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Hydroponics is a popular choice for those who want to grow their own plants, Bubble Brothers offers all-inclusive deep water culture systems that are perfect no matter your skill level!

Growing cannabis plants with the Bubble Brothers DWC self-contained system has never been easier. This reliable method allows you to grow bigger, healthier crops that yield more flavorsome buds in less time and for a lower cost than other hydroponic systems would allow!

With the Bubble Brothers XL 6-site systems, you can grow amazing plants in no time with all of the power that is needed. This system includes a high-powered commercial air pump and higher quality air stones to provide better oxygenation and diffusion than other similar units on the market.

Bubble Brothers XL systems have a new lid component that is exclusive to their product. This RhizoCore bucket lid by HTG Supply outperforms other units in the market, and Bubble Brother’s system are the only ones with this feature.

RhizoCore’s innovative bucket lids allow for a super-aerated center channel that provides more oxygen and solution flow to the root zone, which results in accelerated plant growth. The Bubble Brothers 6 Site XL system has six large-size pots with high-quality clay pebble grow medium included.

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