeds mean rapid germination, which is what all cannabis growers hope for.

Next, MSNL offers a wide range of categories that span between feminized seeds, regular seeds, CBD seeds, autoflowering seeds, and more. If you can’t find it on MSNL, then you are likely looking for a limited cannabis variety that can only be found from a direct breeder.

Lastly, MSNL offers massive discounts on stellar weed strains. MSNL works with top-rated cannabis breeders and secures steep discounts. Instead of pocketing the savings, MSNL passes the discount to their clients.

Overall, Marijuana Seeds NL is well worth your time and money if you are in the market for genuine cannabis seeds.


  • Discreet Packaging
  • Free Seed Deals


  • Rated 4 Stars

Original Sensible Seeds

Original Sensible Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that’s born and bred in the United Kingdom.

The overall website is straightforward and well-designed. Once you begin browsing, you will find what you are looking for by searching via the category tab. Original Sensible Seeds carries feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, bulk seeds, and exclusive cannabis genetics from the USA.

We noticed that Original Sensible Seeds is very quick to add new strains. By keeping up with the market, cannabis enthusiasts will always have access to just-released genetics.

Furthermore, Original Sensible Seeds offers a plethora of perks when ordering from their site. You can choose to buy a single seed or 50 seeds. Each 25 euro purchase qualifies for a free seed, and a 250 euro order will net you a whopping 20 free cannabis seeds.

Lastly, Original Sensible Seeds purchase their seed stock from verified sellers, such as original breeders or official resellers. Overall, Original Sensible Seeds provides its customers with many different cannabis breeders and exotic weed strains at their fingertips.

From customer service, rapid worldwide delivery, and stealthy packaging, we can absolutely recommend Original Sensible Seeds.


  • Free Seed Promotions
  • Free Shipping Over $140
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Delivery Takes Between 4 - 14 Days


  • Dated Design

Growers Choice Seeds

One has to love the boldness of Growers Choice Seeds which boasts ‘medical-grade marijuana’, and the ‘finest lab tested and fully feminised seeds around’.

These are bold claims which are backed up by their track record of satisfying cannabis seed customers. With over 20 years of experience, Growers Choice Seeds sell an extensive range of cannabis seeds, and the company is adept at delivering product punctually and discretely.

Unlike some other vendors, Growers Choice Seeds will ship cannabis seeds anywhere in the world. However, they charge for doing so, and in some cases, the price to ship can be as high as $30.

Navigating Growers Choice Seeds’ website is a pleasant experience with everything laid out in a visually appealing way. The website provides rich sources of information via its blog and FAQ section, and the company makes itself easily contactable via email and phone.

Growers Choice Seeds offers ample choice of cannabis seeds and other related products and this, combined with their slick website, makes them a sensible choice for buyers of cannabis seeds but beware of high shipping costs.


  • Autoflowering, CBD, & Feminized Seeds
  • Easy To Navigate


  • 3 Star Rating On Trust Pilot

Weed Seeds Express

With its attractive, clean-looking website, Weed Seeds Express looks more like a run-of-the-mill online pharmacy than a cannabis seed bank but make no mistake; this seed bank can more than hold its own against its competitors.

Based in Haarlem in the Netherlands, Weed Seed Express has over 15 years’ experience of providing cannabis seeds and marijuana products to buyers all over the world. During this time, the company has built a reputation based on customer service and high-quality products.

Offering all manner of seed types, Weed Seeds Express caters for all tastes and experience levels. For new growers, Weed Seed Express offers special starter kits while more experience cannabis growers can find seeds for unique strains of cannabis plants.

Seeds are priced attractively with popular strains, such as Acapulco Gold, priced around £38. What’s more is that promotions are in abundance at Weed Seeds Express with many strains offering ‘Buy 10, Get 10 Free’ deals.

Shipping is free to the UK mainland, and same-day shipping is guaranteed. Weed Seed Express takes pride in ensuring discrete delivery to destinations around the world.

Customer service is fantastic at Weed Seeds Express, and their representatives are available seven days a week to answer queries.


  • Free Seed Promotions
  • Delivery Times Between 3 - 35 Days At The Latest
  • Ships To The USA


  • None

Freedom Seeds

Freedom Seeds is a UK-based cannabis seed bank that offers a wide variety of high-end cannabis breeders.

When we entered Freedom Seeds, we noticed a very clean and organized website. In our experience, an organized website bodes well for the overall experience.

By scrolling through each category, we found very specific cannabis seeds in no time. Whether we were looking for Canadian strains or Cheese strains, we could find everything with relative ease.

Next, we enjoyed the fact that we could easily make a purchase with Mastercard or Visa. Aside from being able to use major credit cards, free cannabis seeds are tacked onto every order. We couldn’t be happier because Freedom Seeds gives away high-end cannabis seeds as their freebies.

The prices at Freedom Seeds are standard. However, the customer service excels in ensuring that you’re satisfied, which adds to their overall value.

Freedom Seeds offers ultra-fast shipping that’ll make your head spin. Not only does Freedom Seeds offer fast shipping, but they are discrete as well.

If you need a trustworthy cannabis seed bank that values you as a customer, then Freedom Seeds is an excellent choice.


  • Rated High On Trust Pilot
  • In Business For 30 Years
  • Free Seed Deals


  • Ships Only To European Countries

City Seeds Bank

City Seeds Bank is a cannabis company based in the Netherlands.

At first glance, City Seeds Bank looks like a well-organized cannabis seed bank. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that we could not source any reviews, let alone any information about this seed bank in particular.

We felt that it was odd that the 420 special is still running well into June, which made us feel uneasy about making a purchase in the event that they are not updating their website.

When browsing City Seeds Bank’s catalog, we found a wide variety of feminized and autoflowering cannabis strains. However, none of the seeds had an attached breeder, which felt fairly suspicious.

Furthermore, the prices seem too-good-to-be-true, and everything is on sale. Unless City Seeds Bank found a great supplier, we felt as though they were trying to unload as much of their catalog as possible.

However, City Seeds Bank does have a rather large following on social media. Regardless of this fact, we can’t recommend City Seeds Bank until there is more information about their online seed bank. Although it appears that they have multiple in-person stores, the online shop does not instill confidence from a consumer’s point-of-view.


  • Decent Online Social Following (But Few Reviews)


  • Trust Pilot Ratings Are Average

Dutch Passion Seed Company

Dutch Passion is a long-running cannabis breeding company that’s from the Netherlands.

You will always find cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion if you look at the vast majority of cannabis seed banks. However, why not purchase their seeds directly from their site? We took a direct look at everything, from prices to shipping methods, to see how Dutch Passion stacks up to other seed banks.

Dutch Passion has been a significant force in the cannabis industry since 1987. Overall, we found that Dutch Passion seeds offer massive discounts on high-quality cannabis genetics at every corner. Overall, the price of cannabis seeds at Dutch Passion is lower than many competitors.

Furthermore, the options seem endless, from regular to feminized cannabis seeds, and you will find the perfect strain for your needs.
Dutch Passion isn’t just another seed bank, it is a community that allows members to join contests and a VIP program to win prizes and get rewards for cannabis seeds.

As for Dutch Passion’s shipping — it’s fast and free. To qualify for the ultra-fast 24-hour shipping method, you must be in the EU and spend up to 125 Euro.

If you’re looking for a trusted cannabis seed bank, then we recommend that you take a long look at Dutch Passion.


  • Highly Rated
  • 35 Years In Business
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Delivery 1 - 15 Business Days


  • None

Humboldt Seed Organization

Although you would imagine that the Humboldt Seed Organization would be from Northern California, it’s actually from Spain.

The Humboldt Seed Organization breeds its own cannabis genetics, which is well-known throughout the cannabis community. Strains such as Amherst Sour Diesel and Black D.O.G. are popular cannabis varieties that offer cannabis growers incredible traits at a reasonable price.

Humboldt Seed Organization offers its own in-house regular, feminized, CBD, and auto-flowering seeds. Once you begin browsing, you will have a wide variety of options that makes it difficult to only order one strain.

Next, we noticed that the Humboldt Seed Organization delivers incredibly fast. If you are located in the European Union, you can expect your seeds within a week after placing an order.

However, Humboldt Seed Organization does not ship to the USA or Australia.

Lastly, the stealth of HSO’s shipping method could be better. We believe that the packaging could be more stealthy, especially for those in less tolerant countries.

Overall, Humboldt Seed Organization’s cannabis seed selection is second-to-none; however, they need to enhance their shipping method.

*Currently unable to process orders


  • Delivery Within 15 Days


  • *Currently unable to process orders

London Seed Centre

London Seed Centre is a cannabis seed bank located in London, UK.

The London Seed Centre is a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking high-quality cannabis seeds at an affordable price. However, there are multiple aspects of the London Seed Centre that separate them from the rest.

London Seed Centre is a one-stop-cannabis seed-shop. Whatever you are looking for — you will find it at London Seed Centre. The categories are extensive, and one of the best features is the ability to find award-winning and just-released cannabis strains.

The prices at London Seed Centre are affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the genetics that they offer. Furthermore, the London Seed Centre offers free seeds with every purchase. The free seed scheme is simple — the more you spend, the more freebies you get.

The customer service is second-to-none, and the team at London Seed Center wants to make sure you’re satisfied. Additionally, we found the London Seed Centre to excel in shipping speed, which is a huge bonus for anyone hoping to get their seeds planted as soon as possible.

Overall, the London Seed Centre is an excellent source for cannabis seeds while ensuring that each and every customer is happy.


  • Free Seed Deals
  • Highly Rated By Users
  • Earn Chips


  • None

Seed Supreme

Working in partnership with growers in the Netherlands, Spain and Colorado, USA, Seed Supreme ships high-quality marijuana seeds internationally.

However, payment options at Seed Supreme are somewhat limited as their FAQ section states that bank and wire transfers are not currently taken, and debit and credit cards are not accepted either. If you want to buy from Seed Supreme, you need to pay with BitCoin or with cash.

Seed Supreme’s product range includes a range of cannabis seeds that is large enough to rival any other online seed bank. Also, the company offers a whopping 25% discount to customers paying in BitCoin, and they will even throw in free seeds with every order. However, Supreme Seeds doesn’t offer free shipping worldwide unless one spends over $125 on products, and this somewhat offset their discounts.


  • USA Genetics
  • Wholesale
  • Discreet Packaging


  • Only Ships To USA

Seed Bank

Although Seed Bank (Aka Seed King, seedbank.co) has a wide variety of categories, and quite a smooth running nicely designed site. Everything feels and looks a bit generic.

At no point does Seed Bank claim that they bred the seeds themselves or that they are working with reputable breeders or seed wholesalers. Instead, Seed Bank opts to not discuss the seeds’ origin.

When we grow cannabis seeds, we pride authenticity over everything. As a cannabis grower, you should always make sure that the seeds you grow are legitimate. This rule is especially important for medical marijuana patients who need specific strains for a particular ailment.

Seed Bank is known for long delivery times and spotty customer service.

With so many cannabis seed banks that excel in their field, we recommend that you choose a marijuana seed bank that has an exceptional reputation and focuses on the satisfaction of their clients. (Although, Seed Bank do seem to be improving in this regard since rebranding)


  • Easy To Navigate Website
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Multiple Payment Options


  • Average Trust Pilot Score

Neptune Seed Bank

If you’re searching for ultra-rare cannabis genetics, this American seed bank is your one-stop-shop.

As we searched through Neptune Seed Bank, we were floored by the gear of artisan-grade cannabis breeders. Within one minute of scrolling, we came across cannabis seeds from Jungle Boys, Dj Short, Mota Rebel, The Source Genetics, Alien Genetics, and so many more.

Another incredible function of Neptune Seed Bank is that they allow cannabis seed auctions. When browsing the cannabis seed auctions, we came across incredibly rare weed strains that are completely sold out elsewhere. The auction section holds obscure seeds from Obsoul33t and Seed Junky Genetics.

As you can imagine, the prices are relatively expensive, but the cannabis genetics on offer are connoisseur-grade and limited.

Whether you’re a breeder or a cannabis cultivator with an eye for unique marijuana strains, Neptune Seed Bank will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Although the customer service at Neptune Seed Bank is brief and, at times, rude, they have yet to disappoint with their stealthy shipping methods.

If you’re looking for one-time-only cannabis genetics, you should take a look at Neptune Seed Bank. However, don’t hold your breath for any semblance of customer service.


  • Multiple Payment Options


  • New Site Design

Pacific Seed Bank

Pacific Seed Bank is a cannabis seed bank located in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Pacific Seed Bank’s presentation is spot-on, as it has a clean website and excellent seed catalog. However, we came to find that Pacific Seed Bank isn’t all that it’s cracked-up-to-be.

Long wait times are normal for Pacific Seed bank, which isn’t much of a significant complaint. However, the issue arises when the package arrives. Regardless if you purchase cannabis seeds from Mendocino Farms or Coastal Genetics, you’ll receive your valuable seeds in non-original packaging.

In many cases, the fragile seeds are left to rattle during transit in small plastic tubes, which is a big no-no. Although Pacific Seed Bank ships worldwide, we can’t imagine how the seeds will look once they’ve crossed the Atlantic or Pacific to their final destination.

Another issue we found is the website is incredibly slow, which ruins the overall experience of searching for a perfect cannabis strain.

Overall, the glossy website has many flaws, and Pacific Seed Bank needs to address their shipping method. If you’re in the market for cannabis seeds, there are many seed banks that offer original cannabis seeds in secure shipping containers.

Until Pacific Seed Bank fixes its website and upgrades their shipping methods, customer service, and overall quality, they will struggle to compete with the very best.


  • Easy To Navigate


  • Low Ratings & Satisfaction From Customers

True North Seed Bank

True North is a Canadian cannabis seed bank.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer categories of cannabis seeds at first glance. Upon further inspection, True North offers a wide selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis strains from 49 distinct cannabis breeders.

Additionally, True North Seed Bank categorizes seeds in terms of their flavor, which makes finding a stand-out variety a breeze. It also doesn’t hurt that the price of high-quality genetics is reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for a real deal, make sure to take a look at True North’s promotional deals, which are complete doorbusters. Significant price cuts and free seeds are the norm when shopping the promo deals at True North cannabis seed bank.

However, don’t expect to find any artisan-grade cannabis breeders at True North. True North Seed Bank focuses on tried-and-true cannabis breeders, such as Barney’s Farm and DNA Genetics.

In regards to payment, True North allows users to pay in Bitcoin and e-Transfer, which is a definite bonus. Furthermore, True North Seed Bank offers a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product. It’s always important to find a seed bank that will honor a full refund, and True North does so with ease.

Overall, True North Seed Bank is an excellent option for those searching for a wide variety of stable cannabis strains from the world’s top breeders. However, if you are looking for artisan-quality breeders, then it’s best to look elsewhere.


  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Free Seed Deals


  • Trust Pilot Rating 3 Stars


The Californian cannabis seed bank, i49, specializes in the sale and distribution of cannabis seeds to individuals in the United States and Australia.

i49 offers an extensive range of seed types, but they claim to specialize in ‘easy to grow’ seeds which are ideal for cannabis cultivation newbies. Some of their ‘easy to grow’ range include hybrid seeds, such as the ‘Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem’ seeds. Prices are relatively competitive for these unique hybrid strains, starting at around $43 for a pack of 3 seeds.

i49’s website is as intuitive as any other, and it includes an extensive FAQ section as well as a blog, which serves as a great source of information for those hungry for knowledge and additional information.

What’s more, is that their website carries a ‘Reviews’ section which boasts a 4-star Trust Pilot rating. However, i49’s website does not currently provide buyers with the facility to ask questions on specific product pages, and this takes away a little of the convenience buyers ought to expect from seedbanks.

Currently, i49 promises to ship orders within two weeks, a reasonable turnaround time. Shipment is generally punctual, and buyers can expect discretion from i49.

For the most part, i49 offers prices competitive enough and an ample range of products to satisfy most weed enthusiasts. However, buyers outside of the US and Australia will need to look elsewhere for a similar service.


  • Discreet Packaging
  • Ships Within The USA
  • Multiple Payment Options


  • May Not Ship Outside Of The USA

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Serving the US and Australian markets, Homegrown Cannabis Co amalgamates GYO Seed Bank and The Single Seed Centre under one umbrella.

Their website delights first-time visitors by delivering first-class customer experience. With a sales hotline number clearly displayed on the homepage and with numerous menu options, Homegrown Cannabis Co’s website is easily navigated and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the company offers 24/7 support and delivers ample information via various ‘About’ sections.

Cannabis seed prices are quite reasonable. A 4-pack of feminised ‘3 Kings’ seeds will set you back $78, but Homegrown Cannabis Co sweetens the deal with free seed offerings on selected product lines free shipping on orders over $90.

For smaller orders, the company offers tracked shipping at $9.99. Generally, their products are exceptional, and both new and experienced growers will be able to find products to satisfy varying needs.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. boasts a proven track record of customer satisfaction, and their homepage boasts excellent ratings from 94% of customers. If you’re a buyer based in the United States of Australia, Homegrown Cannabis Co would be a good bet for any buyer.


  • Cannabis Seed Deals
  • Free Shipping Over $115


  • Only Ships To USA & Australia

Barneys Farm

The Netherlands-based company, Barneys Farm, has its roots in Asia where its founder cultivated weed with Himalayan natives. Their unique story enhances the company’s reputation and ethos, according to their ‘About Us’ page.

Barney’s Farm is committed to finding new cannabis strains, and this fact is boasted proudly on the company’s pleasing home page. Here, customers can browse Barney’s Farm’s considerable product range with ease via sections such as ‘best sellers’ and ‘Cali collection’.

A unique feature of Barneys Farm’s website is the video section. This isn’t something that every online cannabis seed bank has, and it is to the company’s credit that such information is available to customers in this format.

Barneys Farm is competitive when it comes to pricing. They offer free international shipping beyond Europe on orders over 200 Euros. What’s more, is that Barney’s Farm will throw in 1 free seed for every 25 Euros spent. So, if you spend 250 Euros, you receive ten free seeds. While this isn’t as generous as other seed banks, one can’t discredit Barneys Farm for rewarding buyers.

As far as products go, Barney’s Farm is deserving of its place within the best online seed banks. Whether you’re looking for easily growable weed strains or something for more advanced horticulturalists, Barney’s Farm has something for everyone.


  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Autoflowering, CBD, & Feminized Seeds
  • Video Section


  • Does Not Ship To USA

High Supplies

With over 14 years’ experience in cannabis seeds, Dutch company High Supplies declares itself ‘your trusted source for premium marijuana seeds’. Does High Supplies’ deliver the premium experience that it claims?

Indeed, the range of products sold by High Supplies is extensive, and this strengthens their claim to the premium supplier status. High Supplies sells a variety of different seeds types, including feminised seeds, auto flower seeds and varieties specially adapted to growing in different environments. Cannabis aficionados are spoiled for choice on High Supplies.

High Supplies’ website is easily navigable, and their handy ‘top sellers’ tab presents would-be buyers with a vast menu of weed seeds. Prices are competitive with the most expensive seeds amongst the top sellers around $27. They’ll also show your prices in other currencies, proving their commitment to serve buyers as far away as Brazil.

There is ample information about each type of seed sold by High Supplies. Buyers can read reviews for specific seeds and ask the experts at High Supplies’ questions about their products. It seems the staff at High Supplies’ take tremendous pride in answering buyer questions, which is reassuring, especially if you’re new to the growing game.

Overall, High Supplies delivers a user-friendly experience with reasonable prices and a good track record of punctual, discrete deliveries. High Supplies is deserving of its place amongst the best cannabis seed banks.


  • Good Range Of Seeds
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Easy To Navigate


  • 3 Star Ratings On Trust Pilot
  • Could Do With More Info On Shipping


Alchimia is a well-regarded cannabis seed bank from Spain.

The moment you click the “seed banks” tab on the website, you’ll do a double-take from the number of available cannabis seed breeders. Alchimia seed bank carries cannabis breeders from around the globe, and you’ll find nearly any strain imaginable.

If you decide to order your cannabis seeds from Alchimia, then rest assured that you will likely have a pleasant experience. Alchimia has built its brand around fast delivery, excellent customer service, and exceptional cannabis seeds.

However, there is a downside with Alchimia. The shipping zones are limited, and you cannot place an order if you are in the United States. Alchimia focuses its efforts on all of the EU, along with a handful of other countries, such as Morocco and New Zealand.

If you reside in one of the countries that Alchimia does ship to, then get ready for a special package delivered quickly to your door. In our opinion, Alchimia is a cannabis seed bank that’s well worth your consideration if you’re in the market of regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis strains.


  • Wide Range Of Seed Banks In One Place


  • Does Not Ship To The USA
  • Very Similar To Royal Seed Bank, Not A Seed Bank But A Collection Of Seed Banks You Can Buy From


With 15 years in the business of cannabis seed supply and distribution, Dinafem serves buyers in numerous countries, including Spain, France and the United Kingdom. However, buyers in the USA, Australia, South Africa and Argentina are excluded from Dinafem’s weed strain offerings as the company cannot currently ship their due to ‘legal reasons’.

With regards to the product range, Dinafem’s is as wide as any other seed bank as far as one can tell. The company currently offers a broad range of feminised, regular and auto-flower seeds which are priced attractively. Special offers, such as free seeds, are not currently on offer, however.

Dinafem’s website leaves a little to be desired as it is not as clean and slick as competitors’ websites. Also, the FAQ section could have been much clearer about shipping fees and the ‘about us’ section seems to be absent from the site.

However, Dinafem TV delivers abundant information to would-be buyers via dozens of short videos.

*Currently Unable To Process Any Orders


  • Wide Variety Of Seeds


  • *Currently Unable To Process Any Orders

Types Of Cannabis Seeds

If you’re interested in purchasing cannabis seeds form a seed bank, it is wise to gain a basic understanding of the types of cannabis seeds available on the market.

Broadly speaking, cannabis seeds come in three varieties:

Regular Cannabis Seeds

A consignment of regular seeds will have both male and female seeds, and this adds a layer of complexity for potential growers who will need to separate the female seeds from the male seeds as soon as their reproductive organs become visible.

Female plants are highly valued because they produce buds, but if male plants pollinate them, they begin devoting energy to producing seeds rather than buds, which is undesirable for those wishing to grow a crop for recreational consumption.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A grower can plant feminized seeds and expect to see buds develop as they grow. Buying feminized seeds presents a major time-saving advantage of regular seeds as growers do not need to isolate female seeds from male seeds, a single one of which could potentially pollinate large crops.

Auto-Flower Cannabis Seeds

These seeds are typically less potent than their regular and feminized counterparts. However, they are ideal for growers who are keen to harvest a crop in less time than it would otherwise take.

Legality Of Buying Cannabis Seeds

While it may be legal to own, sell and buy cannabis seeds from seed banks in some Western nations, such as the United States, Canada, and the UK, it may be illegal in other countries or states.

You should always seek to make an informed decision before purchasing cannabis seeds from a seed bank online by consulting trusted sources of information about the law where you reside.

The information contained within this guide is intended as a review of the services and products delivered by various seed banks, and this guide should in no way be taken as legal advice or guidance.

Once you’re satisfied that buying and possessing cannabis seeds is legal and above board in your country, or if you’re willing to throw caution to the wind, consider the reviews below before purchasing your cannabis seeds.

The internet has been a blessing for cannabis growers who can cast their nets far and wide to acquire the finest cannabis seeds the world has to offer. With seed banks based all over the world and working in partnership with growers internationally, cannabis aficionados are spoiled for choice while competition in distribution and mailing services adds unparalleled convenience.

The market for cannabis seeds and growing paraphernalia is highly competitive, and this serves buyers well. The seed banks listed here offer seeds suitable to growers of all ability levels at attractive prices. However, buyers in some countries may find their options of seed banks are limited when compared to buyers elsewhere, depending on the law in different localities.

Our Pick


The competitive nature of the cannabis seed scene means that there is often little to choose between seed banks. However, there are few seed banks listed here that stand slightly ahead of the rest of the pack.

For the most attractive prices and special offers, buyers would not go far wrong shopping at Crop King Seeds. Buyers looking for a wider product range may prefer Tiger-One Distribution. Buyers wishing to pay with BitCoin may benefit from the special deals on offer at Seedsman.

Whichever seed bank you choose, we wish you a successful growing experience and hope that you found this resource useful. But, if you’d like to research cannabis strains a bit more before parting with your hard earned cash, then check out our Best Weed Strain guide or navigate using the top menu.


*Original source – Think Canna Seed which is now part of The Highest Crop.

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