Brut Worm Castings

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Designed for the organic gardener Brut Worm Worm Castings are rich, dark, pure, and high in organic matter that delivers long-term nourishment.

With a host of healthy microbes and bacteria, Brut Worm Farms worm castings are balanced in all the minerals and nutrients organic worm castings need to help keep your plants healthy and happy!

Every bag contains the freshest of worm castings, usually within a week old, this helps guarantee you receive only the very best organic amendment for your plants.

The Brut Worm Farms Organic Worm Castings are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor grows, odor-free and Non-toxic.

Locally grown on a farm in Minnesota, rest assured no production is outsourced, so worry not if your castings will come with unwanted extras such as sand, sticks, and other unnatural items that don’t belong in worm castings.

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