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Best Weed Grinder

Last Updated: March 23, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

If you smoke weed, or have any interaction with weed on a daily basis. You’ll undoubtedly know about weed grinders, and also the important role they play in grinding your bud just right.

Whether rolling up, hitting that bong, or vaping, acquiring the best weed grinder should be high on your to-do list. No one wants to be smoking huge nugs of weed that have not been ground properly.

Firstly, all you’ll accomplish is wasted product, and nobody wants that. Secondly, it won’t burn evenly, resulting in a worse hit! Wasted weed…Bad hit…Other than a failed crop, is there anything worse?

Investing in the right accessories will make getting high so much easier. Weed grinders are no exception to this rule, invest right the first time, invest once!

Weed grinders have come a long way in recent years, ranging from your basic inexpensive grinders. To your more expensive multi-use grinders, as well as weed grinder kits.

So, if you’re after a new herb grinder you’re in luck, as today we’re reviewing some of the BEST! We’ve included some of the best and top-rated herb grinders for every eventuality and budget.

We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for, whether you’re after plastic, aluminum, right through to your magnetic and electric herb grinders or all the above in one, you’ll find something below that meets your requirements.

Our Reviews

Storz & Bickel Grinder

The Storz & Bickel Grinder comes in a 3-piece design and is made of durable plastic that’s also transparent with an integrated stash compartment.

It’s simple to use and easy to clean alongside getting the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your herbs at their finest.

Additionally, it features extra sharp teeth that result in a really fine consistency – perfect for those who want the most out of their bud. And if quality and authenticity are important to you, you can trust that Storz & Bickel know what they’re doing – after all, they’re the creators of some of the best vaporizers on the market.

Cleaning is easy, and there’s no need to worry about clogging or the grinder coming to a halt due to compartments sticking.

Sometimes simple is best, and in the case of the Storz and Bickel Grinder that certainly seems to be the case. Starting at an excellent price point this brightly colored orange grinder with its toughened body should last you for a long time.


  • Simple, Yet Effective Design
  • Great Price
  • Highly Rated By Users
  • Can Be Shipped To USA Customers


  • Not The Best Choice For Medicinal Cannabis Patients

SharpStone Grinder

This SharpStone Grinder is one of the best on the market with a crank action, and it’s perfect for grinding your cannabis. It’s made of durable aluminum with diamond-shaped teeth that make grinding easy and efficient – and it doesn’t get clogged up like some other grinders can.

The kief catcher on the bottom makes harvesting kief easy, and there’s even a scrape tool included to help you get every last bit of cannabis out.

The SharpStone Grinder is highly rated and has a 4-piece design with a 2.5 inch diameter. The magnetic closure ensures that your herbs remain safe and secure, while the included cloth carrying pouch make it easy to keep everything organized.

Additionally, SharpStone grinder comes in multiple colors so you can choose the one that matches your style. And if ease of use is important to you, then you’ll love the crank arm design – just turn it and let the grinding commence!


  • Great For Medicinal Cannabis Patients
  • Crank Design
  • Competitive Price
  • Various Colors Available
  • Very Highly Rated


  • None

Banana Bro's Otto Grinder

If you’re looking for a top-quality cannabis grinder that is built to last, look no further than the Banana Bro’s Otto Grinder.

Otto Grinder blades are made from aerospace-grade aluminum and features patented technology that ensures blades automatically adjust pressure, speed and direction for superior herb grinding every time.

The Otto Grinder also comes with a snap cap and measuring cup for easy portability, as well as a USB charging cable so you can keep your device powered up on the go. Plus, it’s travel-friendly design means you can take your favorite grinder with you wherever you go.

Thanks to its superior herb grinding capabilities, the Otto Grinder is perfect for medical cannabis patients or anyone just looking for an awesome way to grind your herbs.

Banana Bro’s Otto Grinder is the must-have cannabis accessory for easy, odor-free grinding on the go. This electric grinder is compact and easy to use, with a 4-in-1 cleaning tool for quick cleanup. Highly rated by users, this top-quality grinder is a essential for any cannabis lover.


  • Electric
  • Easy To Use
  • Portable
  • Good For Medicinal Cannabis Patients


  • Expensive
  • Requires Frequent Cleaning
  • Short Product Life Reported On Some Units

Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke Grinder

How could we not include a legendary herb grinder like the Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke Grinder?

Another quality product from the Cheech and Chong range This solid 4-piece grinder is made entirely from durable CNC aluminum, measuring 5cm/2 inches across.

The compact and sleek looking grinder is equipped with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that easily grinds your favorite strains into a fine consistency.

The top of the herb grinder unscrews seamlessly and features a pollen screen and a kief catching bottom piece that collects your precious cannabis pollen for later use.

Wear-free grinding is delivered by means of the nylon friction ring that ensures a smoother grinding experience, the grinder’s lid is magnetized for safety and to protect from any mishaps.

Design wise the Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke herb grinder is available in a range of colors from black, aqua, purple and green whilst the grinder lid features the Cheech and Chong logo in white.

Starting at a very competitive price point, if maintained correctly this quality made herb grinder should last you a very long time, delivering ground up bud just the way you like.


  • Compact design
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Cheech & Chong’s up in smoke decal on lid


  • None

Kannastor Grinder GR8TR

You would have to have been living under a rock with no communication to the outside world to not have heard the name Kannastör when talking about herb grinders.

Kannastör is one of the most well-known and established brands and can be considered to be a more premium kind of herb grinder for the stoner connoisseur.

The Kannastor Grinder GR8TR is the ideal grinder for anyone wanting perfectly ground herbs. Kannastör build quality is quite honestly exceptional, with a premium CNC aluminum construction and finish.

The strong, well-made lid keeps everything safely inside and protected from mishaps. Kannastörs sifting section is easy to clean, remove, and replace when necessary.

To the bottom compartment you’ll find a guitar pick featuring the Kannastör logo. This can be used for scraping up and collecting your bud’s remnants. But that’s not all, the extra-deep storage chamber allows you to store a sizable amount of ground-up herb.

All in all the Kannastor Grinder GR8TR still sits comfortably near the top for many cannabis users.


  • Available Various Colors
  • High Construction
  • Highly Rated
  • Competitive Price


  • None

Marley Natural Grinder

The Marley Natural Grinder is made from sustainably grown black walnut and features high-grade anodized aluminum grinding teeth for a smooth, consistent grind.

The Marley Grinder is available in small and large sizes, and has an embossed Marley Natural logo to the top compartment alongside featuring a removable pollen screen.

The magnetic top chamber ensures your herb stays in place while you grind, and the kief collecting compartment is perfect for gathering all that delicious pollen.

Made of premium materials and sporting a sleek, pocket-friendly design, this grinder is perfect for on-the-go grinding. The detachable parts make cleaning a breeze.


  • Solid Durable Construction
  • Highly Rated
  • Well-Established Brand
  • Stand Out Natural Design


  • Manual Only
  • Expensive

Black Leaf Masher

This innovative herb grinder by Black Leaf comes at the problem of grinding weed with a very different approach and without teeth!

Revolutionary in design the Black Leaf Masher 4-part Aluminum Grinder instead opts for pressure plates rather than your standard diamond teeth design.

The lid of the Balck Leaf 4-piece features the upper pressure. This integrated heavy plate exerts continuous pressure to your bud, which in turn delivers perfect consistency in just a few simple twists.

The thought process behind plates instead of teeth is that it helps to preserve the flavor and produces a much better grounded herb.

By choosing to feature plates rather than diamond-shaped teeth means you should encounter very little to none of the usual herb getting stuck between teeth. Clogged up teeth are a thing of the past with the Black Leaf Masher 4-part Aluminum Grinder.

This 4-part grinder is available in a wide range of colors and incorporates a pollen screen in the bottom section for gathering the pollen dust. You can use the included scraper to gather up all the precious herb leftovers.

To ensure smooth, wear-free grinding the Masher 4-part Aluminum Grinder features a nylon friction ring. As a bonus, the magnetized lid will safely keep your ground herb in place.


  • Kief catcher
  • Triangular scraper included
  • Available in several colors


  • Different Grind Compared to the Teeth

Weed Grinder Sizes

Weed grinders come in a variety of sizes, or to be more specific, pieces.

There is no best, or recommend size. What size weed grinder you buy really just comes down to personal preference, and should only be bought if it suits your requirements.

The most common sizes you’ll see are:

  • 2-Piece Weed Grinders
  • 3-Piece Weed Grinders
  • 4-Piece Weed Grinders

5-piece weed grinders can also be found, but are not commonly used or considered to be one of the more popular designs. But again, this is all personal preference.

If you need or prefer a 5-piece weed grinder, buy a 5-piece weed grinder. As long as the build quality and price meet your requirements, that’s all that matters.

Weed Grinder Build

Weed grinders are available in many different materials. Again, cannabis smokers will have their preferred type, but unless they’re made from very cheap materials. Most will work as they should, no matter what they’re made from.

Some common materials weed grinders are made from are:

  • Wood
  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Plastic

Different Parts of a Weed Grinder

The different parts of your weed grinder will directly relate to what size weed grinder you decided to purchase. For instance, some budget 2-piece weed grinders will only have the lid, teeth/grinder section, and collection base.

Whereas your 4-piece grinder may incorporate a mesh screen, or sometimes 2 mesh screens, and a section to hold your bud, as well as the above. Many will also include extras, such as a pollen scraper.

If we presume it’s your 4-piece weed grinder with above-average build quality. The below will normally come as standard:

  • Magnetic lid (helps to secure your product)
  • Molded or engraved grip
  • Grinding section with sharp well placed diamond-shaped teeth
  • Mesh screen section, to collect/filter fine powders
  • Base section, that holds your weed crystals & pollen scraper

Before Deciding on the Best Weed Grinder

There are some important details to consider before making the decision on what weed grinder to buy.

Teeth: The number of teeth, and more importantly the placement of teeth should be a top priority when considering what weed grinder to buy. Cheap, badly made weed grinders are notorious for badly ripping and shredding weed. Never mind the headache of having to pick the weed out of the teeth when it becomes stuck, it’s pretty tedious.

Sections & Rims: Some weed grinders have a problem of weed build up on the rims. Which in turn can hinder if not completely stop the grinder from being able to turn. This problem can also appear on the lid of the grinder, especially if it’s threaded.

Of course, regular cleaning will help. But you know you have a cheap, badly made grinder when you’re having to pry open the different sections.

Capacity: Storage capacity is another important factor to consider. Your grinder may be the best grinder you’ve ever had in every other respect. But if it can only hold a small amount at a time, this can become a real annoyance if you’re a regular user.

Ease of Use: Your weed grinder should be easy to use, without all of the above problems. Essentially, it should be doing all the basics right and none of the bad. If not an enjoyable experience, it should at least be an easy one.

If you need to constantly struggle or go that extra bit just to have nicely ground bud, then your weed grinder probably needs replacing.

Affordability: Price is another factor when considering what weed grinder to buy. Is it a standalone weed grinder, or weed grinder kit? Will it be a 2-piece weed grinder or a 4-piece?

What about the build quality!? Maybe you’re after an electric herb grinder or crank weed grinder?

These are all important factors to consider, that inevitably increase the price of the product. And like most things in life, the more premium products will always undoubtedly cost more.

But, that doesn’t always mean the most expensive is the best. There are some fantastic weed grinders out there at budget-friendly prices. So look about, you may just find yourself a bargain!


Well, there you have it, some of the best and most popular herb grinders!

If we had to pick one, it would be the SharpStone Crank Grinder.

Tried, tested, and top-rated by consumers. The SharpStone Grinder is exceptionally well priced as well as being built from quality materials. Durable, with a long product life, it should provide you with perfectly ground herb for many years to come!

As an alternative and for the older/medical marijuana consumers that may have difficulties with conventional grinders and looking for something within budget, our top pick would be either the Cloudious 9 Tectonic9 Grinder or the King Kut Electric Grinder.

Simple and easy to use, they should provide you with if not an enjoyable experience, an easy one at the very least.

If you’re after a weed grinder kit, then we can recommend the Kozo Wood Stash Box Kit. This 4-piece kit has everything you need, whilst being from a well-known brand, highly rated, and quality build. All this, at an exceptionally good price.

Another beautifully designed stash kit would be the Fox Skills Stash Box.

That’s all for today, we hope you’ve enjoyed today’s weed grinder round-up review and found your perfect herb grinder. Remember to check out some of our other reviews before you go and give us a share on social media or tag a friend!

The Highest Crop Team.

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