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Best Pipe for Weed

Last Updated: January 22, 2020
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

Other than rolling a joint, smoking a pipe can’t be beaten when it comes to simplicity and potency.

Weed pipes have a pretty simple structure.

The bowl is used to pack the weed and the sealed tube connects the bowl that holds the weed to the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is used to inhale air through the pipe.

Some weed pipes have a second hole called the carb, which controls how air moves into your pipe.

Weed pipes come in a variety of designs that can reflect their user’s personalities.

Some people might gravitate towards novelty smoking pipes while others would prefer something more subtle.

The best pipe for weed will provide convenience and your desired functionality depending on your smoking preferences.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s move on to the products!

Our Reviews

Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer Pipe

The Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer pipe is constructed for simplicity and durability. Also, this cool hand pipe has the Black Leaf decal in black along the stem and it also has a flat-ended mouthpiece.

This heat-resistant borosilicate glass hand pipe measures 11.5cm and is discreet enough to keep in your pocket or a purse when it’s not in use.

To use this vaporizer, heat the bowl with a lighter from underneath to vaporize your essential oils and concentrates.

This effective glass oil vaporizer pipe is great for taking subtle hits on-the-go.


  • Borosilicate glass
  • Small and pocket sized
  • Budget friendly
  • Simple


  • Gets dirty easily

The Piece Pipe

The Piece Pipe is a precision-made three-piece smoking device for discreet smokers.

This pipe has a click mode for smoking and odor-free mode for when the pipe isn’t in use. We love this pipe because you can hang it from your belt loop with no concern that anybody can smell it!

This pipe is also easy to clean as the pipe has a cylinder that’s divided into two halves.

For best cleaning results, drop all parts in alcohol and rub with a tissue.

This pipe is a great choice for convenient on-the-go smoking because the stash chamber is the perfect size for stashing those extra herbs that you get through the day!

A large and nicely packed bowl will give off about 2-3 good hits and the stash holds about 3-5 bowl packs worth.


  • Discreet and portable design
  • Secret stash chamber
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High grade metal
  • Various click modes


  • The stash spot can be hard to pick out of

Jet-Flash Smoke System

The design of the Jet-Flash Smoke System’s funnel body aerates smoke which cools it down and makes it easier to smoke.

The air take holes along the shoulders of the pipe force the smoke away from the walls and keeps the funnel body clean.

The Jet Flash System allows you to switch between several types of smoking adapters to suit your mood.

The complete 7-piece kit comes with a handheld glass chamber, a spoon pipe adapter, a taster “one-hitter” adapter/joint holder, a slitted 18.8mm > 14.5mm slit diffuser downstem and a keck clip to securely hold the pieces together while in use.

The Jet Flash System can be used on its own or as an attachment on your regular bong.


  • Jet-Flash swirling action provides a smoother inhalation
  • Conserves herb
  • Inside-cut slitted diffuser downstem
  • Packaged in an attractive gift box


  • The mouthpiece is a little small so it takes longer to inhale and clear the main chamber

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

Grav Labs Glass Blunt is perfect for when you have no time to roll!

This glass blunt couldn’t be easier to use, simply slide out the inner chamber, fill it with weed and light up! As you smoke, push the tube in to get rid of the ashes.

This high-quality pipe is handmade by Grav Labs in Austin Texas, using borosilicate glass.

You can also use this glass pipe for vaping by placing your smoking material inside the tube and lighting it from underneath rather than applying the flame directly to the pant from the open tip.

The small glass blunt measures 3 inches in length with the inner tube pushed all the way and the Grav Labs logo decal is applied along the tube in red, green, black, blue or orange.


  • Rounded mouthpiece
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Can also be used for vaporizing
  • Budget friendly
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Requires frequent cleaning

Glass Steamroller Pipe in Gift Box

The Glass Steamroller Pipe in Gift Box is a basic hand pipe for anybody who likes a lot of airflow and old-school snap with their toke.

Steamroller pipes are generally better for social smoking because they have a bowl that’s bigger and holds a lot more weed.

This high-quality 141mm borosilicate steamroller glass pipe has flattened glass beads on the bottom to help it stay upright when set on a table.

The generous-sized bowl has a wide opening for packing, it’s advisable that you also use a pipe screen or a glass sea mine.

The pipe comes packaged in a black box with metal clasps and a soft, velvet purple lining which is perfect for storage or display.


  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass hand pipe
  • Padded box with metal clasps
  • Flat glass beads on bottom
  • Soft purple lining inside padded box
  • Great gift idea
  • Perfect for sharing


  • May not be suitable if you don’t like deep bowls.

How to Find the Best Type of Pipe for Weed

Weed pipes fit in the palm of your hand and are great for casual smokers who perhaps like to have a few tokes during the day or before bed.

Weed pipes usually come in borosilicate glass which offers great heat resistance and is sturdy to prevent any accidental breakages.

Here’s how to find the best pipe for smoking weed;

Hand Pipe

Hand pipes are a straightforward tool for smoking weed. They are often made out of glass, wood or metal.

Hand pipes are popular among smokers because they’re portable and cost-effective.

Water Pipe

Water pipes are typically referred to as bongs and bubblers that filter smoke through water.

The water cools the smoke, making it easier on the lungs when inhaled.

Although there are water bongs


Pipes are perfect for casual smokers or those who like to smoke their weed on-the-go.

The pipes for weed that we chose were selected by the THC team after thorough research to help you achieve the best experience based on your style of smoking.

Out of the five products selected, we chose the discreet and portable Piece Pipe as the best pipe for weed.

The Piece Pipe’s odor-free click mode is great for carrying around attached to your belt or in your pocket because nobody can smell it! Also, the stash chamber is perfect for storing extra herbs to help you through a difficult day!

A fully packed bowl provides 2-3 hits and the stash chamber holds 3-5 bowls.

Our favorite part of this pipe is the way it delivers hits. The pipe’s flat and wide interior allows the smoke to travel in a way that offers a cool hit every time. No harsh drags and coughing fits!

Do you agree with us? Which do you think is the best pipe for weed?

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