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Best Small Grow Tents

Last Updated: January 2, 2022
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

When it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation, it’s hard to beat the convenience, quality, and simplicity that some of the best small grow tents have to offer.

Not all of us have full bedrooms to sacrifice to a grow tent, but luckily, many grow tent manufacturers produce small grow tents that allow those with reduced space and different needs with the ability to cultivate marijuana.

Join us as we take a look into the best small grow tents available for clones, seedlings, mothers, and small crops.

Our Reviews

CoolGrows Small Grow Tent

CoolGrows offers the beginner to intermediate grower another well-priced alternative to the many other grow tent manufacturers out there.

CoolGrows prices compared to the more than acceptable build quality is one of CoolGrows stronger selling points.

We really like the many options CoolGrow has to offer, from the metal or plastic frames to the observational windows and some of the extras provided with kits.

CoolGrows reputation is growing, and with so many positive reviews online we can’t see that trend ending anytime soon. If you’re after another well-priced alternative to what’s already out there, then you can do much worse than opting for the CoolGrow small grow tent.


  • Ideal size to place plants of all stages in
  • One of the fastest tents to set up
  • Excellent customer service


  • The zipper isn’t well built and gets caught on the fabric at times
  • Very small light leaks found throughout the tent material

VIVOSUN Small Grow Tent

Who doesn’t know Vivosun? Having been around for a number of years now, and producing everything from grow room dehumidifiers to grow tents, their reputation as a top brand within the indoor grow world is well deserved.

With the Vivosun small grow tent model, they’ve once again shown that quality grow tents can be produced and sold at reasonable prices and also heaped more pressure on their rivals to up their game.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Vivosun grow tent below…


  • Time-tested grow tent that’s highly reviewed
  • Observation window and multi-purpose floor tray
  • Many options for accessories, such as vent holes
  • Zero light leaks
  • Built with quality materials and sturdy


  • High amounts of non-Mylar material inside the tent
  • The zipper isn’t robust

MarsHydro Small Grow Tent

From the beginners to the experienced growers, all will find something they like about the MarsHydro 27″x27″x63″ grow tent.

The build quality is excellent, as is to be expected from a company of MarsHydro reputation. The 1680D material is far superior to the other small grow tents on our list.

Then there’s the 99.9% diamond reflective Mylar to the interior. It doesn’t end there though, with its fully metal frame that protects against rust and flaking paint, SBS zipper, mesh windows, filter vents, removable floor tray, and tool pouch, the quality really does shine through.

MarsHydro is nearly always a safe bet for every level of grower.


  • High-quality material that makes the tent sturdy
  • A large number of vent holes
  • Ideally placed viewing window


  • There should be a larger vent hole at the bottom of the tent
  • Not as easy to set up as other competing models
  • Accessibility is an issue with its single door design

TopoLite Small Grow Tent

TopoLite has produced an exceptionally well priced small grow tent with the 24″ x 24″ x 48″ model.

Well built with minimal to zero light leakage, 96% reflective Mylar material on average and heavy duty zippers make this a really good option for any hobbyists or cultivators struggling with both space and funds.


  • Affordable price
  • Well built with zero light leaks
  • An intuitive design that allows you to set up with ease
  • Low profile design keeps it out of the way


  • Plastic corner pockets for the poles aren’t durable
  • Not a robust design

Hydro Crunch Small Grow Tent

Hydro Crunch has been an established brand and providing hydroponic equipment to the indoor cultivator since 2010. They’ve built up a strong reputation in the growing community over that period as a major player.

They offer the cultivator a varied selection of growing equipment, at affordable prices.

With the Hydro Crunch small grow tent, the beginner can acquire everything they need to start growing straight away.


  • Equipped with everything you need to begin your grow
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to set up in minimal time


  • The carbon filter isn’t made from the best quality
  • The provided inline fan should be stronger for the area

Why Use a Small Grow Tent?

There are a plethora of reasons to use a small grow tent. Every cannabis cultivator has a different set of needs which dictate the overall size of a grow space.

Let’s take a look at why you’d use a small grow tent, and what they have to offer.


Unless you’re growing from clones, you’ll need to grow your cannabis crop from seed.

Although these are small in size, they do require adequate space – especially when using a seedling tray in conjunction with a heat mat and humidity dome.

Most of the time, large grow spaces that are reserved for the vegetative and flowering phase aren’t ideal for growing cannabis seedlings. These rooms generally have HID lighting, which isn’t beneficial for the health of seedlings.

Seedlings benefit the most from a catered environment that reduces their stress. By reducing stress, your cannabis seedlings will grow into mature plants without the worry of them harboring any hermaphrodite traits.

Therefore, a small grow tent is ideal for sprouting cannabis seedlings, as they won’t be affected by high winds and intense lighting. Small grow tents can be placed in nearly any area, making them convenient and easier to manage.

Each stage in a cannabis plants’ life cycle has different requirements, and a seedling is no different. Before germination, cannabis seeds don’t require light.

It’s only after that they’ve broken the surface that they need a small amount of light. Small tents are perfect to create the best environment possible for seedlings.

Small lights can easily be installed, and 1-4 cannabis seedling trays can potentially fit within.

Clone Propagation

If you’ve found an ideal mother plant, then you can use a small grow tent for clone propagation. Cuttings require an entirely different environment compared to that of mature cannabis plants.

As clones are trying to root, they require high humidity and moisture, which is the opposite conditions found during the vegetative and flowering phase.

Generally, cuttings are placed into cloning machines or trays with a humidity dome.

Clones take anywhere from 7-14 days to exhibit adventitious roots, and during this time, the temperature and moisture levels must remain elevated. It’s for this reason that clones should be propagated in a separate room.

Small tents can easily offer this moist environment due to their small size. You’ll be better able to keep track of all the clones that are beginning to root or have already rooted.

As a clone propagator, your small grow tent can act as the incubation chamber until your cannabis cuttings are ready to be moved into the main vegetative room.

Maintaining a Mother

Mother plants need their own room. There’s no way around this fact because mothers must be kept in the vegetative stage for the duration of their life.

Cannabis plants can remain in the vegetative phase as long as they are kept under a minimum of 18 hours of perpetual light.

During their lives, mother plants continually produce new shoots that are taken as cuttings.

These cuttings are then turned into clones once rooted. These clones carry all the traits of their mother, making them a near-exact replica.

Small grow tents offer you with a perfectly sized room to maintain a mother plant. You’ll need to outfit the room with a 150-watt light (or greater), a ventilation system, as well as a small carbon filter.

Depending on the size of the small grow tent, you’ll be able to take cuttings on a weekly basis if your mother plant is large in size.

Vegetative Station

Every life cycle stage of cannabis can be completed in a single room. Alternatively, you can streamline the process by separating each life cycle into different rooms.

This is why multiple small grow tents are ideal for creating a perpetual cannabis garden.

Once your seedlings or clones are ready to begin the vegetative process, it’s time to move them into the vegetative station. It’s at this point that they’ll spend 2-4 weeks in, depending on the size that you’d prefer.

During their time in the vegetative station, you can identify the males from females if growing from seed.

If growing from clones, then you’ll need to decide at which size you’d like to send your plants into the flowering station to complete their life cycle.

In general, your vegetative station should have at least 300-watts of light from T5s or metal halide. This is the perfect amount of light to efficiently illuminate a small grow tent.

Flowering Station

Small grow tents are adequate for 1-4 plants, depending on their size. Growers that are limited in space are more than capable of producing a bountiful harvest in a small grow tent as long as they’re proficient in cannabis cultivation.

When used as a flowering station, you can use a plethora of techniques to increase your overall yield. Smaller spaces require you to become creative, and this creativity can be found in methods such as the Sea of Green (SOG) or the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique.

These methods allow you to make the most use out of your grow space. A 2’x2’ grow tent is more than enough space for 1-4 plants, which, when grown efficiently, can produce an abundant harvest.

Quarantine Zone

In a similar manner of a quarantine zone in an airport, a small grow tent can act as the intermediary sector where plants must wait if they show signs of disease or infestation.

A quarantine zone is a fantastic idea in the event that you purchase clones from another grower.

The danger of buying clones is that you may inherit other growers’ problems.

By implementing a quarantine zone, you can keep the plants for a certain amount of time; and if they do not express any symptoms or issues, then they can be moved to the vegetative or flowering room.

Perpetual Harvest

This is where small grow tents shine. Small grow tents offer you the ability to turn your garden into a perpetual cannabis operation. A perpetual harvest means that you’ll never have downtime in your flowering station.

Traditional cannabis gardens that employ a single tent to handle every phase of growth (from seed to harvest) lose a great deal of time due to transition periods, harvest times, and the curing process.

Traditional cannabis gardens are generally capable of completing 2 production cycles within 20 weeks.

Alternatively, a perpetual cannabis garden is capable of managing 2 production cycles within 16 weeks, radically reducing the time to complete a new harvest cycle by nearly 25%.

Small grow tents are the primary tool to facilitate this game-changing method. You can use small grow tents as vegetative stations to have them ready to go into your main flowering tent once a certain portion of cannabis plants are harvested.

This process keeps your flowering tent full of cannabis plants at different flowering times, so you’re harvesting every 1-2 weeks.

If you decide to use a small grow tent to create a perpetual harvest system, then you should ideally have cannabis plants flowering at 3 different stages. This will allow you to harvest regularly, which means you’ll never be without marijuana flowers.

Additionally, a small grow tent used as a drying station makes the perpetual system even more efficient. Once plants are harvest from the flowering station, they’re immediately sent into the drying room to be processed further.

Drying Station

Small grow tents are also used by many as a drying station. Similar to using a grow tent rather than building out a custom room, we use small grow tents to act as our drying station once we’ve harvest cannabis flowers.

These small grow tents are equipped with all the necessary tools that go into a drying room, such as a carbon filter, environmental controller, oscillating fan, environmental monitor, and ventilation system.

Without a drying station, you’d be left to convert a small closet, which takes time and requires technical know-how.

Curing Station

Most growers are unaware of the time it takes to produce cannabis that’s ready to smoke. After the drying process, cannabis buds must go through what is known as the curing process.

This is the process that gives marijuana flowers their ubiquitous aroma, potency, and flavor.

The curing process is as vital as any other step during the life cycle of a cannabis plant, so it’s essential that you take this process seriously.

Small grow tents are ideal spaces for curing marijuana buds since they’re small, dark, and easily placed anywhere.

The Benefits of a Small Grow Tent

Whatever your reason for using a small grow tent, there are many benefits associated with these small but effective rooms.

Let’s take a look at these so that you have a clear understanding of the advantages of owning a small grow tent.


Many small grow tents are incredibly affordable. If you plan on growing your cannabis plants from seed to harvest within a small grow tent, then it’ll be very cost-efficient.

These grow tents generally range from $40-150, which makes them reasonably priced compared to their larger alternatives.

When you’re seeking to create a perpetual garden, you may need 2-3 small grow tents, depending on the size of your operation. Although this will increase your investment, you’ll benefit from continual harvests.

Contained Environment

Small grow tents benefit from being a contained environment. By separating various life stages into small grow tents, the risk of cross-contaminating becomes less.

You may find that gnats enjoy the humid environment of clones that are beginning to root versus the drier air found during the vegetative cycle.

Additionally, just like larger grow tents, small grow tents maintain a contained environment that makes pest management a breeze.

Therefore, having a more manageable grow space enables you to keep your rooms clean and free of any issues.

Odor Management

Small grow tents handle the pungent aroma of cannabis better than their larger counterparts. This is because the overall space of a small grow tent doesn’t require a large ventilation and carbon filter system.

In general, a small to medium carbon filter will efficiently complete the job of cleaning the air before it’s ejected into the outer environment.

Whether you live in a legal state or not, cannabis cultivation requires discretion. Without a sense of privacy, you may find yourself unfairly stigmatized by your neighbors or a potential target for thieves.

Less Space

Sometimes you don’t need a 10’x10’ grow space. It’s possible to make more with less, and small grow tents are perfect examples of this.

As long as you create an ideal environment, your plants will thrive, regardless of the tents’ size.

If you’re a minimalist, then you’ll enjoy the benefit of a small grow tents’ size. You can place these nearly anywhere, from unused closet space to a cabinet in your basement.

As long as you measure the potential area beforehand, you can place a small grow tent in a multitude of places.


Small grow tents are far more stealthy compared to larger varieties. A large grow tent sticks out like a sore thumb because it’ll take up a large part of a room and requires a loud ventilation system to keep the internal temperature in check.

Small grow tents require less hardware to keep their internal environment optimal, so, aside from their small size; they’re also very quiet.

Easy to Set Up

If you think setting up a large grow tent is easy, wait until you put together a small grow tent. This can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes in most cases.

These convenient grow spaces save time by enabling you to get started on your grow as soon as possible.

What to Look for in a Small Grow Tent

There are countless small grow tent manufacturers because of the rise in hobbyist gardeners due to the influx of cannabis-friendly states.

Although this availability leaves consumers with a variety of options, it’s up to you to know what to search for to buy the best small grow tent.


As with any grow space, you’ll need to measure the area you intend to place your small grow tent. If you don’t do this, you may be left with a tent that doesn’t fit or is too small.

This primary step is absolutely necessary when beginning your journey in the world of cannabis cultivation.


Build-quality is essential because this is the area that you’ll cultivate cannabis day-in-and-day-out.

Light, moisture, heat, cold, and other natural factors will affect your grow tent at every moment, so you want to make sure that your grow tent is durable.

Many grow tents are constructed out of durable nylon and Teflon blends. You should always ensure that a manufacturer describes their sewing process to guarantee against light leaks and broken zippers.

Internally, you should make sure that the reflective material is a high-quality mylar. Inferior varieties of mylar are known to leach a toxic fume when heated, so it’s best to avoid small grow tents with a cheap price tag.

Aside from the materials of the fabric, the overall quality of the frame that supports the tent is a fundamental aspect to consider.

Many grow tents offer plastic side mounts that the aluminum poles are placed into. These are easily broken, and you must be cautious when assembling grow tents with these.

Relevant Features

When searching for a small grow tent, you should always keep in mind the features that are important to you.

If you’re seeking a small grow tent to propagate clones or germinate seedlings, you should find a grow tent that’s specifically built for this.

If you’re looking for a small grow tent that’s suited for bud production, then you’ll want to find a small grow tent that can handle this scenario.

Your preferred small grow tent should offer important features such as ideally-placed ventilation holes, power cord holes, observation windows, double doors, separate walls, and a removable splash guard for the floor.

These features are here to make your grow even easier, so it’s imperative that you find a small grow tent with as many relevant elements as possible.

High-Rated Reviews

Lastly, always read reviews, as these are canaries in a coal mine, so to speak. Reviews are your insight into a product prior to your purchase and are always invaluable.

Since reviews can be faked, you should find products that have a large number of reviews.

The cannabis industry has a lot of competition, so it’s best if you search for companies that are well known in the community and have withstood the test of time.


After sifting through a seemingly endless list of the best small grow tents, we’ve decided on a clear winner out of the 5 small grow tents listed.

The Vivosun small grow tent is the clear winner because it checks all of the boxes that you should look for in a small grow tent.

The Vivosun is beyond affordable, coming in at an incredibly affordable price point. This small grow tent is the perfect option for beginners and professionals alike that need a smaller grow space for a variety of needs.

The Vivosun offers customers with 600D nylon material that’s beyond robust. This product is difficult to tear and will last many harvests.

If you’re a person who often moves, then this tent s ideal because it packs small and is durable.

The stitching quality is another key aspect to consider, and the Vivosun incorporates a double-stitch technique that reduces the possibility for a light leak.

Double stitching is an indicator that the grow tent is of the utmost quality.

The Vivosun is capable of being built within 30-minutes, which is incredibly fast. As soon as you put the frame together, you can easily attach the tent body without the help of another person.

Many larger tents require the assistance of 1-2 people, but small grow tents benefit from an easy setup.

The designers at Vivosun were thoughtful in their design by including tool organizers within the tent so that you’ll always have the necessary equipment at a moments notice.

The floor tray is another crucial element that streamlines cleanliness that’s offered in this unique design.

Although the other small grow tents are high-quality, the Vivosun impressed us with its ease of use, high-quality materials, stellar reviews, and thoughtful design.

If you’re looking for a small grow tent, then you shouldn’t look much further than the Vivosun small grow tent.

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