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Best Rosin Press

Last Updated: February 9, 2024
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

If you want to enjoy the highest quality concentrates, rosin is what you need. This versatile extract has exploded in popularity in recent years and its potency will truly blow you away!

You’ll be impressed at just how easy it is to make your own extracts at home, and for those dedicated extract enthusiasts who are interested in taking that next step we’ve featured some of the best rosin press to help you on your way. So carry on reading to find out which one could be the perfect rosin press machine for you.

Our Reviews

PurePressure Longs Peak 8 Ton Rosin Press

After the success of their first press, Pressware Technology has released a newer model to take your rosin production levels up yet another notch! With this top-of-the-line machine, you can maintain quality while still increasing efficiency.

The PurePressure Longs Peak 8 Ton Rosin Press also uses trademarked technology that lets you control temperature and pressure within each individual press with ease.

The Longs Peak is a machine you can trust to get the best results for each strain. With two premium 6061 aluminum heat plates, it has up to 8 tons of force and a heated plate that goes all the way past 300 degrees Fahrenheit!

The high precision control over temperature and pressure gives users ultimate stability when they’re pressing everything from flowers or kief/hash into their favorite sticky-icky.


  • Two year warranty for pneumatic cylinder
  • One year warranty for other parts
  • Highly rated
  • Quality materials and build


  • None

NugSmasher Pro Touch 20 Ton Rosin Press

The Nugsmasher Pro Touch brings the future of rosin extraction to you. You can get up to 20 tons of pressure with much precision and have access to a surface area calculator that lets you choose how hard or soft your extract will be, making it so every detail is personalized for your needs!

The new technology at the core of this device delivers three kinds of precise digital PSI measurements on screen as well as a handy surface size calculator that allows users full control over their desired hardness-softness level.

The Nugsmasher Pro Touch is a durable, future-proof way to extract oil from the cannabis plant. One of its key features is an Interactive Extraction Brain that will take on updates and newer tools as they are released for this machine.

The heating plates measure 7 x 10 inches which gives it one of the largest surface areas in the industry. You don’t have to worry about maintenance with solid steel build at your back -this sleek machine has been backed by lifetime limited warranty!


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well-known brand
  • Solid Steel construction


  • None

Sasquash Heavy Yeti 200 Rosin Press

Sasquash Heavy Yeti 200 Rosin Press is a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed in America with an incredible capacity of up to 20 lbs per hour or 2 tons every 8 hours! It’s backed by a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind as well.

Ready for the next big thing in hemp production? With its customized design that allows it to run at capacities up to 10x than any commercial rosin press on earth; this beast can be yours today before they’re sold out forever!

The Sasquash Heavy Yeti 200 Ton Cannabis and Hemp Rosin Press is the largest pressing capacity out of any commercially made rosin press. With a 1,000 gram (2.2 pounds) per-pressing capability for flower or CBD biomass it can fill up your operation with minimal time spent on production – cutting down costs in half!

The Sasquash Heavy Yeti 200 Ton Cannabis and Hemp Rosin Press, with its 16″ x 24″ plates allows for the highest efficiency & yields out of any press.


  • Premium Rosin Press
  • Quality build and materials
  • UL Certified Parts
  • FDA Approved Coatings
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Expensive and Really Only for Professional Operations

Dulytek DHP20 20 Ton Rosin Press

The Dulytek DHP20 is a powerful and portable hydraulic rosin press that you should consider. This machine has an upgraded leak-free jack, which makes it perfect for those looking to extract the purest form of their favorite strains with minimal effort!

With these two 3 x 8-inch aluminum heating plates, your precision-built 2-channel system can produce up to 14 grams at once. Control over both temperature as well as time are customizable so no matter what your needs may be this device will provide them all for you in one convenient package!

The DHP20 is a sturdy, lightweight press with many features that make it perfect for any home. It’s made of durable steel and includes an onboard power saver feature to help you save energy when not in use. Every purchase also comes equipped with the essential tools needed right out of the box as well as two years worth of limited warranty protection!


  • Process up to 14 grams
  • Exerts up to 20 tons of pressure
  • Covered with a two-year limited warranty


  • Limited manual user control
  • Not the easiest to understand

MyPress Gen 2 Manual Rosin Press

Introducing the MyPress portable, lightweight, and personal rosin press designed from scratch in Colorado. This machine’s custom 3×3 stainless steel Axiom plates delivers even heat across all three of them for a high-quality product every time.

The easy-to-read LCD interface displays simple numbers that correspond with various temperatures ranging from 100° to 250° Fahrenheit (37ºC ‚ 121ºC). Simply set your desired temperature and apply it by pressing one button!

MyPress Gen 2 is a revolutionary timer that allows users to monitor the process with precision and makes it easy for them to make adjustments in order to get their desired results. It even records your best starting material-specific results so you can try again later!


  • Exerts 6 Tons of Pressure
  • Compact
  • Portable


  • Expensive for a standard manual press

Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press

The TRP Stack provides two Triminator presses in the same space with up to 25 tons of pressure. Press at high pressures and low temperatures, maintaining terpene content when processing kief or buds for rosin extraction.

Using three 6 x 10-inch plates, you can process 256 grams of material into rosin with a triple PID temperature controller that controls each platen’s temperature separately so there are endless possibilities on your end product!

The best part of the TRP Stack is its innovative Drip Technology. Tilt your plates at a 90-degree angle, and watch as rosin drips directly into a cold surface without any risk for spillage*. Plus with increased visibility from this product’s proprietary design, you can check on your extracts’ progress while they are in production!

The Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press is made from food-grade materials and comes with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Process up to 256 grams
  • Highly rated


  • Requires pump to operate

Rosin Press Buyers Guide

Now that we have covered each of the Rosin Press machines in a little bit more detail and discussed their individual pros, cons, and features we need to think about a few more general considerations that will help influence our decision.

Hopefully, the below buyers guide will help us to make a decision on which product deserves the coveted title of Best Rosin Press and will also clarify in your own mind which machine is right for you.

Rosin Press Setup & Ease of Use

The first thing we need to consider is how easy the Rosin Press we are looking at is to setup and use.

As with all products, the Rosin Presses we have covered have a variety of functionality and therefore a range of difficulties concerning setup and continuous use.

Some of the more industrial and high-quality Rosin Presses are more complex to setup and use, and whilst all of the presses require a thorough reading of instructions before use, it is tremendously important that the more inexperienced growers take the time to learn how to operate the machines prior to use to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Grade of Rosin Press

As stated above, there are two distinct grades of Rosin Press; household and industrial.

Industrial machines tend to be larger, more complex, and better able to deal with higher yields due to their design and innate durability and functionality.

Household Rosin Presses meanwhile are usually smaller, easier to use, and designed for the grower with smaller yields.

These household Rosin Presses are ideal for smaller workspaces and as such, are much more suited to your average home grower than the bulkier, space-consuming, industrial presses.

That being the case you need to acknowledge what type of press is best for your situation, are you a grower with limited space, and who produces small to mid-sized yields?

If so, then one of the smaller household Rosin Presses would be better suited to your needs.

If on the other hand you produce large amounts of yields and require a robust and durable machine, and have the space for said machine, then an industrial Rosin Press would be more suitable.

Rosin Press Portability

Another consideration to take into account is how often you will be required to move the Rosin Press.

Obviously, some of the smaller, household Rosin Presses would be more suited to growers who frequently move and reposition their machine and growing environment.

Some of the smaller Rosin Presses weigh in at around 6.5kg and these are ideal for frequent relocation and are relatively easy to move and setup again.

Of course, if you do decide to purchase one of the more heavy and industrial Rosin Presses then please be aware that these bulky items may not react well to frequent and continuous setup, assembly, and relocation.

Warranties on Your Rosin Press

It’s always important when considering making a purchase to check out the warranty status of the product in question.

This consideration is doubly important, we believe, when purchasing a particularly complex, expensive or mechanical product that is at greater risk of breaking.

Some of the Rosin Presses we have covered have taken this into account and offer very good warranty deals, some up to two years warranty with additional 24/7 lifetime customer care.

We always encourage consumers to take an interest in warranties and customer care services as whilst in an idea world every product we purchase would not suffer from defects, breakages or factory flaws, the truth is even the most well made products by the most reputable firms can sometimes produce an anomaly and if that’s the case you shouldn’t be out of pocket.


The next thing we need to think about is how many accessories we get included in our purchase.

Some Rosin Presses come with full Rosin Press tool kits and include everything from silicone cases and parchment papers.

Whilst some more experienced growers may have these items already and so find them unnecessary, newer less experienced growers will find having a full range of accessories and additional products a massive bonus.

By purchasing a Rosin Press with a full range of accessories, the inexperienced grower will not only save themselves time when considering future necessary orders but also money, as bulk buying kits is more often than not one of the easiest ways to save money on a purchase.

You as a consumer will need to remember what you specifically need out of this Rosin Press and that will then inform and highlight how much value for money you will potentially get from this purchase.

Budget & Value For Money

Lastly, your personal budget will have the greatest influence on your purchasing decision.

Only you can know your own personal budget and what is affordable to you, but we always advise that you fix a budget firmly in mind prior to purchasing a product and we cannot stress the importance of sticking to that budget.

If you are unburdened by budgetary concerns then all of the above factors will no doubt be more important to your decision-making process however, irrespective of whether you intend to stick to a budget it is important to understand that the greater your budget the higher quality or more premium product you will be able to purchase.

That being the case, be honest about what you actually need from the product and ensure that your personal expectations match your relative budget to ensure you are not disappointed upon purchasing any given product.


Rosin has become one of the most popular concentrates on today’s market because of the potent highs while also being comparatively easier than techniques such as dry sift or bubble hash production which takes much more time.

Choosing a rosin press with maximum reliability like heat and pressure should be top priority along with a filter bag that contains microscopic holes so as not to use any solvents during the extraction process.

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