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Best Propagation Kit

Last Updated: March 23, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

In technical terms, propagation is when you reproduce an organism through natural and unnatural means.

The propagation phase is one of the most exciting phases an indoor grower will encounter, probably second to actually harvesting your hard work and getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Plant propagation occurs in one of two ways; either cloning your cuttings or sprouting from germinating seedlings.

Both of these ways have their own unique advantages and disadvantages but from a grower’s perspective both require the same basic equipment so both are as easy to achieve as the other.

One piece of equipment that growers always gravitate to when trying to achieve propagation is the Propagation Kit.

Purchasing the best propagation kit will deliver an economical, efficient, and end-to-end product that has been purposely designed to provide growers with everything they need to achieve propagation.

There is, however, a multitude of options available for the average grower looking to purchase a Propagation Kit, and many growers suffer from choice paralysis when confronted with the many different options available on the market today.

Our Reviews

10 Pack Seed Starter Kit

The 10 Pack Seed Starter Kit is an exceptional, impressive, and ideal kit for anyone just getting into growing plants from seedlings or experienced growers looking for an extra boost.

This Seed Starter Kit is excellent value for money and includes 10 seed growing trays with 12 cells in each.

Extremely durable and hard-wearing, these heavy-duty compact domes are reusable and recyclable and are perfect for starting seeds, cloning.

The domes also allow light to penetrate quickly and easily and provide the best viewing angle for your plants.

With a seal that seamlessly fits together with the dome and the seed starter tray to help maintain humidity and heat, the 10 Pack Seed Starter Kit ensures the healthy and robust growth of your seedlings and plants.


  • Highly rated
  • Good Price
  • Made from Durable Materials


  • Small compared to other alternatives

Super Sprouter Premium Propagation Kit

The Super Sprouter Premium Propagation Kit is an excellent, efficient and comprehensive system for starting your seeds and cuttings.

Included within the kit is the Super Sprouter 7, the ultra-clean vented dome with built-in light track channels, as well as the Super Sprouter 18 in high output T5 fluorescent grow light that is perfectly designed for the channeled dome, an additional Super Sprouter double-thick 10×20” tray with no holes, a Super Sprouter heat mat and a book that explains the basics of growing seedlings and cuttings.

Super easy and quick to set up, once you have chosen your particular growing media you will be ready to start growing your seedlings and cuttings as soon as possible.

Created with a simple, functional, and efficient design that is perfect for growers that have just begun their growing journey.


  • Comes with “Art of Propagation” booklet
  • All in one kit that contains everything you need
  • Large space for multiple cuttings
  • UL listed
  • ETL listed


  • Some users have expressed concerns about the heat mat overheating

Two Set 90-Cell Seed Starter Kit

This two set 90-cell seed starter kit is excellent value for money and includes 2 large seed growing trays with 60 cells in each, 2 smaller trays that fit underneath, 2 identical, clear humidity domes and 2 seedling heat mats.

Extremely durable and hard wearing, this heavy duty sees kit is reusable and recyclable and is perfect for starting seeds, growing herbs or salad leaves and even plant cloning.

Both high rise clear domes are designed with 2 adjustable, circular vents that assist in creating a smooth airflow control.

The domes also allow light to penetrate quickly and easily and provide the best viewing angle for your plants.


  • Adjustable Vents
  • Excellent Ability to Retain Humidity and Heat
  • Allows Light to Penetrate Quickly


  • Some Users Have Complained of Issues With the Heating Pads

EarlyGrow Propagator

The EarlyGrow Propagator is one of the most talked-about propagators on the market and with its impressive range of features, it’s easy to see why.

The propagator includes a new four-panel height extension that has been created with additional side vents which can be opened and closed to maintain humidity and create optimal growing conditions on demand.

Easily dissembled and reassembled when necessary the propagator is able to be conveniently stored whenever you need to pack it away.

The EarlyGrow 93763 Medium Seed and Herb Domed Propagator features a clear, heavy-duty dome that allows light to reach the seedbed and young plants which helps optimize plant growth and maximize seed propagation.

Versatile and able to be used across three seasons, the EarlyGrow Herb Domed Propagator combines the extremely popular early grow 70738 medium seed and herb propagator but including a new vented side height extension that allows for the growing of plants up to 10.5 inches.


  • Height Extenders Allow for More Room to Grow
  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy to Use and Construct


  • Some Users Have Complained the Product is Not Aligned Correctly

LeJoy Garden Propagator

The LeJoy Garden Propagator with Humidity Vents is an affordable, easy to set up, and easy-to-use propagator that is perfect for anyone looking to start growing and not wanting to break the bank.

This propagator includes a dome lid with two adjustable vents that are easy to control and help you to find the perfect environment for growing your plants.

Perfect for growing seedlings and clones, this simple yet effective propagator is excellent in providing and more importantly sustaining a warm, humid environment that helps promote growth as early as possible.

With a large capacity and high dome, this propagator has lots of place for growing seedlings and clones.

Sturdy, sustainable, and hard-wearing the high-quality dome allows grow lights to shine and provide light whilst not damaging the plants and also makes observation of your growing plants easier.

Made with thick, strong plastic that is reusable the Propagator with Humidity Vents Domes is an affordable and long-lasting product that will help growers achieve an optimal growing environment.


  • Very Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Higher Dome Compared to Many Other Propagators


  • Many Customers Complain of Damage to the Lid Upon Arrival

Propagation Kit Buyers Guide

As you can see from the five propagators we have chosen, there are some significant differences between products and definitely some eye-catching innovations that stand out, but what are the important factors you should consider before deciding on which propagator is right for you?

We have compiled a checklist of five important points that you should think about when deciding which propagator best suits your needs, always remember of course that purchasing decisions should take into account your maximum budget and that you should only buy what you can afford.

Propagator Size & Potential Yield

One of your most important considerations is going to be the desired size of your propagator and if the product meets the necessary criteria.

All of the above propagators that we have covered in our review come in different sizes and some can come in still more sizes (whether that’s through buying a different size variant from the retailer or increasing the size of the propagator you have with extensions).

It’s no use buying the largest propagator on the market if you don’t have the size for it but conversely, it also won’t be economical if you wish to make large yields by purchasing a too small kit.

Always measure the area where you are going to be using the propagator and ensure that not only does your kit have access to the requisite amount of light but that it is also situated with enough space that you can easily and quickly monitor and adapt the environment should you need to.

If this is your first time using a propagator kit then it might be more appropriate to purchase a smaller propagator and learn the basics and then if you are happy with the results you can purchase yet another and double your yield instantly.

However, if you are more experienced in using propagator kits but are looking for something new the below consideration factors may weigh more heavily as you will undoubtedly already know what size suits your needs best.

Ventilation Control

It is critical that your plants get the correct amount of oxygen but it is also super important that they are kept at the right temperature and humidity, this is why ventilation control should definitely be a consideration factor when choosing which kit to purchase.

Many of the propagation kits we have covered have inbuilt, easy to use, ventilation shafts that can be opened and closed as necessary depending on the environment, plant type, and growth progression.

Although purchasing a propagator kit without ventilation holes will undoubtedly be cheaper without having that level of control over your growing environment you may struggle to achieve the best results or even worse be unable to rectify your growing environment should the humidity or temperature begin to become untenable for your plants.

For the sake of spending a few more dollars at the outset, you could very well save yourself from having to get rid of wasted crops and going through all of the time, effort, and expense of starting again.

Seal Quality

Another vital component of the propagator to consider is its ability to create a good seal, as this has a massive effect on the propagator’s heat, humidity, and overall efficacy.

Some of the more affordable options may not be as diligently crafted as the more premium kits and as such there may be warping, distortion, or a break in the seal.

Now while it is possible for even the most expensive and well-reviewed products to have one specific poorly made product in the batch, a good rule of thumb when deciding which kit to buy, is to look at reviews and ensure the same problems aren’t constantly referred to, as this would indicate the problem is widespread.

Again, as a general rule you are unlikely to find consistent, widespread seal malfunctions on the more premium and well-reviewed propagator kits but of course if you do you can always return it back to the retailer and request a replacement or full refund.

Customer Reviews & Budget

We cannot over emphasize how important it is when planning to spend a significant sum of money on a project for you to research and review all your options to find the most suitable and cost-effective product for you.

Whilst we always strive to give a full, frank and honest opinion of the products we review, it is undoubtedly the case that other experienced growers may disagree with our findings and we encourage you to cast your net wide when researching and listen to all customer reviews you come across.

By researching customer reviews of the product you can hopefully gather enough information to help you purchase the right kit for your needs.

However, even more important than researching the product you are potentially buying is having a fixed budget from the outset.

It has never been more important to keep a strong hand on your purse strings and keeping a budget firmly in your mind will help you immediately whittle down prospective products and find the most suitable one for you.

Extras and Additional Kit

Lastly, always keep an eye out for a bargain, many retailers are now throwing in extras or additional pieces of kit as standard, for instance, one of the propagator kits we have covered above includes a guide on propagator kits and how to use them which would definitely come in handy for any beginners considering this particular kit.

Extras that are going to help you get the most of the product and optimize your growing environment are tremendously valuable and not only do they make using your propagator kit more enjoyable but they could potentially make it more economical and therefore end up saving you money.

Once you have thought about all these considerations, completed your research, and fixed your budget in mind you should be almost ready to make your decision on what propagator kit is right for you.

When we review any product at The Highest Crop we always conduct in-depth research about both the product itself and customer reviews for the product in question and we are happy to say that our pick for “best of” is normally well received and virtually unanimously agrees with.


Taking into account all of the above important considerations and mulling over each kit’s respective pros and cons we have chosen the Super Sprouter Premium Propagation Kit.

A fantastic and affordable propagation kit, the Super Sprouter comes with everything you need to begin your growing journey, even a handy little guide that takes you through the basics of propagation and how to make best use of your kit.

Made from high-quality materials and coming with an excellent reputation, this propagator will allow you to produce large, high-quality yields with minimal effort and cost.

An excellent investment and a savvy purchase the Super Sprouter Premium Kit is a kit you can and will come to rely on during this crucial growing phase.

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