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When it comes to engineered gardening media, BIO365 BIOALL stands out. This soil is meticulously crafted in controlled indoor environments, ensuring the highest quality for your cannabis plants. Unlike traditional compost-based soils, BIOALL is free of compost, combining coir, peat, perlite, and bioavailable organic nutrients in a precise mix. This meticulous engineering provides an enhanced growing medium that is consistent and reliable.

Packed with nutrients that sustain your plants for up to five weeks, including high levels of nitrogen, BIOALL supports vigorous vegetative growth and carries your plants through the initial stages of flowering without needing additional inputs. For cannabis growers, this means fewer headaches and more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Bio365 BIOALL incorporates bioCORE biochar within bioCHARGE technology, which serves as a dual biochemical buffer. This feature not only boosts the soil’s nutrient retention but also promotes beneficial microbial activity. The result? Healthier plants that are more resilient to stress and disease. For both novice and experienced cultivators, this biochar brilliance simplifies the cultivation process, leading to a more successful harvest.

Cannabis cultivation can vary widely in terms of setup and location. Whether you’re growing in a nursery, a greenhouse, or an indoor setup, BIOALL adapts seamlessly. This soil thrives in containers of all sizes, making it a versatile choice for any grower. Its adaptability ensures that you can maintain optimal growing conditions regardless of your specific environment.

BIOALL is designed to work in harmony with other products, such as BIOFLOWER. When used as part of a two-part system, BIOALL and BIOFLOWER provide a comprehensive nutrient delivery system. This combination is particularly beneficial for growers who transplant and those who prioritize organic growing methods. Together, they create an environment where cannabis plants can flourish.

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